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  1. My garage is 2400mm ceiling height with four post ramp.
  2. Yes Danny I do! Back then it was my main car and it was very fragile it had only done 20000 odd miles and needed a engine rebuild and it had already been rebuilt !
  3. I wouldn't want to sell the S4s, I want a wet sump turbo aswell.
  4. Thanks Funny when you have in the past older Esprits your yearn for an S4s than when you have one you yearn for your Giugiaro turbo Esprit.
  5. My S1 parked outside house 28 years after the Essex
  6. Nice to see my old Essex pop up.
  7. v39


  8. I fitted Alunox manifold in situ on my S4S I located first pipe then with 1inch webbing strap around adjacent pipe twisted it to pull it over studs. Hope this makes sense.
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