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  2. Hello, for me all of the above already said is OK and essential. Another aspect is important to me: Do not let LOTUS become as expensive as Ferrari or Lamborghini! LOTUS may bulid a supercar in the 100 k€ (or even more) league for those who wish that, but keep building true sports cars in the 45 k€ to 90 k€ price bracket.... Greetings from Germany, Alexander
  3. Hello, I just read the article.... well, that does not sound funny to me! Is the Evora really slow-selling as mentioned in the article? And if so, then why? Greetings from Germany, Alexander
  4. Hello, with my Evora -bulit in May 2010- I do not encounter the effect you described. Greetings from Germany, Alexander
  5. Hello George, I drive the Evora here in Germany and the Evora can get the "sticker" called "Feinstaubplakette". It will cost about 15 Euros and you can get it at any TÜV or DEKRA station. The only point might be, that in the "german car papers" that go with every car it says in what "exhaust emission class" the car falls, as there are three classes (red - not so good, yellow - quite OK and green - very good and you may enter the city). The Evora qualifies for the green sticker. But as you have no german car papers -but English ones- it might be, that there is no "readable" information for the TÜV or DEKRA officer.... On the other hand, I have not seen ANY controls here on this matter, so the chance to get caught for this "crime" (driving in the city without a sticker) is still very unlikely. Greetings from Bavaria, Alexander
  6. Hello Bibs, if there is one left, I´d be happy.... Greetings from Germany, Alexander
  7. Hello @ all, I did buy an Evora here in Germany last year. But -to be honest- I knew Lotus only from its former F1 days and I knew the Elise (and the Elise, please do pardon me, is too small and a bit too "hard-core" Track-car for me....). The first pictures I saw by chance on the internet of the Evora made me.... shiver: A great look, a perfect evolution from the Elise. That is MY car, that is a design I do love (in contrast to the new cars announced for the next years which -to me- are "too-Lambo-like"). The Evora 2+2 option was another big point for me (and my son, of course!). The sales numbers here might result from the fact, that too many Germans do not really know Lotus. And that will take some time, as the number of Lotus dealers does not allow much greater sales (I think there are 5 dealers in Germany for its 80.000.000 inhabitants...). But I do hope more and more people will learn what Lotus stands for.... Greetings from Bavaria, Alexander
  8. Hello, such an upgrade would be very interestig, indeed. Merry Christmas @ all, Alexander
  9. Hello @ all, thanks for the answers. @ Bibs: Thanks aswell for your answer. I did not think to get all of the changes retrofit into my existing Evora. But the essential parts (the SC, the software-motor-management etc.) should not be any problem, whereas the new "S"-exhaust for example (with the louder racing sound) for me is not at all important, on the contrary, I´m happy with the looks and sound of the "twin exhaust" my regular Evora has. I´m only interested in 350 hp instead of 280 and in the 400 Nm instead of the 350 Nm.... Greetings from Germany, Alexander
  10. Hello @ all, anything new on the upgrade from Evora to Evora S since October? The parts for a retrofit should be available by now, or aren´t they? Greetings from Germany, Alexander
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    Evora S

    Hello @ all, I do have the Evora since June and I do hope it will be possible to upgrade to the Evora S. I knew that there will be an "S" model, and I thought that it will be retrofittable as with other Lotus cars in the past. Is there already anything known, why there might not be an official upgrade? What will there be instead? Sell the Evora and buy an Evora S? I cannot believe that.... Greetings from Germany, Alexander
  12. Hello, well, maybe I can add my thougths and experiences with the Evora I received 9 weeks ago. Yes, built quality is now (much) better than in the early ones. There has been development in many details. For me, the quirky Alpine left aside aswell as the radio reception weakness, the Evora 2010 is a great car! After about 3.500 km I can say that it runs like hell, I do not miss any "extra power". Especially on winding country roads, with 50 to 130 km/h it is the best I ever had the chance to drive with! It works fine aswell in town for all-day-purposes. During the first 3.500 km it consumed between 9 and 11 litre per 100 km.... I like that more than 18 to 25 litres that other "supercars" are in need of - for a similar cruising-fun. And my 7-year old boy is happy on the +2 seats. Up to about 1.55 - 1.60 m height he will be able to sit in the second row. Comfortably! I like the car, I like the whole spirit. And I can live with the fact of seeing thousands of Porsches in Germany, but maybe only some 40 or 50 Evoras... Greetings from Southern Germany, Alexander
  13. Hello @ all, thanks to Justin182 for the information on photobucket. Here we go: If you permit, I´d like to say: A great car! And great service from Stephan Carstens, my Dresden/Germany based dealer. Many Greetings from Bavaria, Alexander P.S.: @ Bibs: Thanks for the information on the account-upgrade. I will take this into considerartion as soon as needed.
  14. Hello @ all, I tried to post another two pictures I took of my new canyon red Evora some days ago. But I only have 1000k of space here of which I already spent 901k with the first picture I posted. Is there a way to post the two pictures without deleting the first one? Please do help. Thanks and greetings from Germany, Alexander
  15. Hallo Ritchie,

    danke für die Info.

    Ich würde mich freuen, wenn Lotus und/oder Alpine den Radioempfang noch verbessern könnten.

    Denn so macht das Radio keinen Spass.

    Danke für den Tipp mit der Scheinwerferreinigungsanlage.

    Die bei mir verbaute Klimaanlage ist -so sagte mir mein Händler- ein verbessertes Modell mit besserer Kühlleistung.

    Bisher funktioniert die Klima...

  16. Hello @ all, I love the Evora. It is a great car and my first 500 km with the Evora were unique driving fun for me. But I do have the same radio-reception problems anubis1 has written about. Here in southern Germany I actually do not get any radio station properly. Even the strongest stations are offered to me in rather 1930s "sound" than 1970s as anubis1 spoke about. I cannot follow the news on radio, and about listenig to music I´d rather not write. It is just some kind of vuvuzela-like noise I get to hear... Does anybody has contact to Lotus and can say anything about this subject. Are they working on it? And what about Alpine? Do they know about the problem? Are they working on it? As far as the navigation is concerned, it does work here. But I am not happy about the fact, that I will be forced to read through 86 pages of instruction, in order to be able to use the navigation. It will be the first instruction I have to read, after the use of a Michelin, a Navigon, a Tom-Tom and a BMW-own navigation unit I did and do use..... without ever reading a single word in the instructions! Greetings from Bavaria, Alexander
  17. Hello @ all, my Evora (canyon red) arrived today.... sounds good, feels good, smells good and is pure fun driving it! In the next days I will take pictures myself and post one or two here aswell. For the moment here´s a picture my dealer (Stephan Carstens, Exklusive Kollektion, Dresden) took just before delivery to me. Greetings from Germany, Alexander
  18. Hello @ all, the Evora I will get in the next 10 to 14 days is my first sports car. Since 1986 I owned/used: Nissan Laurel 2.8D Mazda 626 2.2i coupé VW Passat D Audi A4 1.8i VW Passat TDI Audi A6 TDI BMW 320D touring BMW 520D BMW 520D For all daily purpose (job and family excursions) I will continue to use the BMW 520D the enterprise I work for gave me. And for fun trips, shorter family excursions etc. I will use the Evora.... Greetings from Germany, Alexander
  19. Hello @ all, as soon as my red canyon Evora is here (first half of June 2010) I will post a picture or even two... Greetings from Germany, Alexander
  20. Hello Bibs, hello Paul, thanks for your answers. I will try the traditional washing by hand in the first place.... or make a ride during heavy rain. Greetings from Germany, Alexander
  21. Hello @ all, yes I know that a car like the Evora should be washed by hand. But as this might not always be possible due to the lack of time, I wonder if it is possible to drive the Evora trough a carwash / washing bay (you know, these automatic washing machines)? Is there any risk of damage or does anybody has any experiences with this...? Greetings from Germany, Alexander
  22. Hello, my Evora is due to be delivered in June. One important aspect in choosing the Evora over other sports cars was the possibility to accomodate one or two children on the +2 rear seats. My boy is 7 an about 1.25 m tall and sits comfortably in the back of the Evora. And I have all the space I need on the driver´s seat (and I am 1.85 m tall). I would say that children up to 1.55 m should fit on the +2 rear seats without any problems and comfortably for everybody. Greetings from Germany, Alexander
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