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  1. Hi Just an update on the paint code question. The paint codes mentioned are good ( from LEW ) The wheel refurbish companys mostly use powder coating method. Akzo Nobel do supply the powder for this process but the OZ wheels are treated with "wet" paint, which is what the paint codes refer to. Regards Chris
  2. Hi I want to get the wheels on my 2002 v8 refurbished. A local company who have a good reputation for the work quality tell me that the paint code I gave them is no longer available. AKZO NOBEL 7E85305 silver 6880302 black 5K20023 clear They are familiar with and use AKZO NOBEL paints but the supplier they use say the codes are obsolete Has anyone come across this and if so is there a new set of replacement codes. I want to keep the wheels original and so would appreciate any help with the paint codes Thanks Chris
  3. Hi Mike Thanks for the info. It was the pipe that was cracked just inside the O ring fitting. I have had a s/s braided hose made and replaced the original pipework. Cheers Chris
  4. Hi Mike Finally found time to take my car for a run with the hope of checking out the "revs increase" between gear changes problem which was the original problem. Well guess what . After very few miles ( before engine was warm ) I lost the clutch pedal. I managed to get the car home and found a weep of clutch fluid from the slave cylinder. This is probably caused be me disturbing the cylinder connection whilst I was repairing the EGR pipe. This is the question. The steel pipe that is the connection feed on the slave cylinder is not a screw type but seems to have some kind of clip arrangement. This joint is where to fluid is leaking. What type of seal is used. Is it some kind of O ring on the pipe. It would be good to have this info before I disconnect the pipe. I have looked in the parts and service manuals but with no luck. Regards Chris
  5. Hi I recently ( this week ) purchased a sensor for my 02 V8 from SJ Sportscars . The cost was £47.00 +vat It comes with the correct plug and when fitted worked correctly. Regards Chris
  6. Hi Mike I purchased a replacement sensor from SJ Sportscars and after fitting the car started and ran ok I plugged in the diagnostics and cleared the CEL and allowed the car to run until the fans cycled on and off twice as recommended on the forum. Whilst this was going on the rpm was 870 / 900 and after the throttle was opened for a short blip the rpm dropped to 1000 and the slowly settled back to 870 / 900 All this seems ok ? I have not had an opportunity to test drive and check for my original problem with the revs increasing between gear changes. I will get back when I have had chance to go for a test run. Cheers Chris
  7. Hi Mike When I checked the connections all seem good. I tested the sensor in question and found that the heater circuit ( brown wires) was open circuit. Compared with other sensors at approx 7ohms. Removed the exhaust and after applying lots of centigrade was able to get the suspect sensor out. Here comes a question --- I have looked on the site but can not find a cross ref for a replacement. The sensor is AC AFS 79. I suspect the Lotus part will be expensive What other car has this been fitted to. If I know this maybe I can find a replacement. Once again thanks Chris
  8. Hello Mike You may regret the "no problem with the questions". If I become a pain in the backside please let me know. In an attempt to understand more and be able to work on the Esprit I purchased a diagnostics interface from a company called Gendan. I have used it a couple of times and find it easy to operate but interpreting the results is another matter. As I said earlier I have owned the car since Feb last year. I have done maybe 3k miles without much trouble. However sometimes when starting the engine it would turn over, start and run but then stop. On the next attempt it would start instantly and give no more problem. (am I boring you) During my repair of the oil leak on the r/h head I removed the r/h silencer ( which has both o2 sensors fitted) to give me better access.--- when I say right hand I mean as viewed from the back of the car, looking forward After completing the job and first running the engine all seemed ok but today when I tried to start up I returned to the start and then cut out problem was back, only this time permanently. I plugged in the diagnostics gizmo and got fault P0134 -- o2 sensor circuit ,no activity detected , bank 1 sensor 1. I cleared the faults and the engine started and ran ok. Whilst it was running I checked the sensor outputs and the other three sensor values were modulating but bank 1.sensor 1 was stuck around 4.5 mv Does this mean this sensor is not working and needs replacing? Stupid question which is bank 1? By the way I really,really like my Esprit. As I have now made my move towards new technology I will try and send a pic of the diagnostics display Regards ChrisDoc1.doc
  9. Hi Mike Adapter made and fitted -- no more oil leak -- thank you In addition to the the Esprit I have a +2 elan which over 32 years of ownership has been totally rebuilt and six years ago I bought an M100 on which I have carried out quite a bit of work. I know you have heard this before but I always wanted an Esprit and so I finally treated myself. Sorry if I am going on --- anyway I am new to working on the Esprit and hope its ok if I ask some basic questions so that I can increase my knowledge. My car has had the cats removed and the system consists of a straight through silencer box on each side which then exit through centre mounted tail pipes. Question-- The o2 sensors are still in position and connected -- why do I not get any CEL lights -- will the ECU have been "played with" and if so what will have been done. Whilst working on the car I noticed some quite bad corrosion on a couple of earth straps -- I replaced these -- but when doing the job I saw two rubber hoses (app 30mm dia) which are routed from the inside of the sill (at the rear) and connect to a steel pipe mounted across the chassis just where the "Y" section of the chassis starts Question-- What system are these pipes from. Hope you dont mind me asking what might seem basic questions but the Esprit is a whole new ball game to and I belong to the generation of the wheel not the mouse Regards Chris
  10. Hi Mike Thanks for your quick reply. I will source a tap and make up an adaptor over the next few days and get my car running again. I purchased the car in Feb last year and used it during the summer, But had a problem with engine revs between gearchanges. after checking on the forum I went through the reset procedure for the IAC valve but this did not cure the problem. I puchased a new valve and removed the plenunum to carry out the change. Then I found the EGR pipe almost none existent. Also the air injection pipe was corroded through. I made up a s/s EGR pipe and made up a flex s/s pipe for the air pipe. Then I found the oil leak problem, your info will cure that problem and then I will be able to check out the engine rev fault. I hope. Once again thanks Chris Ward
  11. Hi Can someone please help ? I have 2002 model year V8 and have a slight problem ....... issue..... Can anyone please let me know what the thread type and dia of the banjo bolt which is used on the oil feed pipe between the cylinder head and the turbo. I have an oil leak from the head where someone in the past has cross threaded this bolt. My intention is to tap the head 1/4 bsp and make up an adaptor to which I can fix the banjo; how does this sound? Thanks Chris Ward
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