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  1. Hi All, I'm trying with some difficulty to get hold of a Starlight Black metallic touch up stick - needed ASAP, does any one on the forum have one they no longer need ? Thanks
  2. Elise perhaps once a week to work At all other times... A Mountain Bike - 2006 Marin Nail Trail Mark H
  3. Hi all, My car seems to live a charmed life in respect of the weather Since collecting my new Elise in early April I have covered 2,600 miles without using the windscreen wiper yet? I live on the south coast and have been on a few longish trips on separate occasions twice up to Cambridge, also Norfolk, and Worcestershire - the latest 4 day foray was down to Falmouth in Cornwall for a short holiday and even this turned out to be yet another dry run there and back, whilst I am not complaining in the slightest it just struck me as being a rather unique situation for the car to be in. Before setting off for Cornwall last Tuesday I did check that the wiper worked (Just in case!) as sooner or later I thought the car was going to get a drenching for sure, especially having looked over the weather forecast before setting off, but still the rain held off on the way down. Upon arrival at the hotel in Falmouth I was able to park in one of a number of covered parking bays below the restaurant (very handy) During our stay my wife and I had planned to do a lot of walking and leave the car and so when the rain came on Wed and Thursday last week once again the Elise escaped just coming out on Friday morning in time for a dry and sunny ride home to Dorset. I am sure it’s only a matter of time..... Mark PS - Hope my hood doesn’t leak !
  4. It's true that Eddie Jordan is still very passionate about motorsport and a great character With regards to Sven - As I remember it was more of an irritating 'Well - lerrrr' MH
  5. And on the 7th day God created the Elise

  6. Spotted on M4 Westbound outskirts of Bristol about 5.30 Monday rushour
  7. Hi Kevin, - I think that colour really suits your new car - and yep, - I know how you feel too! Thanks and best regards, MH
  8. Hi Kevin, That looks like a really lovely car you must be very pleased with it Nice colour and cool number plate too ! MH
  9. Hi all, i thought it would be nice to share a copule of pictures of my new Lotus with fellow enthusiasts on the forum its one of the very last of the pre-face lift models just registered in mid April. its a completeley standard Touring 'S' model apart from the raised L O T U S lettering on the rear panel which my Lotus dealer arranged for me Now I have this incredible car I wonder why what kept me in a BMW for 6 years...or am I having a mid life crisis? MH
  10. I am brand new to Lotus ownership, and in fact my trip to Malvern was part of the running in on my new Elise S. Attended Saturday: 17 April Not sure what to expect when I arrived except perhaps a lot of Lotus cars....and for a new owner I was not dissapointed - I really thought there might have been more of a trade presence at this show but cannot comment or compare on the Donnington venue having never attended the previous shows, however I thought the venue at Malvern was good and clearley has a great potential for future events. I was impressed to find I was directed to park "indoors" - and although there was not space for everyone I should think in the event of rain this would have been a blessing with so many open roof cars on show. Would I go again? - yes, but thought the prices charged might be better per Lotus car than per person. Regards MH
  11. Thanks Bibs, Your right about that one - its a running in period for the driver! Just getting in and out is a fine art but I am getting to grips with it well enough (allthough Mrs H might not entirely agree ) I have driven RWD nearly all my life and would not have it any other way, mid engined is new to me though so adapting at the mo Anything you can add about the brake squeak / squeal I am experiencing? Do you know if its a common occurance and does it eventually go away after some bedding in time, sorry to ask you on this one Maybe others on the forum may have heard of it or experienced the same... Thanks again, MH
  12. Thanks for the Welcome messages guys, I had been thinking about buying this car for about 12 months, and now I have it I really do not know why it took me so long! Its an Arctic Silver S Touring with Leather and Aircon - and with the new model Elise launch imminent its probably one of the last out my local dealership (I guess ?) Other than what the cars owners manuel says has anyone got any good tips on running in the engine, I have about 400 miles on the clock right now and have been careful with the revs so far (not really gone over 3500 at any stage yet) and the driving has been on a mixture of all roads. There is a slight intermittent squeak on the brakes at slow speed braking which the dealer says is the brakes bedding in...? Would be grateful if anyone can advise or comment on these two points please ? Thanks MH
  13. Hi all I am another new visitor to the Forum and have just become a Lotus owner for the first time ever. To celebrate my half century I have become the proud owner of a Brand new Elise S Touring. I went to the Lotus show on the Saturday and parked up under cover with some really nice cars of all ages and marques. What a addictive car it is to drive, having outed a good BMW after 6 years (Am I allowed to say that three letter word!) I would like to aknowledge the occupents of a very smart open top blue MK1 Elise who appeared to be snapping away at my car with a camera on the A417 just North of Cirencester whilst overtaking me,much to my amusement My wife who being rather camera shy tried hard to duck at the time!! Still got about 500 miles before that first oil change, so must finish here and get out in the car...! Regards MH
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