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  1. I've edited the post to include full copy of Part 'b' of the handbook. I can scan the whole Part 'a' as well if you wish, including front page. Rest to follow in a few days...
  2. Well, very little differences in my opinion between a S4-only handbook and the S4/S4s version. I have an identical version as that illustrated by GKP and here is the contents: Part 'a': Vehicle Operation & Maintenance Part 'b': REcommended Lubricants & Technical Data Part 'c': Owner & Maintenance Record Part 'd': Uk Dealers & Worldwide Distributors/Dealers Part 'e': Warranty Nothing specific to the models in sections 'c', 'd' or 'e'. Part 'a' has nothing specific to the S4s, except the Boost Gauge section in page a28 that specifies that "max. boost pressure readings [...] will be 0.84bar (S4) or 1.0bar (S4s)". Other that, I can't see anything that could differ from a S4-only manual; the illustrations are even based on the S4. Part 'b' is the section with model-specific information:
  3. That makes me wonder... When I took delivery of my S4s, P.Clugston said he would get me a 2nd key from Lotus, which of course he simply failed to do despite being chased a few times. I have a key just like the one pictured above and it comes with a separate chip-adapter (in the shape of a little rectangular USB key) to disable the engine immobiliser. I have to fit this adapter in a little slot just on top of the steering wheel hub. It's a nuisance to me because simply not practical to start the car. Was this a standard setup? I also wonder about the remote control. It has 3 buttons but only one seems to be usable to lock/unlock the doors (although the unlocking no longer works, despite a battery change and I have to press the button several times to lock the doors). One of the other button will simply lit the indicaters/flashers but do nothing else, 3rd button appears useless. Owner's manual does not say much about the remote. Facftory-fitted alarm does not appear to be controlled by the remote, I have to use the key on the door lock to activate it. Anyone knows of the problem with locking/unlocking the doors and a likely purpose for the other 2 buttons of the remote control?
  4. As suggested by GKP, I'd start with a Freescan diagnosis and maybe reset parameters (I'm thinking BLM) and faults reported. Then see what comes up after you drive the car. I did have a frequent really bad stumble/very rough cough not long after I bought my S4s and it was always between 2.5 & 3k rpm when driving gently along in 2nd or 3rd gear. I can't say whether this was the same as your current problem, but in my case, a BLM reset cleared it away. I still have the odd "3k stumble" though, but nothing as bad as that rough cough.
  5. That sorts it then; totally unsuitable to our 4cyl Esprit !
  6. If it's the correct one, could anyone buy one for me? Seller won't ship to France!
  7. The water temp sensor pointed by the green arrow, is this what I need to replace to get my dashboard temp gauge to work properly again? After reading several posts, I concluded that the gauge sender located on the engine was probably faulty (a common fault apparently) and I bought a new one, but I still haven't found where it fits...
  8. What kind of exhaust/exhaust silencer do you have on your beast? A Club Lotus France member was recently asking if quad-exit exhausts where available anywhere. What this custom made or is it readily available from a specialist outlet?
  9. No longer available and nowhere to be found these days. But I understand a new part is being tested at Lotus...
  10. Yes, door mirrors heating operates with rear window demist No pictogram for footwell heating on my 96 S4s either. I just have windscreen demist, outside air intake & interior recircling (as per 'clock' arrangement you mentionned). I guess this is standard.
  11. Great stuff Erik. Thanks a lot. I'd seen your history graph on a previous screendump but it was not available. It is now!
  12. My favourite local garage may have found an alternative source to replace my pressure switch. My switch is Ok on the high pressure side but not responding on the low pressure;hence my loss of braking assistance. Meanwhile, he's worked out a temporary solution with a relay to bypass the low pressure issue. I still have the ABS warning light flashing on the dash, but assistance is back and I can brake! For info, pressure switches we've looked at: - Renault 21 2.0l Turbo - Peugeot 505 Saab 900/9000 look similar but have a 6point connector instead of 3.We did not find technical specs of that kind of switch either. 'will just have to wait for Lotus to come up with that new switch...
  13. You can always buy a new accumulator, they don't last for life any way (I'm told life expectancy is about 10 years). You'll be in much deeper sh*t if the problem is not fixed after you replace the accumulator. This is what's happened to me: it ain't the accumulator, it's that damned pressure switch. My S4s is therefore off the road until I can source a replacement switch or manage to fix it with a good clean. Bugger, bugger, bugger!!!
  14. I think the exact same units are sold for Vauxhall/Opel Vectras & Astra, possibly Zafira. Loads of them on ebay UK.
  15. SJS provided me with a pair of Cibié units for approx £50 a piece. Could prove difficult to find cheaper than that...
  16. Ha, tu te "replies" ici alors? A défaut d'un rassemblement dans le Sud de la France, tu nous le déménages en Cornwall?
  17. Ouh, these are nice, I want the same! -> PM to Dave it is, then.
  18. Thanks. Sounds easy, I guess I'll just need a 2nd pair of feet for the bleeding. For once, my wife should be able to help!
  19. Ok, so I finally got round to buying a new accumulator. I really got fed up of the ABS light flashing all the time. For once, perfect timing ruled! The accumulator arrived yesterday, the day after the ABS packed in. I was driving along on Wednesday and the ABS light stopped flashing to stay permanently lit, as did the red brake light. A quick push on the pedal confirmed what I feared: no brakes! Well, I still did have brakes, but God, did I have to push hard on the pedal! It was like having lost all brake assistance. I got back home and decided to try and get the brakes to work. More then 40 pushes on the pedal did not do anything. I visually checked the pads, the ABS system, I could not find anything. I decided to check the brake fluid. When I opened the little container, there was like a pressure call and some fluid spilled over. Still, the tank appeared full to the very top and I simply closed it. Back in the car, I put the ignition on again and I heard the well-known bzzzz noise of the brake pump filling up the accumulator. I pressed the brake pedal, heard a litlle noise, felt like a notch and it was back to normal. ABS + brake lights gone. I was able to drive the car for the best part of yesterday but the problem returned: ABS + brake lights permanently on, followed not long later on by loss of brakes. I cured the problem again but it again returned today. I guess the accumulator has totally packed in and it's time I replace it. The trouble is I don't know how to do it. Is there a simple procedure or should I take the car to my local specialist? I'm just a little scared of driving the car around with brakes failing at any time. If it's a fairly easy thing to do, then I'm up to try it. Hervé
  20. My oil pressure gauge is always showing very low, but so was the gauge of an other S4s I tested prior to buying the red one. Cold engine, the gauge goes just slighlty over the 1st mark, warm engine, the gauge sits just above the red mark, sometimes just in it. I understand this is a common/"normal" thing. You may find that the water temp gauge is giving incorrect readings as well and it's apparently a common fault due to defective gauge sender/sensor (different from water temp ECU sensor). A new gauge sensor fixes this, I'm yet to fit the new unit I bought off SJ. The "snow" button is not exactly a reset button: it's an override button meant to avoid windows refusing to move up because of frost. If, for any reason, a window does not move up (obstructed window, frosty window or simply stuck window), you can force the window to move up by pressing the snow button whilst pressing the EW switch. My passenger window gets stuck whilst fully opened 90% of the time and I either have to use the "snow" button or press the EW switch a few times before the one-touch facility will work again. The window has a slight forward move towards the end when being opened and it simply gets stuck when trying to move it up again. Annoying grimlin but I can live with it....
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