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  1.    The AC  circuit is too big in the Esprit. I need charge with R134A (brute force over R12) every year, +/- in May.   For me, it is minus onerous recharge the system than dismount, search and repair !      So, with this method, I can survive the days of bigger temp. in Spain.  Probably, the leak at my car is in the evap. but work at this around is inimaginable by me.  New oil in compressor, inspect and change the O-rings accesible and enjoy 4 months, no more.

  2.    Nope:  SJ  three months to serve....Lotusbits have not at page.


                    Best regards for your answer,  Dan.



  3.    Bill, if you run real com1 port -not virtual with USB- try Espritmon with the PC just started, never try after Freescan or another program that use the com port.  In Windows, the first program capture the port and then the next programs can´t open it. 


              Good luck.



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  4.    My clutch is also changed; a clutch +25% mounted, it works perfectly. But I have a little question: The gearchange cables must be positioned-placed under or over the clutch lever? Because the gear lever has a little different position to introduce the first gear...




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