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  1. Hi Richard That really is very good of you to go to that trouble to assist me. Cheers David
  2. Hi Richard It is the assembly that fits in the glass. It does all work, it is the arm assembly rocks in the glass. Cheers David
  3. Hi Richard Thank you for your reply and kind offer of assistance. My problem is I cannot seem to get the assembly tight enough and when the arm moves you can see it rock up and down. I thought maybe a spacer or a washer might be missing. Cheers David
  4. Thanks for the information. I do have the service manual and parts list. But it is a picture of the assembly I really need.
  5. Hi, I have a 1982 series 2 Elite and I am after a parts diagram for the rear tailgate assembly, namely the rear wiper assembly. Many thanks David
  6. Hi ian Yes that is me. I'm not sure who owned it first. DVLA may be able to let you know.
  7. I bought it from a Lotus dealer in Worcester, from memory I think it was Graham Williams or something similar. I only sold it when the first Turbo Esprit came out. Not the Essex model. I presume you are going to restore it to its former beauty. If not, let me know. I might be tempted. I spent a few quid looking after it and had Lotus themselves service it.
  8. I purchased that car in Dec 1980. An absolutely beautiful car. Looks quire sad now. Where was the picture taken?
  9. Hi, Thank you for the information. As all the front and rear joints and fittings have been renewed, twice, and the update lever fitted. I think I'll go for new cables. Cheers David
  10. Hi all Has anyone changed the gear cables on a Stevens Turbo Esprit 1989? Did it help the gear change. I have had all other mod kits fitted but the change on the cross gate is very heavy. Cheers David
  11. If it is an original radio you need to take the side panels off in the footwell, remove the radio knobs and there will be some securing nuts that need to be removed. The radio should then push out backwards and you can slide it out on one of the sides. Be careful off the aerial plug and any connectors.
  12. Hi Tony Just to advise you that I received the label today. Many thanks David
  13. Hi all I have a 1982 S2. 2 Elite. I was wondering if anyone has a possible template for how the jack handle clips and spacer blocks go in the boot on the body, and under the floorboard. Cheers David Corns
  14. Hi, it is my car. 40DC. Have owned it since 1989 and it has covered over 100,000miles. The car is still all original and still feels lovely to drive. The hotel was excellent. Cheers David Corns
  15. Check the distributer wires for breakdown, it is more usual at around 3500revs though. As the advance kicks in the wire streches and breaks.
  16. Hi You are a star. I had no idea there was a difference. I am going for a respray and was detailing according to their brochure. I am going to Lotusbits for some other parts so will have a chat with them. Many thanks for your knowledge and help David
  17. Hi everyone I am searching for a set of Speedline wheels for my Elite S2. Does anyone have a set for sale? Thank you David
  18. Hi I have a 1982 S2.2 Elite. I am having difficulty engaging 2nd gear when cold, after a couple of miles then no problem at all. I have been informed that it is the syncro failing. My question is, what oil are people using in their gearbox as i have read that it might just be the oil itself. Looking on the internet it seems as if the Mobil SHC gear oil might be good. Thanks for any advice. Cheers DC
  19. Hi John Many thanks for the information. I found the module just floating in the wiring loom. I have secured it to an earth location and is now working fine. I did try to put some led bulbs in the holders but the delay time went down to about three seconds. Went for a drive out tonight car working lovely until it stated to rain. Wipers were working fine , then just decided to stop||||| Another Lotus position in the morning. happy Elite motoring
  20. Hi I have a 1982 Elite S2.2 and i am trying to locate where the interior delay module is hidden, Any one know of it's location? Cheers DCorns
  21. Thanks for the info, will give it a go the weekend
  22. I have a 1988 turbo esprit and my drivers side windscreen washer jet is blocked. has any body replaced one of these, if so how?
  23. I am searching for a 1989 Turbo Esprit gear knob which has the red lettering on. Also in need of rear valence mesh. Cheers David Corns [email protected]
  24. I am still trying to figure it out, so if you do have the part numbers on the boxes that would be a big help. Cheers David
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