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    96 FD3S ROTARY with GT45 T4 single turbo and Micro Tech EMS
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  1. Car show disaster well on my way back from a car show the unthinkable happened Which almost turned into a total loss of my car And engine fire Luckily I had a pretty good fire extinguisher and was able to keep the fire to a minimum that only did $6000 Worth of damage
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  3. Hi Brad The rear end is stock at this time , but once on the road I am looking at a jag rear end As I think the drums are going to not cut it The gear box is rx7 , heat is taken care by a corvette radiator and the oil is cooled by twin v6 ford ranger transmission coolers
  4. [attachment=20777:IMG_0233.JPG]As I am making slow progress on my build, the consideration of engines has come up. I've moved away from a V8, just being too heavy for the chassis and too much torque for the drivetrain components. My next consideration was to put in a rotary, specifically a 13b turbo2. Then I found this: [media][/media] Do you happen to be on this forum? If not, does anyone know this person / car? I would love to know more about the build! Thanks! Source: [url=""]Rotary Elite[/url]
  5. This is my Three year pain in the you know what ! As obama has run the country into the ground i have had to slow down with the build but am getting close to been on the road will have to save for body work and paint i had to mod the frame for the extra HP thinking around 350 would like 400 the torks are low so the engine is a high reving computer set 9500 RPM i had twin turbos but one was in very bad shape so put a GT45 T4 single Max 28 PSi but running it at only 10 PSI I'm running the rx7 tran and the stick has moved back about 6 inches this is nice ! custom drive line was made and later maybe taller gears in the diff i think it has 4.11 but not sure ??? the bushing and ball joints in the front are shot but i have got new stuff for them
  6. [b][attachment=20759:IMG_0237.JPG][attachment=20758:IMG_0243.JPG][attachment=20758:IMG_0243.JPG][attachment=20754:IMG_0236.JPG][attachment=20755:IMG_0235.JPG][attachment=20756:IMG_0238.JPG][/b]
  7. Hi all you guys form the old forums

    maybe us Elite guy have finnaly been excepted

    into the lotus family ??????

    If you can't bring it back to stock. Then modifie it !!!!!

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