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  1. Hi Shaun I recentley had engine overhaul done by South West lotus. (Full check over, cam belts ,tensioners.oil seals.clutch,turbo refurb ect). Very nice people, Very good job. Phil recommened useing Evans waterless. As I was replacing the coolant hoses with a set of silicone I was able to purge the system completly with compressed air when the old pipes were removed. I have since done about 400 miles in lots of traffic conditions including queueing in the recant warm weather. The temp never went above 85degs and all looks ok. Chris Ward ps I live close-- Horwich
  2. Hi Dave Thanks for the info and pics. I made lots of enquiries and it seems that both master and slave cylinders are " specials" for Lotus. Having just removed the engine and box to attend to all those engine out jobs over the winter including fitting a new helix autosport clutch,I decided to go the whole way and fit both new cylinders ( ££££) They are available from SJ Chris Ward
  3. Hi gents Can you help please. I have checked the cross ref section but had no luck. What other car was this cylinder fitted too. The numbers on the cylinder are -- 6701 FTE 23, G554-1 Thanks Chris ward
  4. Hi Derek Thanks for the info. Chris ward
  5. Hi Gents Can you help please. I am about to drill out a broken exhaust manifold stud ( lucky only one broken ). What is the depth of the threaded hole in the head? What is the total length of the stud? I am worried about going too deep in to the head. Thanks Chris Ward
  6. Hi Gents Re the whine / singing. Recently I replaced the origional oil cooler pipes on my 2002 car, as one had a leak on a crimped joint. Good quality armoured hoses were made up at a local company. I fitted them through the backbone on the chassis as origional. Now when the engine is hot I get the whine / singing, which is worst at the r/h oil cooler. After reading about the possible cause being the "heavier" pipes coming into contact with the chassis I have a question. Has anyone routed the pipes outside of the chassis? There seems to be enough clearance to the ground and the pipes c
  7. Hi MIke I am going away on holiday for a couple of weeks. When I return I will try to post a pic of the new pump location Chris
  8. Hi Gents I had this problem on my 2002 car. The "Air Pump" that is located on the L/H inner wheel arch was problem. The cable and pipe were long enough so that I could move it to a new location further to the left. This gave more room and I am now able to stow the roof in the boot/ trunk Regards Chris
  9. Hi Guys An update on my ABS alarm. Plugged in the Tech 1. Indicated open or short on R/R wheel sensor. Disconnected this and tested using multimeter looking for pulse. Nothing New sensor fitted -- alarm reset with Tech 1 -- all seems ok Thanks Chris
  10. wardy

    code P0128

    Hi Gunter, Wayne and Dave More about the fault code P0128 that lotus do not use. Thanks for your input with my problem. Dave suggested looking at " Lotus Talk .com ". On this site There is a link which gives more info.The code is used by many manufactures to indicate possible problem with the thermostat. The ECU takes info from several things to determine this. One of the inputs is the IAT sensor. At this time I had not checked this system. From the Lotus workshop book I got the resistance values for the sensor. When I checked this the results did not seem correct. I removed the sensor fo
  11. wardy

    code P0128

    Hi Gunter Please forgive me but I am not very good when trying to search for things on the forum. When I tried to search 'constant drive'. I just got your posting. Do you think that the reference to engine temp and time is not connected to the alarm and that it is caused by something else. It is annoying that I can not remove this alarm. Thanks for your help Chris
  12. wardy

    code P0128

    Hi Gunter Sorry to say but after just 40 miles driving P0128 returned and again will not cancel. Unplugged the temp sensor as I did before but this time the alarm will not cancel no matter how many times I try. As you say code P0128 is not listed in the lotus manuals that I have. Below is part of a post from year 2006. What do you make of the special ECU learning procedure ? P0128 Coolant Thermostat (Coolant Temperature Below Thermostat Regulating Temperature) "I don't know the meaning of this code, but I did have a very similar experience with my 02 V8. see my post
  13. wardy

    code P0128

    Hi Gunter Once again thank you for your quick reply to my questions. As you suggested I checked the temp sender for possible bad connections and high resistance. When unplugged all looked good, at approx 10degs the resistance was about 4500 ohms. I cleaned up the plug and sender socket and applied a small amount of contact cleaner. I connected my OBD II sensor ( this is pc based ) and monitored the temp in real time. The engine was started from "cold" fault code p0128 still ON and unable to clear. After 320 seconds running ( see info in workshop book ) temp indicating
  14. wardy

    code P0128

    Hi My car is my 2002. I have a CEL alarm with the code P0128, "coolant temperature below thermostat regulating temperature" I am not able to remove this alarm with OBD II There is a reference to this alarm in 2006 but I can not see an answer in this posting The engine coolant temp seems good at 88 / 90 degs. Is there a sensor which reads this temp within a time frame ? What puts this alarm on ? How do I remove it ? Hope these questions make sense. Thanks, Chris
  15. Hi Gunter Just to confirm it is the ABS light that is that stays on. As I said in the next week or two I will use a tech 1 -- hope this will clear the problem Will keep you informed Chris
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