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  1. It's hard to beat the X-180R look, that's why I paid the big bucks to get some custom made X-180R wheels for my car. It would be cool to add a 'replica - World Challenge' decal on the side, even though I have a black car, but I'm not sure if I should. I still need to add the front canards anyway. Chuck
  2. Kjakk

    Hilly in PPC!

    I have seen and bought a few issues of PPC here in the US, so it is available. Not sure if they have different versions or not though. I think it was at Barnes & Noble. Chuck
  3. I think the SE Club guys could help since most of them are Atlanta locals.
  4. Date: Saturday February 23, 2008 Time: 11:00 am - 1:00 pm Author: mickopalak Type: Club Event Reminder: There are reminders set for 1 day and 10 days before this event. Location: Hyper Sport Engineering Street: 2121 Peachtree Industrial Blvd. Suite 2A City/State/Zip: Buford, GA 30518 Phone: 678-714-5346 Kirt at Hyper Sport Engineering has offered to give us a tour of his shop. Hyper Sport has a long history with Lotus cars and racing. They are currently building an Exige to compete in the SCCA Pro Speed World Challenge GT series. They also do all kinds of custom work for street cars. Don't miss this opportunity to see a first class Lotus shop. It looks to be about a 3 hour drive from Charlotte straight down 85 towards Atlanta. Chuck
  5. Here is an upcoming event with the SE Lotus club. I was thinking about going, anyone else interested? Chuck I've just added a new event to the calendar. Kirt at Hyper Sport Engineering has invited us for a tour of his shop. We'll meet at the shop at 11 AM sharp on Saturday, February 23rd. After the tour we'll go somewhere near by for some lunch. Can anyone suggest a good burger/wings place? Hyper Sport is currently building an Exige to compete in the SCCA Pro Speed World Challenge GT series. They have a long history of modifing Loti for the track. Don't miss this opportunity to see a first class race shop. For all the details see the club calendar on the website.
  6. I'm going straight for the Westvleteren!
  7. I got some of the Revolution wheels I took off my car that I'm looking to get rid of. If you want a set to experiment with, you can have them for real cheap. Chuck
  8. I was a little surprised that we outnumbered the others this weekend, but maybe as warmer weather gets here things will change. Of course if we could get some Elise folks to join in too, then we could have one hell of a Charlotte area / NC Lotus club! Chuck
  9. Russ, All set for tomorrow? Any word on other Lotus people planning on going? I would love to take a look at that yellow S1 Esprit. Chuck
  10. Not sure what others may have experienced, but I cant help but be skeptical of an Esprit at a used dealership. Maybe it's that old cliche 'used car salesman' thing. I see it's also on Ebay.
  11. It looks pretty good in the pictures. I used to like that style wheels but now I really don't. I couldnt wait to get my custom wheels on. I wonder if I could sell my old ones?
  12. I found it - Autotrader. It is an SE, 93.5 same as mine. For 35k you should be able to get a really nice S4 or S4s. I would hold out, that one sounds abused.
  13. A 93 S4? I have a 93.5 and it is an SE. Where is the ad? Chuck
  14. Looks like they are updating the weather forecast for Saturday. Might be a good day after all. Chuck
  15. I had read obout that but I didn't see the last few posts. Sounds like the guys at Jarods work pretty damn fast! Chuck
  16. Russ, Did you recently have your car towed? Chuck
  17. Looks like they are forecasting rain again for this Saturday. Chuck
  18. He should sell me that S1 so he can make some room in there .
  19. Sounds good. Count me in.
  20. Looks like we may get rained out for Saturday. I see another Charlotte Esprit owner posting here lately. Not sure how many that makes all together, but we could have a decent size group if we could all meet up someday. Chuck
  21. Thanks for the info. Would be nice to see the underside of the car. I hear that the S1 can have major problems in that area. The car looks pretty good, but I wonder too if in this case, the low miles would be a liability? Still - seems tempting, but I have a real hard time seriously considering buying a car off of Ebay. Maybe I should hold out for an early turbo instead. Chuck
  22. What is the rusty pulley on the back left side of the engine?
  23. Let me know if you need my contact info again.
  24. Hey Russ, what ever happened to the Charlotte Area Lotus Enthusiasts club ?
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