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  1. Neil, I think it might help to be able to reach through and look through the empty windows. Also probably easier if the engine shrouding is out, but I figured that wasn't worth the trouble. I got access by removing the little horizontal vent grill on the inside of the butress, so I could see what I was doing through there. And access was easier by climbing into the boot. I might re-do the job with the tubing from SJ. At least now that I know what I'm aiming for I think I could do it a bit more efficiently. I haven't glued mine in yet as it bulges out past the carpet as currently routed, so might give the TEC-7 a go too. Thanks for that one Fredrik.
  2. Right, sorting this tubing hasn’t been so easy. I couldn’t be sure the Samco vacuum tube could withstand the fuel exposure, although I thought that is the draw of silicone hose…that it will withstand just about anything. They do make a proprietary fuel line, at £50 per meter! That’s one expensive breather. I followed your advice, Colin, and hit my local mower specialist…who wasn’t nearly as interested in classic sportscars and could only offer me standard rubber tubing at a startling £11 per meter. Last stop was my trustworthy Camberley Auto Factors who sorted me with rubber tube for £3 something per meter. So I’ve plumbed it in and I can see it will cause problems due to size. I can kind of force it into the gap but it looks like it will drop back out. One hose fits fine, so I’m thinking of routing the overflow up to the top of the buttress and then back on the same side, thus not crossing the car. I can’t see how it would make much difference, once it’s up to that height, whether or not it crosses the car. Last comment…wow, this hasn’t been at all easy! Maybe my car’s special, but I’m headed towards five hours total now. Apart from those cover panels, the big struggle are the hose clips inside the buttresses. The O/S one was tough, tucked right up at the top and buried well back, but the N/S one was neigh on impossible. It seems to be riveted to a steel support strut that runs vertically to the inside of the buttress. In the end I cut through the rubber and joined the T-fitting there instead of further down the hose. I’ve had to leave a run of old breather in place, which is annoying. My forearms are black with bruises and covered in cuts and scratches from the grp. I’ve had engines out of cars with a lot less hassle than this breather has given me!
  3. Hello all, Well, it took a whole week before I could get out in my newly acquired S3, and within 10 miles on a hot afternoon I could hardly breath due to the fumes. Of course you'll all know where this is going...I got myself here and read up and yup, my breather tubes came out in about 20 pieces. Side note: I have to admit it did take me the better part of two hours to get the whole lot out. Almost an hour to be sure I wasn't going to break the carpeted grp cover panels (wow, they took a fair bit of bending to squeeze out). And then in the end I had myself draped across the top of the engine so I could get a look in at the front of the buttress to see enough to unscrew the clip holding the last 10mm of tube on. OK, a chunk of that time was spent surfing for advice on the grp panels. Maybe this titbit will help some future browser who's as green to the esprit as me. So anyway, I’ve read the debates about the tubing to use. Original does seem remarkably inappropriate, so I can see the point of going with normal rubber fuel hose. But I did once use Samco vacuum hoses on a Porsche and was impressed with the quality. It seems like a natural choice for this application. Vacuum tube should deal fine with the low (no) pressure application and not pinch or collapse too easily, but maybe bend and fit better? If you think otherwise or if I’m being a muppet here please say, and save me the extra bit of cash. Thanks! Tim
  4. It's important to have some regrets...

  5. I've done it!!! I've bought one! Much to my disbelief the car that I'd missed, the one that originally hooked me so badly, came up for sale again. OK, worry...but the seller had plausable reason. I think he must have been a bit surprised; two hours after it listed on Pistonheads I offered his asking price on the 'phone and arrived with cash five hours after that. I wasn't going to miss it twice. Two days later and I'm absolutely over the moon with it...the biggest thrill of my automotive life. And so far I'm glad I've gone for the glass. Especially as I don't expect Australian style heat anytime soon.
  6. Black and gold, just like the JPS poster I had on my wall when I was eight years old, and sitting in the snow like that...I'd have signed over my soul to the devil the moment I saw it!
  7. Mmmm, this just gets more complicated! I'm mostly set on the glass roof now, by your helpful comments. I can see the point of not having it, but do really like the open air option you get with the glass. Surely the early cars get pretty hot in the sun too? It seems less ventilation would be a problem. I'm also torn because I used to have a fixed-glass roof smart forfour, and never really found that to be a benefit. Didn't actually see anything as the sightline when driving didn't extend as far as the glass and the tint was heavy. That was fixed in place though, I'd think if it opened things would have been different. But then glass roof s3 does seem to be rare as hen's teeth, so the debate becomes should I opt for an early Stevens car to get the glass roof? Or do I settle for a solid roof s3? Hmmm...
  8. Hello Gang, Thought I might just ask... I’m wondering if anyone out there knows of a glass-roof S3 N/A in useable condition and fair price (I’m not looking for a steal, just fair) and in a good colour (well, they all seem to be red, which is good) and preferably a reasonable colour interior (not blue…did that one really come out of the factory like that?) coming up for sale soon-ish? About a month ago, on a bit of a whim, I went to view an S3 N/A HC that was for sale locally, in Hove. I'd been looking out for an early Steven's car, but I was absolutely swept away by this S3. I was gutted that it sold later the same day and before I could sort the purchase. Ouch! So I've been seeking another S3, and I'm really smitten by the glass roof. I drove out to Wales last week to view the '86 there, but didn't feel the price was at all in line with the condition of the car. I've looked at two others too. Now I'm eyeing up the '84 S3 on ebay, but of course it doesn't have the glass roof. I’m also scouring the likely websites daily (here, Esprit World, Pistonheads, Autotrader, ebay). Or maybe you’d suggest I don’t go that route? Are there drawbacks to the glass roof? Steven’s cars remain tempting, but in the flesh I was really smitten by the Guigiaro shape. I also feel like the S3 is classic enough to get away with the non-turbo power, but the S4 seems more of a let-down without a turbo. Help please, anybody…? Tim
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