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  1. Had a few hours on my hands while listening to some good music, so decided to enhance the ignition key for my Esprit, by making a small tight leather key fob. I have searched themarket for a nice solution for 4 years, but haven't found one, so designed this myself. The key itself retracts into the leather holster, by use of the small leather handle, and ejects again by pushing the same handle. Little Red Riding Hood finally finds herself a propper key What say you good people? ps: if there's any interest in having a similar one made for someone their car, Esprit, Elite, Seven etc, give me a shout. Kind regards, jacques
  2. My S4

    Absolute great sportscar, but don't forget how easy it is to get in and out of, the servo steering (on yours), the abs brakes (possibly on yours) and the big cargo area, that easily holds a shopping list's content, a 1:5 rc car, a folding bike or just a lot of garbage from the garden. Even if you want to go skiing, an ordinary car will have to have all sorts of roof boxes etc. On the Esprit, Lotus have shown how easily it can be done. No worries mate A real practical car. Just don't sell. Jacques ps: it beats me why on Earth one should have a fast ordinary car, which is 3 feet taller with two screaming kids on the rear bench... Or a hook for a trailer? And finally, if one say want to drive ones daughter to school one morning, and does that in a prius... Say no more, years of bullying in her life. Do it in the Esprit, and her future is bright and swell. A no brainer.
  3. Prices Soaring

    Which is told to be strengthening the rear tubular engine/gearbox frame significantly. Less flex under high load mean that you can install a bit stiffer springs as well as a bit stiffer arb's. I will be installing one from a Sport300 on my car, as soon as I have the missing parts, the small special designed cups that have to be welded on to the existing chassis frame. And when I have repaired the engine crane in the garage, which I will use to lift the complete body shell. I have collected some special cushioned super strong nylon oversized laces to attach through the body Shell. Oh well, in due time. Kind regards, Jacques
  4. Alunox manifold

    That's a teaser Barry...
  5. Alunox manifold

    That's all fine Barry, but could you please elaborate some more on the matter of driving differences. Curvetaking, s-curves, braking, steering, acceleration, weight transfer, suspension travel, response to roadsurface, suspension travel, harshness, response to driverinput, speederresponse etc. etc. That is interesting. Kind regards, Jacques. ps: we want pics of your Esprit with new parts on And since you got a basket full of goodies with the purchase, I am sure, that there is a nice camera as well A video on the matter would also be nice
  6. Prices Soaring

    Despite price levels on Ferrari and some other nice cars having been lowered seriously much or not even sold with hefty discounts, I still think Lotus Esprits are the bees knees af an affordable supercar. They are cheap to buy (still) and "cheap'ish" to run. On another note, personally, I think a car that is affordable to buy and run. and with no need to finance, therefore without dept, is all the more fun to drive Either way - Lotus Esprit is the bang for the buck and should stay that way - a Little bit secret. I see absolutely no need for all kinds of "investors" and "profitmaximisers" to come to the table. It's a drivers car btw: VERY nice S4s you have. Just keep it and enjoy. Can you tell me a similarely priced sportcar that drives better? Or a more expensive one? And: what suspension do you have on that red S4s? Cheers, Jacques
  7. James, How about those Little nicks that I see on the repainted doorcard? Did youfill thos eith a suitable lethr filler? Very easy to do, can be sanded and resurfaced to be totally the same and then resprayed to mic in without being noticable. Also, if you didn't do it yet, you can still do it any day. No probs. Just my thought on the matter. Kind regards, Jacques.
  8. Cheers, Did you use the clearcoat after prepping and repaiting the parts? I will be much more resillient against uv radiation, much wear resistant and better looking. You can as I think I may have mentioned, tone add the matte-finish in any grade you like. Make a sample to ressemble the other parts after they have been thoroughly cleaned. Looks very good. Well done Jacques.
  9. While being home enjoying Christmas, I thought I'd make a small quality leather card wallet so suit the Esprit. In Racing green with a Lotus yellow accent naturally I can store up to 6 cards in it and a banknote too if required. It's 10 x 7 centimeters so small and slim and fit my pockets and also fit in the Esprit center console storage room, without being in the way. Took only 5 hours to make, so easy peasy. Hope you like it. Kind regards, Jacques
  10. While I am all for parts being accessible to the end user of a car without having to be a millionaire or the like, and with the prices of say Porsche 911 parts in memory and of which I know a few, I'd say the parts for a Lotus Esprit is surprisingly cheap and absolutely affordable. Would somone fix a broken oilcooler with a few bit and bobs from a building supplier etc. on say an Ferrari F40 or or F1 Mclaren? I hardly think so. Sometimes we the users are mislead by the "cheap" asking price on an old Esprit. It's not a Mini, it's a supercar. The official price on each Lotus oil cooler is nearly three times more, so honestly I think that 155 gbp per side is not cheap for a piece of aluminium, but really cheap for being the sparepart it is for that particular purpose for that particular car. Sorry, no rant meant. I absolutely agree with your findings on the 911 scene. What a heap of scrap. And not a supercar. But that's is another debate But Porsche know very well how far they can push the envelope on their cars and parts. So does many other sportscar manufactures. I think in comparison to that, Lotus' Esprit are a fair deal to say the least. I am sure though, that a gearbox axle or some other parts would make me cough a bit Happy New Year, Jacques ps: my 911s broke down yesterday, a cable broke off the centerguide. It's a Fly scale 1970 Rally Firestone modelcar meant for scale racing. Fortunately just something a screwdriver can fix. Maybe the cheapest Porsche one can buy... As can be seen it's taken a heavy beating through all the races, like the rear fender, a couple of headlamps, a rear lamp etc Repair it? Noooo, it's a rally car.
  11. Barry, I bought two new original oil coolers, Setrab and correct fittings etc, for my SE, and they were much less, like 155 gbp per piece from pnm. Cheers, Jacques.
  12. Daughter Crashed

    Best wishes for your daughter to get back in shape in due time. And a happier new year. Kind regards, Jacques.
  13. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all of you and yours! Kind regards, Jacques.