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  1. Personally, I go see my family doctor once every 2 years and have blood tests etc done to see if I lack anything or some other things show up. Nothing. Perfectly healthy and not lacking any minerals, vitamins or other things. While I am a vegetarian, I think it's good for everyone to do so, no matter what they eat. For example I live in a heavily polluted (diesel) city. And by bicycling every day in this shitty air, I risk slowly destroying my lungs. Or at least there is a higher chance thereof. you're right about genes, but let's just say very simplified, that many diseases are dormant, and need specific conditions to come into play, to develop. When for example the liver is cleaning blood for waste and toxins, is on overload because of air pollution, food, alchohol, tobacco, cleaning agents, impregnation agents, paint and so on (thousands), it will only work up to a point, and from there on it "recycles" toxins back to the bloodveens and they float around inside you and make deposits here and there, where the cells natural metabolism changes and there arise certain forms of cancer. There are several studies on the matter and books on the subject written by scientist and doctors. I have three friends who like me worked a lot on engines when younger, never wearing protective gloves for example. I was the only one doing that. Now, they all three have serious skin problems with the skin simply falling apart on their hands and fingers, not healing, or in any case, very very slowly. But we were young, couldn't die and didn't listen to the grown ups, shat on the warning labels and now they pay for their mistake. Or a friend of mine who, when young, wanted to grow muscles fast, so he could be a beach lion, taking pills and injecting himself with strange substances. He then sufered two heart attacks and stopped that. Now, the doctors told him that his heart have been damaged permanently, and that because he have a long line of heart problems in his family, he most likely will die 15 years or so, prematurely. Both his brothers and his farther died of a weak heart. While he did take the crap, his sister begged him many times over and over to stay away from taking that crap, but he didn't listen. He now have to take pills to stabilise his heart plus painkillers for the arthritis that was a byproduct of the original "smart in a hurry" pills, which again weakens his liver. Oh well, the choices we make... We all do it sometimes. Point is, to be a little bit moderate and take a little care. Personally, I have a lot of energy and restitute very quickly from say a long bicyclerace or up and down a mountain for many hours, or just long days of work. My twin brother eats lots of meat, less vegetables and drinks some alcohol, although not much. He is down on energy, fat, feeling big, tired and looses his good mood easily because of his general health. He also suffers from podagra (don't know the english word for it), and this is further promoted by his lack of excercise, too much meat, alchohol and lack of vegetables. His choice and free to do so. He get so pissed when someone mentions this to him, because he in reality regrets it, thereby making his mood less good, which again weakens his willpower to do something about it. No, I don't advocate not treating patients of any disease just because they are obese, skinny vegans or what ever. Any person can fall ill, and anyone can change his or her mind and regret a certain choice and do their best to mend it futurewise. Everyone should have that choice. Everyone. My farther died of smoking. Yes, I know that there will always be someone who have a friend whose grandmother became 300 years old all while smoking a hundred cigarettes evey single day, wth no ill effect. You get the point. But the reality for all the rest of us is quite the opposite. So, he smoked 30 or more every day from 12 y.o. to 70. Then he had a heart attack and survived by operation. The doctors told him to stop now or die soon after. He stopped. But by that time, there were many problems with his body because of all these years of smoking, but the most severe or acute was that his lungs were so bad because of the chemicals in cigarettes making many small enfyseems that were very brittle and punctured, so his lungs collapsed one time after the other. He went through 5 major operations on both lungs and survived. Soon after he simply had no more lung capasity and sufforcated and died in terrible pain. He was able to speak up to about the last day before passing away. He made his choices and took responsability for them. But it's also fair to say that he was very sorry that he only saw one of his grand children, and that he now left his wife in great sorrow for years to come. I have seen that in many other cases again and again. I've wittnessed how people cough up parts of their stomach, lungs or part of the esophagus all while crying to their family that they were so sorry for the bad choices they had made in the past. All the family could do was telling their loved one, that they forgave him (or her) and shed some tears. As humans I think we can only inform and try to talk over other people by explanation and trying to appeal to their consciousness to be a little moderate and try to stay healthy and to make sound choices in general. By stating I am a vegan, I have the following explanation of the term: eating habits. Nothing to do with having a leather interrior or what ever shoes I wear or the like. It's about what you eat only. On top of that may come other convictions about what one would like to do or not to do. If someone chooses to refrain from anything takes from animals, so be it, but it's not being a vegan in my humble view. It's a further standpoint. If one look it up, there are as many people writing about the subjects, as there are people on the Earth. That doesn't make any of it true. It's just oppinions. I have my oppinion, and it's about what I eat. I refrain from eating anything from animals and alchohol some 40 days a few times a year. I really like milk and used to drink a lot of it every day, plus yoghurt etc, but I try to keep it a little down, as I also do with fruitjuice, because all the acid that later item contains, is not very healthy for the intestines and the teeth.Now, drinking less milk but still enjoying it, I have less slime in the lungs and I am nearly never ill. Far less than any of my colleagues - we are around 70 persons. Of course there will be plenty of health problems for vegetarians and vegans as well. It's only natural to get a disease and eventually some will die of it. I merely think about trying to give the best basis for all the systems in my body to function well, not working overtime or even being out of order/dysfunctional. I believe there is enough problems in the world already. No reason to promote any more, because of ones wish to minimalise slaughtering animals or what ever. I don't think it helps anything to make a big protest in London some two years ago against Canada Goose clothing, physically attacking passers by, just because they wore a Canada Goose jacket. Same people who protest, also use plastic bags, eat meat, throw garbage in the nature, change their complete wardrobe every 6 months, and many many other things - choose yourself. It's not one incident. It's the sum of all things that make a problem. When it becomes excessive. A little mindfullness and considderation might be in order here. I don't mind other peoples chioces, as long as they don't put strain on or hurt other people. It's their free will and choice. I hope that someone will like me or you or whoever, not for what we eat, but for the humans we are. Kind regards, jacques
  2. I am a vegetarian since 26 years ago, and also a vegan for a few months every year (for another reason), and I don't import all sorts of foreign stuff if I can avoid it, and I happen to like my Canada Goose jacket because it keeps me warm in a cold winter that a plastic jacket (which pollutes far more) cannot do. And I also appreciate the leather in my Esprit and Corrado, so I take good care of it to make it all last as long as possible. For example I never had a car- or motorcycle battery which didn't last perfectly less than 12 years. I don't go around screaming at other people that they should be vegetarians, but if they ask out of honest interest, I will explain that I am very happy about my own choice and why. I don't go around smashing other people's cars because I may or may not approve of their choices in life and they are meat eaters. They have their free will and choice. I think though, that a little moderation would be in place for most people on Earth. And maybe to give birth to fewer children. I don't see why having many children will make one prosper or happy. The past is the past, and our ancestors in different past times have all done something stupid or excessive or even evil. I think we can all try to learn from that and be better humans for it. I have colleagues who every time I open my lunchpack, scream or shout to me: "Oh, can you hear the vegetables scream?" They are so "funny". And then they look at my shoes made of leather, and goes on declaring loudly, that I should have seaweed shoes because I am a vegetarian. Then they claim thet because of my food choice, I shouldn't drive a motorcycle, shouldn't have a sportscar and what not. They are so bright and intelligent saying that, all while some of them are obese, and with little self respect taking way too much food, meat or not, alcohol, smoking, pills to get up, pills to get it up, pills to go to sleep, painkillers and the lot. And then they become so sad when they get hospitalised and a doctor explains to them that they lived their life way over the edge, including my own farther, for example. They regret some of these choices that they made in vain and wish they could undo many of their choices made in ignorance. Then sometimes a person is even claiming that he (or her) prefers to live like a mad man making all the bad chioces and die young, rather than using a bit of common sense. But then when death is coming closer, they realise that they would like to have had more time with their grand children etc. That usually sets the record straight for most people. But they can't. Spent is spent, and I think we can all enjoy the life and it's opportunities, while being a little bit considerate and less excessive. Personally, I don't claim to be perfect or to be an angel, I just don't eat animals, I don't kill for fun and I don't eat excessively plus I try to act a little bit responsable in most matters (apart from the Esprit, my wife would say), so I won't grow fat and misuse the healthcare system, or pollute excessively. I think a little sensible thinking and acting is in place on both sides. Stupidity and ignorance never led to anything positive for both sides. Being a little considderate and mindfull, certainly does. Kind regards, Jacques
  3. Here's some sound advice for free: Still want to do it? Then write your bloodtype in fireretardent thread on the belt of your racing suit and buy a corvette for that purpose and enjoy When you are done with that, go get the keys for the Esprit and take a drive on twisty back roads, not a straight freeway, and show the corvette how propper driving is done, with no sparks and flames. That's when the real fun begins. Kind regards, Jacques
  4. Well, it may be "Lots of tickets, usually serious"... Speed tickets that is. Anyway, it's all good fun to read this thread, as there are lots of interpretations of what's good and what's not so good, all done by owners. How it should be. Not by a mag. Cheers and Happy New Year! jacques
  5. no, haven't read the article, and have no interest in doing so. There may be or may not be interesting articles once in a while. Of course it is only natural if a car-owner sees his or her car in an article, with nice photoshots and all. But generally, no, I have no interest in it so I just don't read or buy it. I stand by my words in the above And yes, there has been talks on and off of how facinated editors are by that german car. Kind regards, jacques
  6. Very sorry guys, but a mag cannot and will not be able to experience and describe what real ownership long term can. So for me, all those socalled evaluations, articles and what not is not worth the paper or screens they are presented on. For my sake they can go right down the drain. Being that cars from owners on here or elsewhere, it's still the same: nothing wrong with the cars, but an editor writes what he or she wants. And we all know they are biased towards an old german car and always recite Jeremy C. for his irritating nonsense of lots of trou......... So, forget those, this forum so much better by far in terms of getting real oppinions. Personally, I've tried a Giugiaro carb non-turbo and one with turbo. While I like them for sure, they cannot and will not be able to do what a later Stevens SE-S4-S4s can do. It's a whole different ball game. It's a car in a totally different league. So many things are changed: electrics, engine, gearbox, traction, performance, looks, seating interrior, design and what not. They are so much more capable and equal in feel and fun. Not a dime is lost. If Lotus thought otherwise, they would have develped them reversed. Not so. And fortunately we can experience the same. With regards to maintenance and strong/weak points, there are hundreds of threads on here on the other forum describing that. But jsut one point here right now: the Renault UN1 is not so bad at all: change the translator, the rubber bushings at the lowest point of the gearmaster and adjust accordingly, and you have a nice gearshift. It doesn't explode at every street corner that some people will have you believe. Not so. The old cars feel smaller at the first drive, when getting in a Stevens Turbo SE or later. But as you drive, you soon come to realise that the car becomes smaller and really surrounds and hugs you as you find the rythm in turn after turn after turn, zipping past much more modern cars on curby back roads. Yes, the modern cars may have far more horses than a Turbo SE/S4/S4s, but somehow these old Lotus cars manage to get real speed out of what on paper seems to be very little compared to newer cars. Weight? nope, not much of a difference really. A Stevens Turbo SE 1990 is 1231 Kilo from Lotus (no fuel) and mine is 1125 and a bit with a few mods here and there without changing it's looks or character. I'd say go for the Stevens Turbo SE 1990-1991, possibly a 1989, or later as in S4/S4s. And if it comes with an old school abs, delete it and get better brakes for it. Ian is the man as Sparky said. Not much to think about, I'd say. Good luck with you Esprit itch, which ever Esprit you choose, they are all magnificent sportscars! Kind regards, Jacques
  7. Well done Ian. So is the spring's job to make a "clicl" as the mirror fold into position and retain it there? And if it isn't in place, would the mirror then just dangle around? Kind regards, Jacques
  8. But this russian one is the most funny, when he discovers that an old Lotus Esprit can do wonders when driven, not just on a thick carpet behind glass and golden strings: Uvidimsya na Lotus entuziastov! Jacques
  9. just saw this: Feliz Navidad! and then for the funny one: Et pour les francais: And finally, the american one: Kind regards, Jacques
  10. A funny little thing. Today I serviced the headlamp power washer system, taking parts apart and cleaning it up. A nice blue Hella plastic bag to contain pump and fluid. Upon reassembling I found that it didn't work. So I measured all wires: good. Pump: good. Relay: good. It turns out that Lotus got the system from Landrover Defender and in that car, it is necessary to have the headlamps turned on, the doors closed and only every 3'rd of 4'th time the head lamp jets wash, to save cleaning fluid, and this is done via a timer circuit. It's active only for ½ second. It works just fine in the Esprit, with the only condition being that the headlamps must be turned on. Also in the Esprit it's only active for ½ second. That is funny Kind regards, Jacques
  11. So as you are waiting for more people to get the delete kit, could you elaborate on the tailgate drain kit? Kind regards, Jacques
  12. And a Merry Christmas to you and yours too. Kind regards, jacques The lamb moving amongst wolves:
  13. And Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours. Kind regards, jacques
  14. That looks very very good with alcantara etc. Nice mods. I may try to replicate the cupholder mod. And Merry Christmas! Jacques
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