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  1. Time to start explaining

    The genuine Sport300 code would demand a slightly upgraded (bigger) turbo, a fpr and a pump to go. Congrats on having the car up and running! Now clear out the chicken shed and use it as a safe haven for Esprits that's been raped during Winter by d.p.o. Kind regards, jacques
  2. Prospective Owner Seeking Advice

    Sorry Guys, but I think all this talk of a turbo not being reliable is not true. Everyone I know in Denmark, have a Esprit Turbo, Esprit Turbo SE or the older Turbo Esprit, and most are SE's. Every single one have been and is dead reliable, and certainly not overheating, no turbo problems, no electrical problems, no hanging doors, no wiper problems, only a slow off side window up and down, no oil use, no fan problems, no central locking problems, no funny steering, no broken rear hubs, no cracked exhaust manifold, no rust in the frame anywhere, no cracked bodywork around the bolts for the body, no leaking radiators, no squeaking sun roof, no broken suspension springs, no leaking dampers, no nothing. I simply don't have those experiences and all the others I know, have had the same reliability. In near 5 years I have had very few minor things breaking down: the speedo needle fell off on the way home when I bought it (super rough swedish main road), the black plastic on the rear of the voltage regulator on the alternator melted and dripped into the alternator and I just changed the regulator (dirt cheap), cleaned the rest with brake cleaner on swaps, and it took 20 minutes, and finally one high beam wire broke off the blinkers/light switch and I bought a new one for 26 gbp. and changed it in 1 hour, taking my time to clean a little bit behind the steering wheel. Finally, I had the clutch slave leak a drop and just put a new one on. Really easy in less than an hour with common tools. I mean come on, lasting 27 years is not bad for a clutch slave, by any standard. I had one wire send me an error code, and I just traced it to be a single connector which was slightly loose sitting on the reciever. I squeezed it slightly with a small set of pliers. Anything else I have done to the car was out of interest and fiddleing with it to my liking. I think most main stream daily driver cars from other brands will prove much worse being nearly 30 years old. Oh well, they don't even last 30 years. There you go... If you want an unreliable car, go get a 911, aircooled or watercooled. And I mean that. This Winter I am going to change the sealings on the gearbox to drive shafts, which is leaking a little bit. It's a Supercar and should have super service! Don't be fooled by it's cheap Price, but don't expect a cathastrophe, because it ain't. It's actually a reliable and extremely well driving car. Handmade in Britain, naturally. As prices are now, March 2018, they are dirt cheap for what they are. There is though a long list of points to look out for, and some of the others have mentioned (partially), but that is no different than any other car. And there's along list of things that would be smart to do, but that's another topic. I can, if you want, make a list, and anyone else can chime in on it, but I think a better advice would be to just go to the "Project and restoration" section here and read through some or many of those threads, as they give a very good insight as to what can happen (not may), and what to do. But one thing you shouldn't do, is believing what mags or online mags are writing. Or someone online having their own "car show", with very very few exceptions. They are mostly wrong. This place, plus Lotus Esprit World and Lotus Talk, are the places to be. Many knowledgable persons over the years have and are contributing to the true knowledge about Lotus Esprit. Another thing I would like to point out is the fact that it appears that many UK Esprit owners drive them in harsh weather or even during Winter. I don't know anyone who do so in a sportscar at all outside UK, nor do I know anyone who would expose their rare handbuilt exotica to such conditions. There is a reason that Things underneath go rusty, and that is use of the car in bad conditions. Each to his own of course. Yet another thing to know is, that in UK, many Esprits seems to be cheaper or have been fairly much cheaper than say in Scandinavia, Germany, France etc. That enevitably leads to many owners who do not really have a Heart for the Esprit, as they may deem it "just another car in a long line of cars", being changed for an impreza, a mini Clubman, a BMW convertible, an off-roader, a .... Or even worse yet: the "bucket list" of cars to try. Well, you can only imagine what horrors they expose the Esprit and other cars to, as they "test" them... So service, and even oil and filter change (plus of course much more) is neglected and service is not done or badly done or partially done. Mostly those owners spoil the interrior with a bad retrim, a fold out quadrouble slide out and fold up mega widescreen infotainment unit (horror of horrors), and sell it after one, max two years, usually "due to house moving". Yeah right, and pigs can fly. So, as the others said, bring a knowledgable friend or someone else off here, and let him or her take a goooood and thorough look. And be prepared to pay for previous owners mistakes, lack of service and lack of skills. A 1989-1991 SE is in my humble view the best of the Esprits: lot's of power, sleek glass back look, best sill panels, propper instrumentation, meanest front with no silly wounded off corners and twisted intakes and, thank God, not the later wide less supportive comfort seats. As with many other cars, many parts can be exchanged, and looks too, if one so care. Just keep the old parts and sell them together with the car, the day you part and go separate ways. Good luck, and I think in time, it's going to be a highly sought after, expensive car. Remember, the Lotus ethos and story, handmade and really rare is a thing mostly of the past. Kind regards, Jacques
  3. What made you happy today?

    I think the two cars in the Picture are both political statements And they are probably both good fun in each their way. Kind regards, jacques
  4. What made you happy today?

    The Pinnacle of human evolution. Or the scale must have been full and it started all over again. Or his 13 year old daughter saying: "and you say I am behaving strangely these years?" In fact I feel sorry for this guy. But a nice car none the less. No wonder they also have a strange gun law over there. Kind regards, Jacques
  5. Another college shooting in the USA

    Sick. Not only do you have to be braindead and without a soul to do it in the first place, but you don't even have to be a proppermarksman. Sick. Jacques
  6. Another college shooting in the USA

    And within one hour, the nra chose to sue the state for it's new Laws... NRA won't give in and everyone suffers for it. Kind regards, jacques
  7. Another college shooting in the USA

    Floridas new proposal for tighter gun Laws apparently gets mixed reviews amongst survivors of the last school shooting, as they still won't ban ar15's. Kind regards, Jacques
  8. Another college shooting in the USA

    Nah, I don't believe in violence. It's just a snowball effect going on forever. But a little wakey wakey in peoples mind and certainly the political leaders, is about time. Kind regards, Jacques
  9. Another college shooting in the USA

    Are you two speaking about Putins best man in Washington? To be honest, I think there's enough dirt on all camps to need a kind of fresh start for the Americans. Out of those available, I think I would chose Bernie, if I could. Hmm, maybe someone should call Putin, and ask his army of "internet attendants" to fix it? After all, he's shown himself very "resoursefull". Remember Beslan? hundreds of burnt children because of Putin ordering his soldiers using flamethrowers against seperatists holding several hundred hostages inside the school, therefore setting fire to the school, and therefore burning hundreds of people including hundreds of children (another school shooting). Or the election of himself he faked so openly, that many people videorecorded the deed and still he just beat the crap out of them with massive police and military operations and many people dissapearing, so that only he could win. Or the many many millions of dollars he stole to gain finance to buy soldiers to gain political influence. After all he's educated inside the kgb, which is well and kicking. Even Jeltsin admitted before he died, that chosing Putin was a major critical mistake for the future. I really Wonder why some begin to call Mr. T a cleptocrat... At least there are two now, one in each side of the map of the World. Oh yes, what a couple... KInd regards
  10. Another college shooting in the USA

    True, and close studies of this cause and effect (possible) is swinging over every now and then. It's a very difficult subject. As I have been educated in paedagogia and studied a fair bit of related subjects for more than twenty years and ongoing, I find that there's enough to be cautious. Like on nutrasweet. Better take care. And on another note, there are studies which look into the forming of the personality and it's life long reshapeing. It is only logical that some people will become numb to human reactions, feelings and emphathy, by indulging themselves into a hard core repeated psycological mind training scenario which suggest only one thing: kill. It's the sum of all Things, that create the situation we see today in USA. But I am speaking about the potential. An underlying psychological aspect. If at the same time a gun policy that favours free spreading and carrying of guns is present, there's a protential for a very potent mix. One must remember, that the USA was taken by force, made by force and kept by force. It's in the blood of generations so to speak. Other cultures can be affected as well, but there's not the same mix. Yes, I agree, the US seems to agree that tens of thousands of dead people every year is a well worth Price to pay. I Wonder what the families left behind have to say about that logic? Terrible state of affairs as you say. Kind regards, Jacques
  11. Another college shooting in the USA

    No appologies needed my friend. I think nearly everyone over here understand that something is rotten in the state of Denmark the US this day and age, and that most Citizens have Little or no influence on this. But raise your voice all over, and you'll be heard. But of course, if Mr. Trump says there's no climate changes, then by all means everyone else must have been wrong. They are probably not as mature, intelligent or curageous as Mr. Trump says he is. Like he used to say: "You're fired!". I did get that the Republican party is not exactly overly happy about import tariffs, nor do they fancy a trade-war. As a natural and very logical consequence, Mr. Trump seems very keen on starting up the former 1960'ies steel production in the old fashioned way. And for this, he naturally needs an import barrier. I mean come on, the man's a God send to humanity. Or not? I Wonder what's next? A Trump religion? Maybe even change the way we look at history/time to BT and AT: Before Trump and After Trump? He cannot be wrong. No way . Ever. Somehow it reminds me of the former Roman empire. Made by violence, kept by violence and suppression. And the more problems, the more got sacked stabbed, and the more bread and Theater there were. And finally it ended by violence. The Romans didn't invent the war tactics, the Greeks did, but the refined them, and the Romans also did not invent the aquaducts, the flushing toilets and the central heating, because the early Greeks did, and from where the Etruscans originate. A few small Islands in the Agean Sea and partially a bit of the Eastern coast of what's turkey today (former Greek) were Struck by repeated dry seasons and the harvest failed Again and Again, so they sailed away and landed on the western coast of todays Italy and became the Etruscans in central Italy, Humbira, and who mastered all sorts of things. They gave the later Romans the alphabet, the numbers, and much more. The Romans took it over and killed or enslaved (You're fired!) nearly everyone 3-400 years later. It seems to me, Mr. T is very much doing the same thing: copying, not inventing. Doing harm, not creating. And steel is a perfect decoy for the gun debate, and can maybe even swing over some lost voters if they regain their former Detroit jobs. I think only God knows where this will lead to in the end. Kind regards to and best wishes for our fellow American friends, jacques
  12. 2018 diet.....

    Eeeeeeeeasy now Barry. First of all, noone is going to recognise you. Not even the chickens. And you can no longer go into the local bank and make a withdrawal, as they say you're not the rightfull owner of the account. Secondly, you'll contribute to the local shops and pub closing down. Do you want to spread unemployment? Or local neighbours: "Hey, where's Barry? Oh, he took a day off, and went to the Beach, and now the kids use him as kite". But far more importantly, you'll need to loosen, ballast and retighten all the nuts in the suspension of your Esprit, because the load (you) have changed too much, and as it is now, you have a Patagonian off-roader. Take care, Jacques On a secondary note, all the excessive skin now flapping around, will either make you stumble and hurt yourself, or it will take an exorbitant amount of your wifes skintightening night creme, to help that. Therefore a special meeting within a certain infamous Esprit special workshop's board will have to be assembled: "Gentlemen, we have a situation. We can no longer quietly accept this opposite World, where one of our members are laying day masks, using cucumbers excessively on his eyelids and scaring our young ones on their way to school. It is therefore imperative, that something must be done. We should therefore all contribute to a years membership of the local pub, give it to Barry, and help force him restore his former glory. Imagine what's next? Selling the Esprit and using a bicycle? Or worse yet: putting on multicoulered spandex and a startnumber in a well-known Continental bicyclerace? Terrible!" Gentlemen, time to act!".
  13. Another college shooting in the USA

    Thanks for sharing Michael. The only thing I can say is this: gun owners shouldn't carry guns, they should all be locked away safely in a secured gun cabinet. As the US president and the nra says: oh, you know, to take away a bad gun man, it takes a god gun man. Well, there you see, everyones got their firearms under control, it seems. And as a natural consequence, there's no shooting accidents Well, apparently there are. And lot's of them... The gun owners can maybe take a perfect example from the man who most support the nra, Mr. Trump, as he is a "naturally super intelligent, super skillfull, super hero".Well, yes of course he is. As can be seen in his actions... And pigs can fly. About time to change the mentality about the whole matter. Kind regards, Jacques
  14. Another college shooting in the USA

    You may be right. But him standing in front of a judge, should leave an imprint in his brain. I think that at least, is better than beating the shit out of the stupid teenager with a baseballbat. I can easily see it: hysterical laughing while being under influence of drugs, bad food, bad habits, bad videogames, thinking that this is a "joke". Reminds me of the killer clown phenomena, where teenagers thinks that they are funny, when in fact it's evil. "Oh, it was just a joke sir, I'm sorry your wife died of a Heart attack". Then sentenced to two months community Labour. Playing violent videogames for hours every day, sitting there alone in a room, only human contact being equally bad behaving teenagers being online too, will make a serious impact on the subconsciousness, and the border between reality and fantasy getting blurred, and when he one day needs to react on some sort of input, threat, situation, he will recall the violent behaviour and millions of demonstrations of how to "kill a computer character", and respond on that basis. He has become numb to human feelings and interaction, only telling himself how to act violently. The border between making a Little funny game/situation and serious crimes are becoming unclear in his mind, and he no longer cannot diffferentiate between what is "resonable" and not. Let me therefore ask you what you would do, if you had just had 3 school shootings and then shortly after, a punk like this, come forward with a threat at your teenage daughters school, and that school and other schools in the area had been evacuated and everyone got scared? Would you just laugh and say something in the line of "oh, he was just a funny kid making a joke"? Or: " leave him, he's justa child, therefore not responsible for his actions"? What the judge does is another matter. At least he reacted, which I think is very appropiate in this matter, and seems to be one out of several threats made by teenagers (boys?) that period after the last deadly school shooting. The article also mentions that there is an oncomming courtday for this boy/young man. How is it that we sometimes react? "oh, he's just 16, so he's only a child, when it get's to punishment. And on the other hand, we want to privilige themas grown up's by allowing them to vote (debate), drive, shoot etc. Remember a "Little punk" can pull a trigger too. Kind regards, Jacques