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  1. Mean machine! And I like that you protect the trailer, not the car This car was made to scare the crap out of other sportscars, namely the German panzerwagen aka 911, Italian spaghetti a la 308/328/348 etc. Cheers, Jacques
  2. Well, we all know which is the fastest and which one still runs. Kind regards, Jacques
  3. Seems like a sound idea! That's what I did anyway. Kind regards, Jacques
  4. It pretty much speaks volumes for itself. Let's hope they will one day find proper employees, who will actually take an interest in Lotus. Kind regards, Jacques
  5. Hmm... That same phenomenon seems to be valid for said Beemers rear wheels, just flipped on a vertical plane. Kind regards, Jacques
  6. While I am in Denmark, I can give a bit of light to the very same idea. This weekend there has been the huge Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix, and race cars have been flying around the street track Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Normally I pay a heavy ticket to go see it, but this year, I had other things to do. Great stuff though. Anyway, There are so many young and old people who hates this. The very same people who walk around town with HUGE ghettoblasters playing über loud, the very same people who walk their dogs every day in the park where I run, and let their animals shit all over the place, no dogs on a line, so they bark and run between your legs as you run past them and stumble and fall, and then they say: "Oh, are you there? Mind my dog". Trust me, I've seen it more than once. The same people, who have that sticker on the back of their car: "Drive slowly, baby on board", the same people who take drugs and are drunk and gas their nose every single Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and complain that they cannot understand why there are so many gangs (who sell drugs). The same people who have a gay festival on lorries and have sex on the lorries while families with minor kids are watching it, the same people who complain that there arn't enough trees, but at the same time, complain to the land owner or the local town hall, that the trees are making shadow and taking their view from their apartments. The same people who tatoo their bodies with a mix of russian mafia tags and a list of their whole family... The same people who every single time refuse to use their orange lights in when they turn into another street. The same people who shout "Earth murderer" after you in the street if they see you have picked up a package at the local post office from a clothing company. The same people who move into an old house near a factory "Because it's SO NAJCE and trendy..." and then complain about the factory. The same people of who half of them have a beard which is exactly the same as their friends, and just because some dumwick on twitter, pipper and flipper wrote a message saying that they have to do that. The same people who drive a 300 pound 3-wheeled bicycle all over town, making it impossible to pass them on a normal bike. The same people who risk my Esprit burning up, because their stupid EV's are catching fire every single week. Trust me, I know them... There's only only language they understand, and you have to shout it really really really loud directly into their face: SHUT THE .... UP! It's called egoism. Kind regards, Jacques
  7. They are quite similar. Good looking. I don't really fancy the OZ center caps, so I use a set of Lotus instead. Nice looking wheels, that go with he car, in contrast to many modern made wheels that look so odd on older cars. Do you know the weight? Are the one piece? Kind regards, Jacques
  8. John, Regarding the worm clips for the tubing, would there be any gain in securing these by using another type of clamps, like for example the ones that VW use on their cars' drive axle universal joints rubber boots? I have seen the worm clamps turn loose over time, and while not needing to undo them all the time, one might consider this other type of clamp, where one end is pulled through a clamp hole, and then tightened and bent. I've never seen these come loose. Stainless metal as well, so no probs regarding temp. I don't know about the edges of them , as they are not slightly bent, so they could in theory cut into material of the silicone tubing. But outside on the exhaust wrap on this intake tubing, they would not have that sort of potential issue, I believe. See pic. Btw. using the worm clamps, I usually give them a bit of sanding with a 80 grit on the inside, so they are a little less prone to go walkabout. Similarly with these clamps. Using worm clamps on the tubing and exhaust wrap on top of that, I would consider wrapping it in such a way, that the worms on the silicone tubing would be free (very little area), so I could check and eventually tighten them when inspecting the car. Would make it easy peasy. Yes, it could or will lead to heat suck, but I think that would be quite little in comparison. I did that on my old Golf many moons ago. Just my two P. Kind regards, Jacques
  9. Okay, so here I spit it out: I recent this kind of "presentation", "exhibition" or what ever they want to call it. While I don't know of course, because I cannot recognize a single person being photographed, I guess not even a single one of them knows what Lotus is, save the toilet paper and likewise; none of them have sat in one, driven one or have one. And they don't give a rat's a..e anyhow. They are only there because they are so indulged into themselves, that they earn money on exactly that for a few years, and then, dang. out into the darkness, and no one cares anyway. It reminds me of a certain historic incident, where a certain Ken Miles didn't give a toss about the fancy pancy presentation of yet another Ford Mustang. Sigh... So many years later, and no one learns anything. I would like to see all the heads of Lotus Cars swapped over for someone enthusiastic and old school, grown up men and women with integrity. Not that these plastic people may not have that, because honestly I don't know and I could be wrong. In that case, I digress and apologize. But it's plastic people and Lotus is naive if they think they can thrive on that. It's quite the opposite situation, where those camera vampires suck everything out of Lotus and the poor people who admire the whole scenario. Instead, Lotus should have spent all those PR money on making original parts for their truly famous cars. I will say that getting the cars of yesteryear out and about, will do them much more good PR. Willy Nilly, this ridiculous celeb/wannabe/choose yourself that Lotus held, will just push me away from Lotus and into the arms of real enthusiasts, making say a nice Lola T70BIII as aforementioned. I am SO happy I am not into that sort of thing that they do now. And for sure, I would never ever wish for Lotus to become a Porsche-like company. Porsche became the modern day Ford of 1966. Yuck! All the best, Jacques
  10. Unless it will be forced through, I think ev's are slowly on the way out. It seems as if a few companies are already messaging this publicly. Possibly with a hydrogen fuel cell. How ever sad it may be, we've already seen big guns on the market selling their cars with fake sound(-s)... Sigh... Kind regards, Jacques
  11. Well, it will hardly be "adding lightness"... Kind regards, Jacques
  12. I'll just keep min on the shelf. I really hope they will do a model of the Stevens Esprit, the SE, the Sport300 and others. Kind regards, Jacques
  13. While I loathe the celeb/influencer thing, I equally loathe porsche. I'd rather buy a bicycle (non-electric of course) and have a nice cup of tea in my garden, while watching the grass grow. Now, a fresly made diy kit of a Lola T70BIII, that could make me get off the chair and begin building. Kind regards.
  14. Ha ha! While being perfectly proportioned, the Esprit looks almost like a skateboard, compared to the two whatever cars parked behind it. So timeless, despite being angular. Thanks for sharing. Kind regards, Jacques
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