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  1. That is some serious work, Andrae! Well done. Really looking forward to follow your work. Kind regards, Jacques
  2. You certainly won't regret the hi-temp ones. And take a set for between the manifold and the turbo as well. The normal ones are darker and not so hi-temp. resistant. It's the light grey that are. But they are clearly described on pages from those who sell them. Linky: or: or: for the over seas gu
  3. I used hi-temp. K-nuts. No need for anything else and they won't move unless worked on. As they are a bit smaller, it also leaves a bit more room for working on them, if the manifold have to be removed some day. Very good solution. Kind regards, Jacques
  4. Well, basically I agree, but it would take some very serious tests to diagnose the condition of the liver etc. to determine the level of waste toxins in the body and the effecienct of organs etc. Anyway, I very much agree with you that there seems to bea "club" of colleagues who all compete for having the most days off, all paid and now worries. In fact most of these people have been seriously unhealthy for many years, completely avoid any and all talks about their increasingly bad health. They all very well know this, and they suffer. Then there is a group of people, who seems to think t
  5. After 10 years of working in Danske Bank's HQ being responsible for develoiping and implementing the first pilotproject of electronic trading with bonds, shares, futures etc. as well as teaching computer programmes, I resigned myself as I wanted to do something else being tired of making money (in no way rich at all), so after a computer education, a bank education, studying English, German and French for 3 years (all of it long gone ), I then took an education as A paedagog (I don't think you have something similar - it's a mix of teacher, socialworker and taking care of children etc). I ha
  6. Ha ha! Well, it's not even far from true So please excuse me if I cannot join the talk about current or past tv-series, new movies or the like, because I was at job at the time. Sorry. Cheers, Jacques
  7. I can add to what I wrote exactly one year ago, that I have observed the following phenomenon: that when the first lock down came in Denmark, I was chosen to be in the frontline, because I'm nearly never ever ill. But all my obese colleagues (many) was ordered to stay home and enjoy 6 weeks on their couch (eating). For free. Then, now at the end of 2020 right before Christmas, and well into 2021, we had the next serious lock down, and everyone, or nearly, staying home, I am still healthy and ordered to go to job every day to take care of other people's children and teaching. This has now
  8. Well, I supported Brexit by buying a lot of books from you guys some time in November, as noone here seems to care write them in Danish anymore, now that everything seems to be forced into being English language. Even after Brexit. So that's one legacy... Only problem is, that they were stuck in the gigantic truck jam at Dover, so they arrived well after Christmas. Oh well, things suddenly seems to be as they always were. I guess we'll all survive after all, despite the black, dark, doomsday prophecies. Kind regards, Jacques
  9. Thanks for bringing that up. THe article gives a more thorough view on how it's counted. Certainly not very scientific, I'd say. Anyway, stay safe! Kind regards, Jacques
  10. I jsut read on (official news in Denmark), that 80.000 people have died related with covid-19 during the last 28days. I looked it up on BBC News, here: Is that true? Should that be believed? 80.000 people in 28 days in the UK alone? Could someone please confirm or shoot that info down, please? God help us all, if that is true. Kind regards, Jacques
  11. Thanks John! Maybe someone out there have a picture of said arangement? Kind regards, Jacques
  12. Yes it is. That means that the state can vote on raising taxes without the consent of the voters. And interest groups does not have to agree with their members. Kind regards, Jacques
  13. Hello all, Looking at interrior bits I stumbled over this part number, which is describe as a "lid" for compact disc pocket. I don't think I've ever seen such an item before. Could someone please describe what it its,as possibly a picture of it? On my SE 1990, there's a sewn on semi-elastic pocket that is attatched to the front of the compartment between the two seats. But a lid? No idea what it is. CAn itbe a lid that close off the compartment for intrusion, hiding, privacy? Kind regards, Jacques
  14. Hi Damien, Not sure I understand your comment. Would you care to widen it further? I have plenty of friends and also in general people who own classic cars and classic performance cars. What does that have to do with 1 meter above sea level? I don't know anyone here living in such conditions, apart from a special nature area in south west Jylland, where there is a tide. Only sheep's there. Anyway, in Denmark, there is not the tradition to exhibit your car(-s) on coffee meetings and give big prizes, diplomas etc. Instead we enjoy them at each our home and drive them when roa
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