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  1. No sorry, Ive not tried either. They will definitely be more suitable in the cold though. The Cups do not cold.
  2. I’m with you on the Cup 2’s in this weather. The car squirms all over the place on cold wet roads, it’s a bit like driving on ice. Definitely not a winter tyre!
  3. I got two bottles of the stuff yesterday so will give it a try over this weekend!
  4. @bosshog what did you do to get it to 100%? Reapply or did it just settle over time?
  5. @bosshog did you get your window noises fixed? Both of the windows in my 410 make an absolute racket when closed and I'm sure it's the glass rubbing against the seals. Is Gummi Pflege the stuff to fix it?
  6. I agree the carbon seats suit the 410 incredibly well. I’d feel it’s cheating not to have them! They’re what I’d want when pressing on or for track but limit it greatly as a GT. In an ideal world you’d have two sets and stick the comfy ones in for long journeys. Access to the stowage area behind the seats is a nightmare with the fixed buckets. (I also feel a little cheated having blank buttons where the heated seat controls are )
  7. According to my certificate of provenance 72 were built, 25 of which were for the UK.
  8. Gutted I missed this. Couldn’t really get the time away from work and was having new carpets fitted on the morning of the event. Only realised it was being live streamed towards the end so tuned in and what did I see on track? My old car!
  9. I’ve just installed my drivers side brackets and tried the middle holes without moving the runner spacers. Big difference! If anything I feel they’re tilted a little too far back so think I’ll try the top holes. Definitely solves the lack of thigh support and make driving long distance far more comfortable. They really are very comfortable seats with a bit of tilt back. The weight of the seat is just ridiculous! I carried mine up to my flat to fit the runners in one hand with a socket set in the other, they weigh nothing!
  10. Doesn’t appear to have reversing sensors or cruise.
  11. I really miss the homelink in my NA. As Andy says there’s a handy little dooket in the 410 to store a fob but the homelink is just plain better! Shame it’s not an option anymore, can’t add that much weight.
  12. A good NA Evora is like money in the bank but you also get to drive it
  13. ricvx

    410 questions

    I thought I was needing to do it twice but I think it is more about the speed in which you do it. Two slow presses and it should open first time. I seemed to be able to open the boot on my S1 with two quick presses but the 410 is different.
  14. ricvx

    Evora Sport 410

    Not sure if anyone has shared the numbers for the Sport 410 from a certificate of provenance. I received mine and the headline figures are as follows; 72 cars built 25 for the UK A rare beast indeed.
  15. ricvx

    410 questions

    The Lotus website states in the options list for the Sport 410; 4 speaker double DIN ICE unit with full satellite navigation and reversing camera There is no mention of sub and amp. My certificate of provenance also just mentions "4 speaker in car entertainment with reversing camera" as a factory optional extra. I've actually not properly looked to see if there is a sub in mine, I've seen the enclosure but assumed nothing was in there. I will investigate tonight! "In car entertainment" is a bit misleading, I've never been entertained by it, it sounds awful!
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