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  2. Mirrors of Citroën CX (Series 2) origin indeed. Were fitted to a small range of sports cars: Lotus (Esprit, Excel), TVR, Venturi, Aston, Jaguar. Even on the McLaren F1 if I'm not mistaken...
  3. I was led to believe that a straight refill with R134 may induce leaks, hence the injection of the special oil to avoid this.
  4. Ok , so my IAC being clean, my EBPV being soldered open, I guess that leaves the throttle jack/linkage as next item on the list.
  5. Usually, conversion consists of injecting the contents of a special oil can in the system once totally emptied of R12. Something to do with the gas molecules. It's nothing spectacular in fact. Then you can refill with R134. Some replace pipes and valves (I think the latter is mandatory), but not everyone seems to do that. Just refilled my S4s. 1.1kg in mine according to Lotus specialist and factory. It was the 1st time I witnessed such work myself and I could not believe my eyes how easy it was. Ok, I got it for free, but it makes me mad to see how much some garages charge for such basic work: plug the refill machine into one of the system pipes, vacuum suck any gas leftover then refill with programmed volume. Took 30mins!
  6. Got the IAC valve cleaned out Tuesday, not that it was particularly dirty anyway. No raised idle at startup Tuesday afternoon, no raised idle at startup yesterday, but this morning, bingo, back to the usual...
  7. I don't want to buy the "non-Lotus" model from SJS. The "Lotus-model" (i.e. the Delphi ES10057) comes more expensive than a Bosch which I can get within a couple of days from local suppliers, due to extra postage costs. I just find it a bit daft to have to order from the UK when I can potentially order from a local outlet.
  8. Is there any other reference mentionned with your sensor other than Bosch 13030. That Bosch code is kind of unknown this side of the Atlantic...
  9. Getting the IAC valve cleaned up next week, so will soon find out if if solves the problem or not...
  10. Hi folks, Looks like it's time to change mine. Looking for a Bosch 13030, I found this from a well-known on-line supplier in France. It looks like the right fitting, but 2nd opinions would be appreciated.
  11. They're much cheaper to buy in the UK, less scarce too. In France, for instance, your rarely see an S4s or a V8 under the 35-40k€ price tag. When you compare this to the 15-20k£ in Britain, the choice is easily made... To Eddie111S: do you know the area of France Bib's old SE has moved to?
  12. I've had that high idle start regularly (and especially in the summer) from the beginning and always wondered what it was. I don't seem to get error Code 35 much, I just remember seeing it once. What I've found with this high idle start is that, if the engine still is warm, if you switch off the engine and start it again, it idles normally. I was thinking maybe it was an O2 Sensor issue, but I'll have to give a try to Glyn's IAC valve cleanup to see if it gets rid of the problem.
  13. Hi, Can't say if boost issue is related to ECU re-learning, but I would not think so. I've had the battery disconnected a few times and had no boost limitation before, during or after re-learning period. One easy thing to check re: lack of boost is the wastegate rod to see if the wastegate does not get stuck open. I understand the rod mechanism does age over time (spring wear, dirt collection, etc.) and the Turbo chamber may require a good clean-up too. Regarding ABS flashing light, have a look in the Brakes section, you'll find lots of posts on the matter and several (not many) likely root causes. If you don't have it, download the 'espritmon' software to hook a PC to the ECU and ABS controller. You should then be able to collect error code(s) and verify brake system behaviour too.
  14. Well... never managed to do so with the CLF, but Rodolphe's new club did it! The Northern meeting gathered no less than 8 Esprit, 1 Caterham and a surprise Sunbeam! It was cold and windy but a great 1st meeting. A 2nd meeting is being planned for September in Burgundy. More to follow in due course...
  15. Hi all, My S4s VIN is SCC082910THA64xxx. So... - SCC, ok - 082, ok - 910, ok (it's the 2.2 Turbo engine) - T, ok (it's a 1996 model year, 1st registered in early 1996) - H, ok - A, ok (it's RHD) - 6 ??? - 4, ok (it's a S4s model) Regarding engine emission spec., according to the parts catalog, 6 means '50 States (USA) & Japan', other possible values being: 1=ECE 15.04 2=49 states (USA) 3=California 4=88/76/EEC 5=Not used Would this mean this S4s was not intially intended for the UK market but more probably for Japan?
  16. Many thanks for your really useful thread. It's of the upmost importance to me as I have a faulty pressure switch (on the low pressure side) and my preferred Lotus-mechanic has kept the system running through a relay-based bypass. He's been investigating various alternatives for the switch (Peugeot 505 or Porsche origin) for some time but no solution yet... I've already gone through the Accumulator replacement + complete system bleed, so the final piece is that damn pressure switch. Looking forward to read more on this topic!
  17. 1.szymakowski rodolphe ( rodolphesprit) 2. Hervé Durand (RV_ABZ)
  18. I had to replace my headlights by LHD models after I brought my S4s back on the continent. I bought a Non-Lotus pair from SJ which was much cheaper than the original Lotus part. I can't recall the exact price but it did not appear excessive to me (from memory, it was under or around £100 a piece).
  19. Ha, ha, j'y go tout de suite, then!
  20. I'd like to be able to gather an inventory of all memcal types for the Esprit in terms of ESC versions. This may then allow to remanufacture adequate memcal base out of non-Esprit unit, on which it'd be possible to install a chip. I guess I'd just need the n° written on the ESC side of the memcal.
  21. I don't think it's been mentionned here before (go nothing out of a search), but I found lots of useful things on the following Web site: I'm hoping to be able to complete a little project of mine out of this...
  22. My card had expired so my subscription now appears "active/cancelled" as at 13July. How do I resubscribe (non-uk resident)?
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