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    Simple test?

    Although I agree that brightly colored clothing is helpful, I got the impression that the video intended to illustrate that drivers need to be more aware. Would the test have different results if the bear were pink colored?
  2. Yes, the red hose was done a while ago. Since I filled the fluid back up, things seem to be back to normal, so now I just need to locate the source of the leak. It's been pretty cold here lately so if that is affecting the situation then I may see something. Thanks for the responses.
  3. I put some fluid in a few days ago so i'll see how it goes now.
  4. The fluid was just about all gone, but I dont see any obvious signs of leakage.
  5. Just last weekend I took my Esprit out early in the morning on a chilly fall day. I noticed right away that the car did not want to go into reverse gear and there was some grinding. The clutch pedal seemed to grab right off the floor also. I was able to get going but all other gears were hard to get into until the car and the outside temperature warmed up. After that, things seemed back to normal. Both master and slave cylinders were replaced about 3 years ago. Any ideas what this might be, or suggestions as to diagnose the cause? Thanks
  6. Add me to the satisfied customer list. I got a WC turbo too. Mine works great!
  7. Beautiful car! Did you ever post an update on what happened to the red one?
  8. Kjakk

    Nice S1 on eBay

    Do you think it would be advisable to buy this car without a personal inspection? Since the history is pretty well documented, you could feel a lot better about it than with some cars, but I don't know. Seems like all the typical S1 stuff has been sorted out already though. Not sure if there are any recent pictures anywhere, that might help.
  9. Kjakk

    Nice S1 on eBay

    Thanks for the info. I assume there is a pretty detailed history / service record on the car, is that correct?
  10. Kjakk

    Nice S1 on eBay

    When and where was the engine work done?
  11. Kjakk

    Nice S1 on eBay

    I would love to have this car.
  12. I'm local, so I was thinking I could just pick it up some time.
  13. I know a guy that rebuilds those alternators. I may need a new one for my car soon so if I had one to have rebuilt ahead of time, it may save me some shop time. Let me know if you want to get rid of it. Chuck
  14. Is there a recommended alternative product that is available in the US?
  15. I noticed that the parts manual shows a part that is like a protection film for the side intakes. On my car that area is a little discolored and cracked looking. I thought maybe it was the actual fiberglass but maybe it's just that 'film' piece?
  16. There are a couple of S4s's on Ebay I think. If your going to take a chance with an Esprit, might as well make it a good one!
  17. I thought about that, but I figured I should try to go by the book, if there is one. I have 16" x 8.5 fronts and 17" x 10 rear wheels, and I think that the X-180R had 16's all around so maybe that wont even be exactly what I need. I was trying to get closer to the X-180 look and also the V8 size. I am planning on lowering the car a little also, so that may have an impact on the settings right? I am a little worried that I will need to provide this information to the shop doing the work so they will set it to whatever I tell them, or will they know how to set it up? Chuck
  18. I wonder if that would be any help in getting a correct alignment on my car. I went with a size wheel that is most similar to the X-180R. It seems to drive fine now but I have an adjustable suspension setup to install and some adjustable top links that I need put on also, so I will need it to be setup correctly after that.
  19. Was there ever a technical manual put out for the X-180R? Chuck
  20. Here is one from last year. There are others from last weekend that Russ put up on another thread. I think it's in the Carolina section. Chuck
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