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  1. This is bad luck;
  2. Or jobby brown as @LazyDonkey calls it
  3. Good work. Is that Dave's old car @PunyGod? Used to see it kicking around the south side of Glasgow. It's a head turner!
  4. Have to say I found the Cup 2's incredible at Knockhill. The car just stuck to the track and gave me loads of confidence. Track driving may only be 1% of the miles I do but it would be a shame to lose that extra grip. Like Jonny mentions in his vid, my lefts exhibit some feathering on the edge. These tyres clearly don't last too many miles and regular track work could get very expensive. No doubt the PS4S sounds like the best all rounder and once my new rears are shot I'll give them a go all round. Right Andy, lets get a track day booked!
  5. I think while I've got plenty of life left on the fronts I'll go for Cup 2's on the rear again and perhaps try the PS4S all round next time. They undoubtedly sound like they'll last several times longer than the Cups!
  6. My car is in with Leven right now for its 1st year service and I need a new rear due to a puncture. I'm inclined to go with Cup 2's again to keep it as Lotus intended. Camskill have the rears at £235.80 just now; Can anyone confirm if this is the correct tyre?
  7. ricvx

    TLF GT430 Club

    Massive congratulations to you again Jimmy. It was great to meet you and great to see this car going to a well deserved home. You'll be turning heads everywhere with that thing!
  8. ricvx

    TLF GT430 Club

    Good work @blindside congrats! Will you be hanging around for the breakfast meet at Leven’s on Sunday morning? @C8RKH and I will be there with our Sport 410’s.
  9. ricvx

    410 Sport Register

    If you apply for the certificate of provenance you get the certificate AND a letter with more info on your vehicle such as where is was in the production run etc.
  10. ricvx

    410 Sport Register

    It’s mentioned in an accompanying letter from Andy Graham.
  11. ricvx

    410 Sport Register

    Mine’s the last of the metallic black U.K. cars and no mudflaps for strategic weight saving Car #15 (UK) - Metallic Black, manual, aircon, ICE, sound insulation, cruise control, yellow interior colour pack & yellow stitching.
  12. Car looks amazing Andy, these original 410's are a rare breed. Had mine at Knockhill a couple of weeks ago and it was absolutely immense on track. Pic courtesy of @The Lotus Position
  13. No sorry, Ive not tried either. They will definitely be more suitable in the cold though. The Cups do not cold.
  14. I’m with you on the Cup 2’s in this weather. The car squirms all over the place on cold wet roads, it’s a bit like driving on ice. Definitely not a winter tyre!
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