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  1. Finally found my battery charger, so here are a few pics...
  2. A stunning classic for the lucky person who will get it. It may need a little work to get back on the road, but, woaw, it just looks fantastic. Damned, shame I don't have the money any more nor the space in the garage!
  3. Let's not debate on UKSC and Mr Clugston (who had a previously working gauge because he sent me pictures of the instrument panel with the boost gauge that appeared different). As I said earlier, when I removed the binnacle yesterday, I found that the plastic casing of the gauge had cracked and it actually fell. After my little electrical test, I took a close eye inspection and noticed traces of glue on the black seal. I believe the gauge had already cracked before and a repair been attempted. I also said earlier that the needle of the gauge was fully floored to the left. That looked a bit odd to me as I was kind of expecting the needle to be resting a little higher. Thinking it was dead, I thougt I'd give that needle a little push to see how that went. As I pushed it rightwards, I felt a little resistance with a very light "crrrr" noise and then I felt like a little pop and the needle felt free. I could freely move it right and it would fall back to the left. I decided to glue the gauge back together, leave it dry overnight under a slight weight and give it a try in the morning. So this morning, off I went to put the gauge back in the instrument panel. This is the kind of moment when your spirits and expectations run high but you have to be a little more patient. I put the wires back at the rear, carefully secured the metallic pin back in place to hold the gauge and very carefully placed the binnacle back on (it's easier to put back than remove). I put the car on ignition and I noticed a little jump of the boost gauge needle towards 0. Oooohhhhh (hopes....) ! So engine on, a couple of minutes to warm up a little, a couple of revs, but no noticeable movement on the gauge. No choice but to force myself onto a little road trip to verify things. It's sunny, it's getting warm, bloody hell, I have to do this. I carefully drive through my 100yards slip road, stop at the junction with the main road, pass the bend and here is the 1st straight piece of road. A bit of pressure on the throttle and, surprise, surprise, the boost gauge needle moves up. Ha ha! I carry on for the next 6 miles, to give the car time to warm up. Then I can take a different road back home with a great straight line and a couple of great wide twists. At the beginning of the said straight line, a slow moving Renault Scenic had the unfortune of being in front of me, so I floored it in 2nd then 3rd, passed the Scenic (driven by a eyes-wide-opened young pensioner wondering who that crazy mad english driver was) and, yeeha!, the gauge went all the way. I noticed that it just stops a little before 1. At gear change in fairly heavy acceleration situations, there is a sudden drop of the needle, which I guess is consistent to the expected behaviour and accompanies the whooosh sound of the BOV. I think I can happily say: THE GAUGE IS FIXED !!! I can only guess that, during a previous repair attempt, the needle was probably forced pushed to the left inadvertently.
  4. Thanks for the tips Jon. As for CEL, yes it lits up at ignition, along with the other lights, so nothing unusual there. Ok, I successfully removed the binnacle without any damage anywhere. The boost gauge fell off immediately with well-known usual cracked white platic problem. I've tested it with a set of 3 x 1,5V AA battries and it's no good. The needle does not move (I had verified this home made power supply with a bulb), so I guess the gauge is shagged. I guess I'm gonna have to source one somewhere. Are they still available at Caerbont? The gauge shows a few numbers on it: CAERBONT AUTOMTIVE INST Ltd | 3895 PMP1-1351-10B LOTUS BOOST GAUGE AO82N4036F
  5. Well, it looks like I should have been more careful about the place I bought the car from. Unfortunately I simply did not read or hear anything about Mr Clugston and maybe he was in front of a large window as I approached... Anyway, what is done is done and I'm not going to cross the channel to beat him up (I'd rather post him a nice pile of dough in a wrapped up package!). I guess there's always a lesson to learn, but the Mrs said "Aye" and I was not gonna wait until she started to say "Nae". If I got done, I'll just have to suck it up and wish Mr Clugston the longest and hardest possible diarrhea of the entire world. This being said, it's only money and I'll only live once! These niggles are annoying but not really preventing me from enjoying the car, which keeps me smiling everytime I sit in it. So, binacle job tomorrow at daylight and let's hope it's just a loose wire.
  6. Hi folks, So I've read many posts on the same issue and I've located ZE famous transducer once I realised it was under the right side panel along the rear window. I followed the black/white-striped pipe coming off the Turbo and connecting to the transducer. From the transducer, there are 2 cables, going to the intrument panel gauge I presume. Everything looked securely connected, so I was wondering if there is anyway to test the gauge itself. I have not dismantled the complete instrument panel to have a look at the back of the gauge yet. I've seen a post showing how to do this on an SE, I presume it is the same procedure, but I feel uneasy about it. Any hints would be most welcome. Hervé PS: I've no workshop manual yet. Is ebay the best way to get one (I've seen CDs for sale) or is it eventually downloadable somewhere?
  7. Maybe I overrated the speed. When I floor the throttle, it's fast, after the small turbo lag. However, the car goes pretty much cool if I don't solicitate the throttle much.
  8. I had noticed the post and I'm supposingly on hols on the 12th for a month but my wife is not and I need to check with the boss because someone needs to look after the kids! But it's very tempting, especially if the trip down is in the form of a Lotus convoy...
  9. I just want to drive the car, no time for the Net !!! Travelled with my boy to England, so Saturday was spent in Central London (I had to keep a promise of a visit to the Emirates Stadium) WITH the Esprit. The car does draw attention, we had lots of waves and people asking what car it was. I loved pushing 2nd and 3rd in Pall Mall with the great exhaust noise + BOV whoosh, it just makes people turn around! ;-) Travelled down to Plymouth on Sunday. We left West London suburb early, travelled down the M4+M5 and I let my right foot down on a few occasions... We therefore made it to Plymouth earlier than required, so off we went for a pleasant cruise towards Newquay. Weather was great and there were many enjoyable twisted roads to have fun with. The S4s touched French soil yesterday morning and it's been a head turner in my little town ever since. I think the engine/exhaust noise catches people the most. I'm taking bets on how long it'll be before the local bobbies stop me for a few questions... No major problems to report, but 2 annoying things have appeared: 1) The ABS light goes flashing intermittently (maybe something to do with the front brake pad changes), but braking does not feel faulty (the predal is just hard compared to my other cars) 2) boost gauge does not work (I'll need to get that checked out, it feels as if either the gauge is goosed or disconnected, the needle is just rock bottom to the left) Other than that, the car is awsome, acceleration is superb and I'm probably going to scare a few people around here (if it's not already been done). I'll post a few pictures as soon as the camera is recharged (I lost the bloody charger!)
  10. Damn the French strikes! Got delayed 3hrs at the airport and failed to collect the car yestersday! But it was done this morning... Drove back towards West London with a huge smile on my face. Car drives great, looovely pull when I put my foot down and my son loves the BOV sound. The weirdest thing to me is the response from the brake pedal which is very different from "normal" cars. It's amazing how fast you reach 120mph without realising the speed you're doing! I'm gonna have to watch it on the way down to Plymouth! Got passed by a great looking Ferrari on the M2 and, for the 1st time, was able to catch it back in next to nothing. It's true you don't see much through the rear window but the vision from the side mirror is fantastic. I loved the look of the car, driving it is even better.
  11. Collection this afternoon...
  12. I think the LEW checklist is well worth the couple of pounds you get it for. It lists absolutely eveything you want to look at and you then have a full summary of the car to chew on before you take any decision. There are loadsa details you may not think to check without the document.
  13. Paul Clugston has been in touch since Friday and has confirmed that he would fix all the small issues I pointed at (brake pads, exhaust, boot floor and even the A/C). So far, I have absolutely nothing to complain about. I was able to take as long as I wanted to look at the car from all angles (I had bought & downloaded the LEW checklist - which was great) and test drive it. I spent nearly 3hours on the car the other day and without any hassle, so I can't say I was pushed and cornered into buying it. I appreciate that some people may have had problems with him, but I can't make any judgment on that. I've seen similar situations on different forums but all I can say is what is Ok for some turns out not ok for others... This is no different to other trades (how many people ever recommended a joiner or plumber to a friend and the whole thing turns into a complete nightmare for the friend?). So, at the moment, I'll simply stick to the impatience of owning the Esprit, the rest we'll see but thanks for the warnings. I guess I'll just have to be extra cautious at collection but I still have the 25% balance payment to make... Hey Jonathan, I might take up your offer to pop by Thursday depending which way I go back to France (Calais or Plymouth?). I guess I could show you mine and you'd show me yours...
  14. No worries about the comments on UK Sports Cars, it's not as if it could change things anyway. I live in Brittany, France where I'm going to take the car, so there is very little chance to take it back to Kent for anything. Of course, no Lotus dealer in my neighbourhood (Lotus dealers in France can be counted on the fingers of one hand and the nearest is probably 400miles away), but I have a Renault dealer a few hundred yards away who specialises in sports cars and on talking to them, it looked like they could look after the Esprit (they handle and service a lot of Alpine cars and old beemers along other exotic cars occasionally). Owning an old Peugeot, I'm a member of a local club with access to a substantial list of good and reputable local garages that specialise in sports cars from which one should also be able to service my S4s.
  15. The S4s from the Williams Group has 68k miles on the clock whereas the other had much less (around 25k miles I believe). That's probably enough to make a substantial difference pricewise.
  16. I'll be exporting my S4s to France where Jeanne d'Arc insurance co. quote me 575€/yr for a fully comp cover (40yr old driver, garaged overnight, 50% NCD).
  17. Just checked PUK web site for BoV and, indeed, the "psssshhhht" (or it looks like I should say "whoooosh") sounds comes from a blow off valve. I just love that noise!
  18. Hello, fairly new to the forum that I have browsed now & then during my search for an Esprit. Travelled to London area yesterday to view 2 S4s that I'd seen advertised on 1st one was 1995 model with a tad over 38k miles on the clock and substantial service history (with copy of bills) going back to 1st registration. Advertised at £19.5k by private seller. British Racing Green with full luxury cream interior with green piping. The pictures I downloaded were fantastic, the car looked stunning. Sadly, I a bit dissapointed when I got to view it because I found it was not as good as I expected. A few minor scratches and chips on the paint, cracked indicators lenses, the seats (although in overall good condition) have some non negligeable wear (they just have not been properly taken care of), especially on the driver's seat, the handle of the glovebox stayed in my hand when I opened it (I must admit, that did not impress me), the engine under-tray is missing, the rubber of the rear wheel arches has deteriorated on both sides. All electrics working, except the flash lights that simply do not (the seller had previously advised me about this). The car was fitted with those great-looking original OZ alloys, but the laquer has started to flake and they require complete refurbishing as they simply ruin the looks of the car on close-up (again? the seller had warned me about this). Belts and clutch slave cylinder had recently been changed and the seller indicated a hose oil leak reported several times that was nothing to worry about. He also pointed that the next to 0 oil pressure on the instrument panel gauge was nothing to worry about as the pressure was just really low on these engines (well, hmmm...). The engine fired away at 1st turn of key, sounded ok and idled at around 1000 rpm. One thing amused me a lot: the push pumps for the seats' lumbar adjustment, I had never noticed that accessory (I felt like a GP using it!). I was not really able to test drive the car other than a couple of hundred yards in front of the owner's house. However, he took me for an aborted spin on the roads (there were jams on the roads) that still allowed him to push the engine in 2nd or 3rd to give me an idea of the boost. "Woaw" is all I could think about, it felt really really impressive. One thing troubled me though: no particular Turbo noise at gear change (I had expected the sort of breathing "psssssshhhhht" between gears that I had heard on videos posted on the net). To me the car was/is over-priced but, since I was still pleased with the car - and I really want one! -, I went on to try and negotiate a price. I told the seller I was going to see a 2nd one this morning and gave him the details in order to give him something to chew on, however we could not agree and departed from each other at only a few hundred pounds away from each other (I had offered £17.5k, knowing it was probably still over-priced considering the overall state of the car, the fact that the seller bought it £15k last October and then spent about £1k on 2 seperate bills - he's adamant the previous owner did not know what he sold and that he can make money on the car...). The seller then contacted me several times after I left, a clear indication that I was his only serious prospective buyer in 2 months. The fact that he's moving to the US on the 29th and only has 1 week left to sell the car will, in my opinion, not help to get rid of the car at the asked price... I'd say the £15-£16k was probably the right price range because the car needs (and deserves) a proper repair of all the defects. Anyway, I went to see the 2nd S4s. Advertised as a 1996 model with 42k miles on the clock for just under £20k. Red with full cream interior. By the time I got to the car, it's reached 43k miles. The seller is a professional Lotus specialist, based in Kent. He had sent me a substantial quantity of pictures and, again, the car looked absolutely fantastic. When I arrived, the seller had forgotten about our appointment so I found closed doors and I was only able to guess the shape of a red Esprit though a glazed window. Frustration... Nevertheless, I kept trying to call the seller and eventually got through to him so he was able to get his garage opened for me to view and test the car. This time, the car just looked as good in reality as it did in pictures. Paintwork is overall very good even though there are a few tiny stones chips on the bonnet and the front bumper/spoiler (it's far more visible on a red car). Again the indicator lenses were cracked (must be a common issue). The other things I picked up were a very rusty rear exhaust silencer holder and what looked like a deep cut in the floor of the trunk (saw it when I lifted the mat and this would probably let water in under heavy rain). I had also noticed some oily fluid under the brake fliud reservoir but could not see any leak anywhere so I guess this could be a simple overspill at top-up of fluid change. The engine looked much cleaner and "dryer" that that of the Green S4s which I found a bit greasy. All electrics worked, including the flash lights. Cold engine started straight away and idled at about 1000rpm. Oil pressure stood at about 2bars and a bit (so much much higher that on the Green S4s, unless it has a faulty gauge). We took it for a spin and the car was very responsibe with fantastic boost. The huge difference this time was the breathing "pssshhhhtt" from the Turbo at gear change that I could hear loud and clear. I had been expecting that noise on the S4s, having heard the same on Internet videos of gear changes on a V8 model, and it reminded me of gearchanges on the Subaru Impreza that a friend of mine had a few years ago (with Subaru's upgrade kit to 300bhp). This time I was able to drive the car on the road and boy, does it feel fast! I did notice a small turbo lag at some point when I changed from 1st to 2nd a bit early. But what a kick when the Turbo kicks in and I just love the breathing noise at gear change. I decided to go for it and negotiated it to just over £18k. Collection next week. The seller committed to fix the defects I pointed at on the body work (hole on trunk floor + cracked plastic bit in front of driber's door, brake pads (they looked a bit worn to me) + possible brake fluid leak in front compartment). It's going to be a long week! Here are pictures of the beast: Although I knew the lesson and nearly did not stick to it, it's true: view & test several cars before you pick yours! Cheers, Hervé PS: I'm 6"2 and, although initially scared when I sat down in the car, it's actually Ok. No need to drive with the sunroof off!
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