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  1. I got the new Esprit book last week and first off, it is a fantastic book even with the typos. I was wondering though, why in this book, and in many other areas, I do not see any mention of the 1993.5 model Esprit? Most of the time it goes straight to the S4. I know that there are a lot of people here that have inside information on the Esprit development, and since I now own a 1993.5 I am curious to hear if anyone knows any history of this particualr model? Thanks Chuck
  2. Yesterday I started my car and right away the idle went to about 2,000. It stayed there for about 4 minutes. I tapped the gas a few times but it had no effect. It went down and I drove the car for about an hour and everything was fine. What might cause this? Thanks
  3. For Your Eyes Only with OHMSS a close second. Any movie that stuck to the books gets high marks from me, Lazenby or not.
  4. I should say that it sucks just so there is more for me!
  5. Here is the inside with the Raid steering wheel I put in. It is turned so it looks upside down.
  6. I had read most of the threads relating to ABS flashing lights here and that is why I took a chance and bought the switch from GM direct also. The one they sent was black though and the one that came off the car was gray, so it may have been changed already. Non returnable part so I lost on that. Either way, the pump runs everytime you press the pedal, so the suggestions have been that the accumulator is bad. I think that there is a seal that can weaken over time so it seems probable. I ordered the part from JAE so i will see what happens. I guess I need to see which switch to leave on also. Thanks Chuck
  7. Is there anywhere I can find information on replacing one of these on a 93? I have the parts manual and the service book but there does not seem to be any procedures detailed. Thanks Chuck
  8. I have that model. it is very cool, but some of the sub parts don't stay on that well.
  9. Anyone know where the best place to get an accumulator / pump for a 93? I had the pressure switch replaced and it did not fix the flashing light, plus the part 88927270 from GM direct is with a black body and not the gray which I thought was the better one. Now I am not so sure about GM direct as a good source. Chuck
  10. I will get some pictures in the next few days. It was quite an experience getting the car home. I bought it in Jacksonville and drove it to NC on Saturday. I hoped to make it all daylight driving but as things go, a late start meant over 3 hours driving at night, kinda stressful. Everything went great though, now I just need a few days to let it all sink in. The car is a black, 1993.5 SE. 16,000 or so miles. It has been very well taken care of thanks to the previous owner and the guys at Knucklehead, Gene and Mike. Thanks! Chuck
  11. I am about 6'-3" and still find the cockpit cozy. I am a little surprised to hear that even taller people are doing fine - in older model Esprits too! There is a guy locally who has an '84 and I sat in it and my legs were a little cramped but the headroom seemed fine. When I get my Esprit I am having the steering wheel changed to a smaller diameter, but that would be it.
  12. The look of the S1 is so classic and I think that the slot wheels have a lot to do with it. I have always wondered what that style of wheel would look like on a later model Esprit. I know that the original ones would never fit, but maybe some could be custom made. Has anyone ever done a photoshop of this for fun? I have also wondered why the 6 square holes on the front were not translated to the Stevens Esprit design.
  13. Markus, Is your car still for sale? Last time I talked to the dealer folks they said it was in storage. I was trying to get a mechanic I know to look at it since the guy I talked to at PAS said he was not going to work on Lotus cars anymore. By the way, did you get good service from PAS with your car? It looked to me like the service was very well maintained while you owned it. Just wondering if you took it to them because they are local or because you got good results. Chuck
  14. In the buying and selling market, what impact does the mileage have on the Esprit? I know that low mileage does not necessarily equal a good car, but for example, if there were 2 Esprits for sale of the same year/model and one had 50,000 miles and the other had 20,000 miles, with both having good maintenence history, what would be the dollar amount difference in them? I know that there many factors involved in determining the value of a specific car, but I was wondering how other people thought about this issue.
  15. Thanks for all the advice, although I do have a hard time walking away from this particular car. It is the ideal year and model, and the mileage is fairly low. There are not many S4s cars in the US and none for sale in my price range. There are also very few 1993-1995 model cars for sale in the US so I do not have many options and no other S4s options. For me to even check out the other cars available at this time I will need to drive about 6-8 hours to where they are. I know that it would be a mistake to buy a problem car, period, but I would really like to try and determine if the car is in bad shape or not before I just walk away. Is there a way to check the head gasket condition? Would the C service have identified any problems with the engine in that area? I plan on visiting the local mechanic who last worked on it and see if he can give me better information in person than over the phone. I also signed up on the Yahoo Lotus board to see if I can find someone who will come here to inspect the car for me.
  16. I am not familiar with Freescan. How does this work? I did talk with the mechanic that has worked on the car for the last 3 or 4 years. The C service was done there at 28000 miles. (It is at 31000 now) I asked him if they would do an inspection on the car and he said that the car was fine. I got the impression that he would think it was a waste of time and money if I wanted him to inspect the car. So if I cant trust his opinion then I will need to do a little work to find someone else with Lotus experience in the area. Lotus US is near Atlanta I think and that is only about 3.5 hours away but I dont know if they can offer anything as far as checking out the car prior to buying it.
  17. I have been checking out a 1995 S4s near where I live and I am seriously considering buying it. I took it for a test drive today and had some questions / concerns maybe someone could help me with. First off, the car drives excellent and the turbo boost is awesome! Very fun car. I drove it for about 20-30 minutes and after we parked it I noticed the gas light was on but the gauge read a little under a half tank. The temperature gauge was towards the high end also. I turned on the heater and the air blowing out did not seem hot. There are service records that go back for about 5 years only and it looks like some work had been done on the heater vacuum or something not too long ago. I read somewhere that heater problems could be a sign of something more serious. I have always wanted an Esprit and this one is very cool, but if I spend my money on a problem car, my wife will kill me. Any ideas?
  18. Kjakk

    Esprit S4s

    I may need to start a different topic for this question but I will try here first since it is all related and you folks seem very knowledgeable and helpful. If I buy this car, I need to replace the steering wheel with one that is smaller diameter so that I can get more clearance for my leg on the right side. I have seen and read the articles on installing the Raid steering wheel and I know that they have small sizes, but I do not know where to get the adapter and I also have not yet found a place in the US that sells these items. Any ideas? I assume that people make their own but I do not have access to these types of materials so if I can buy one, that would be much better. Thanks
  19. Kjakk

    Esprit S4s

    Thanks for the response. 1993.5 and newer, my mistake. Cant afford a V8 though. I really like the GT3 but I have not seen too many of those for sale. Are there any other ways to confirm that this is a S4s car? I am concerned because if it is not, then I would not trust the dealer/seller. The car does not have a complete history and there are about 4 owners as well as lease and fleet registration that come up on the Carfax check. But it is in my price range and the mechanic that has worked on the car for the last 3-4 years says that there is nothing wrong with the car.
  20. Kjakk

    Esprit S4s

    I am new here and had some questions about a Lotus Esprit S4s that I am considering buying. I have always wanted an Esprit and now I think that I may be able to actually get one. I am only considering the 1993.5 and older models due to the increased interior space as I am tall. I live in the US and there is a 1995 S4s for sale near where I live. The question that I have is that this car does not have the wheel arch extensions that I see in other S4s model cars. Should I be concerned? The VIN number comes up only as a 1995.5 model car but I was told that this is not unusual.
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