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  1. Ah! Many thanks, Travis, but: under the plastic cover, please, if it is possible. Regards, Eladio.
  2. Please, any of you have a picture of implantation of the ABS pump and pressure switch in LHD cars ? 1990 SE model year. Thanks, Feijucho.
  3. Nope: SJ three months to serve....Lotusbits have not at page. Best regards for your answer, Dan. Eladio.
  4. Please, any of you can help me to find the left hand lower link ? My chassis number is SCC 082 910 M H F 6 0139 (Model year 1991). Best regards, E. Feijoo.
  5. Feijucho


  6. The oil ring dimensions are: 18X26x4.5 mm and this is standard oil ring. Also, standard part from Renault, like Freek write. Regards to all. Feijucho.
  7. Please, some of you have the dimensions of the oil seal to the end of the selector cross ? Thanks, Feijucho.
  8. Happy 40th birthday, Bibs! Best regards, Feijucho.
  9. I just had got the front and rear solenoids from Elise-shop. Very fast shipment. Feijucho.
  10. Please, any of you can specify ALL the original alignement specifications for the SE model with suspension and wheels OEM ? I have reed but I don't had see the complete alignement data. Thanks, Feijucho.
  11. Bill, if you run real com1 port -not virtual with USB- try Espritmon with the PC just started, never try after Freescan or another program that use the com port. In Windows, the first program capture the port and then the next programs can´t open it. Good luck. Feijucho.
  12. I'm agree with Andy: The 215/50 go better than 225/50 thinking at torque when parking... Feijucho.
  13. Please, any of you know where can I get the front solenoid to my ABS DM IIIA ? Perhaps any cross reference? Thanks for yours kindly answer, Feijucho.
  14. Front: 225 50 15, Pirelli P0 Rear 245 50 16, Kumho ECSTA I have in my SE these mounting for three years with no problems. With St. Google you can find easy way to buy online ! Feijucho.
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