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  1. I quote: " The panic set in the European continent by the new coronavirus is likely to be amplified by a news story that shakes one of the most affected countries. The tests for detecting the new coronavirus are also infected with coronavirus, writes, citing several European publications. The shocking disclosure was made today by the Telegraph publication, which cites sources within the London Ministry of Health. Testing laboratories across the country were warned Monday, via an email received from Luxembourg, to expect a delay in delivering new coronavirus tests, after traces of viruses were detected in some imported components. . The announcement comes after the government commissioned several private companies to import as many tests as possible for the new coronavirus, hoping that the population could soon be mass tested. More providers with the same problem The alert was issued by one of the suppliers - the Luxembourg company Eurofins - which sent an email to UK government laboratories Monday morning warning that the delivery of key components called "probes and primer" will be delayed because it has been contaminated with coronavirus. . The company acknowledged that there was "a problem" and insisted that other private providers suffered the same problem. It is unclear how the contamination occurred, and British journalists cite government sources who say the problem will not greatly affect population testing. Meanwhile, the Downing Street government has accused the British public health department of providing ministers with incorrect information about the number of coronavirus tests performed after Michael Gove claimed that 10,000 were completed on Sunday. Only 8,278 tests were performed that day. The London government has proposed that by mid-April it will reach 25,000 tests per day. 24 hours after Mr Gove, the chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, said the government's goal of 10,000 tests a day was hit, ministers now imposed 25,000 by mid-April, writes" ------- That's a heads up! Kind regards, Jacques
  2. Seems to be M12 compared to 7/16" bolt size, which is near 0,9mm larger. I'd like to know how many on here who did that as in changing arms, drilling old arms or something different. That could be interesting to know. Anyone? Btw. is that a normal 8,8 grade bolt or a 12,9 grade steel bolt? In any case, what would be the best to use for this application? (It's the only two bushings I haven't changed yet, hence the questions). Kind regards, jacques
  3. Thanks, And you are tight, much have become easier with the internet. I'll write you a pm. Meanwhile at the Danish batcave, I had an hour or two after a long day at work, so manages to press in the 4 Lotac polyurethanebushings. Only waiting for the package from the UK with the remaining two front arb poybushings Kind regards, jacques
  4. Ha ha! No worries. The roads I prefer to drive, are usually narrow, hilly and curvy, with lots of horsemaneuver, wet leaves, dust and dirt and It's been dirty from heavy rain a few times, as I couldn't avoid it. Lower the speed and sneak home, and it doesn't skid out. I always check the weather forecast and take a look at the skies, before leaving home for a drive. If the unfortunate should happen, and it gets dirty, I usually just take a little window cleaner and a couple of micofiber cloths and voila, in just a couple of minutes, it's clean again. I don't fancy coming to a dirty car to take a drive, so it's worth doing. A quick waxing is also on the weekly doing. Modern waxes are so much easier and faster to work with, and saves a lot of times, compared to just 20 years ago. Actually, the Esprit is really easy to clean. It usually drives from late April to early October. The rest of the year is usually cold, wet and not so nice, so that is wrenching time. I should add, that ordering some parts for Winter projects in October, usually arrive here in late May. Oh, those English shops... They are very helpfull and also quite creative in making obsolete parts and what not, but they don't know how to make business with regards to customer relations, I must say in all honesty, no offence. I mean, it's not all sportscar drivers, who prefer to having the car stay dismantled on axle stands for years on end, just because a few bits and bobs are needed. My Esprit is made to drive, not be a garage queen. Sure, an Esprit is a pretty car to look at, but it's driving at seeking suitable victims in german chaos cars that's fun and where a 30 year old Esprit can do it's thing. So, for me, the solution is to project any project one more year, after ordering parts , so patience is needed. When I have ordered parts from USA and Australia, it arrives here very quickly. The only Englishman I know who is quick in shipping parts and stuff, is actually Bibs. Maybe he should take over the whole business? Take it with a smile. After all, it's better than having no spares at all. Kind regards, jacques
  5. Spent two hours working on installing the two new lower ball joints on the front lower track arms. The big C-clamp tool set that I borrowed, did not fit a Lotus Esprit Turbo SE from 1990, so had to use my vice and a soft alujaw, not to affect the ball itself. That was pretty hard to press in, as my vice is not that big. Now in place. Had to do many other things tonight, so no more time to play with new bushings. One small step for the track arms, but a giant step for handling Cheers, Jacques Not yet fully pressed in below, but I managed to bend the adjustment rod on my vice. I think I must make one in better steel.
  6. Maybe worth reading: Kind regards, Jacques
  7. So, last I spent some hours trying to find out usable front lower track arm ball joints, as the ones I have bought earlier from one of the usual suspects do not fit. They are different, for example too thin to fit te track arms. I looked up Delpi TC170, and since that is no more available, I found many replacements, some of them looking of less quality than others. I decided for these, and this morning I called a car parts dealership some 25 miles south of Copenhagen, who happened to have a supply of the oens I want. The spec count: 89mm total height, 49mm width, 14 x 1,5 thread, 49mm length, 43,3mm installation width. They are readily available locally to me in a decent quality. The funny part is that while I found these specific ball joints from that specific brand, I found prices varying wildly: from 300 dkr per piece, to 1800dkr per piece. So, I asked the company from whom I bought them for a fair price, and he let me have them for his own price plus tax - 600 for two. Imagine the nerve it must take, to demand 1800dkr - an earning of 1500 dkr per piece... That is 3000 dkr or 350 gbp. Mglp! Oh well... We'll see how these ball joints fare with time and milage adding up. They have a nice black surface treatment, so could possibly last a bit longer look-wise as well. Arhh... I'll give them a coat before installation The car they originate from, is semi old Opel Manta B and Opel Ascona. Well know cars in Denmark, although there are only very few left. So more spare for Lotus I originally wanted to use some adjustable S2 Elise ball joints, but spoke to Lotus Elise Shop in Holland, and they said that unfortunately, the Elise ball joints are too thin and small, so no go. On all the cars I've ever seen getting new track arm ball joints, they always broke because the rubber boot got broken and let water and dirt do it's job. So now I am looking into better and very soft boots. No fat heavy duty rubber boots for my new ball joints plase, as they introduce way too much stiction in the suspension. More on that later. So got those two now, ready for installation, and voila, the company who regalvanised the two front lower track arms, also called today, so I just managed to pick them up. They were kind enough to wait a bit after closing hours, so I could reach there. Only miss the little package from the UK with two front arb outer bushings, and ready, set, go! The way to having a clean car underneath, is now one step closer. Kind regards, jacques
  8. Hi all, I am an Esprit driver, not the Elise, but I saw some nice adjustable front track arm balljoints, for the Elise on Elise-shop in Holland. I would like to know if anyone on here have tried them, and how they peform? Any comments, info and experience are most wellcome. I have not seen this type of ball joint for sale anywhere else . I am interested in them, because I can try to find the sweetspot for best performance and the lowest amount of stiction on moving parts, balljoints included. And secondly, I'd like to know if they keep imensions that would suit my Lotus Esprit Turbo SE from 1990? I measured my old lower front ball joints I just pulled out, and they are 89mm total height, 43,3mm pressfit diameter, M14x1,5 thread, 49mm rod height and 49mm total width. Does that seem to be like an Elise? Kind regards, Jacques
  9. Here in DK, the primi minister today spoke to the nation on her weekly press meet. SHe said, that if, only if, the danes are keeping all rules to the comma, and we see a slow raising and falling curve of infected, hospitalised and dead, will she veeeeery slowly open up Denmark again after Easter. There was mentioning of stricter lock down if not, and also mentioning of everyone going into three shifts at all work places, schools etc, to minimise new contamination. Meanwhile, she said, there are going to be many more ill and dead, as it have to turn around at a slow pace to keep it under some sort of control in relation to our hospital capacity, of which we have now used 10-11%. We'll see. Kind regards, Jacques
  10. Not the same, but in Romania, many people are now scared of saying to a doctor, that they have synptoms of corona virus, so they try and hide it, in any way possible. They fear how the authorities are treating them, and they fear, that if they are hospitalised, they will have a lesser chance of becoming healthy, as they lack protection, equipment, ventilators, the lot. Weather this is a fact or not, noone says, but fear is controlling a lot of behaviour these days. Rich people though, can have special treatment in private hospitals. Ordinary masses do not have this possibility, unless they get the money to pay. Public hospitals are free, private are not. But at least Romania was fairly quick to shut the country down, and forbid people outside, unless absolutely necessary and with a propper pass-note. Lots of heavily armed soldiers and police, plus paramilitary police in the streets. Fees are now 10000 dkr - 1200 gbp per person, per violation, and when one thinks of the average income per capita, that's a seriously high fee, which is between 1-5 months income depending. My trip to drive the Esprit through the Carpathians, through Trans Fagarashan and Trans Alpina (absolute greatest mountain drives), are postponed untill further notice, possibly next year. We'll see. Kind regards, jacques
  11. A little story from Copenhagen. A big Danish company receives an order to produce 10.000 bottles of alcogel for Danish Copenhagen placed pharmacies. Then they are made, to go to the Copenhagen pharmacies, but never gets there, as there is another bigger chinese customer who orders the batch, have it specially labeled, is then shipped. So, the pharmacies never receives the shipment to distribute amongst all the Copenhagen pharmacies. The Danish authorities shortly before that, forbid the pharmacies to sell alcogel, as they want it to flow to the hospitals for the prep. of the future corona crisis. What they don't realise is though, that they don't forbid this practice for private sellers such as local grocery market shops. So, instead they are bought up via a middle man, who are asked by chinese officials to keep buying up supplies for use in china, as the corona at that point was much worse in china, than in rest of world. But at that point, the chinese are restructuring, so the chinese businessman, here in Denmark, sells his 30dkr - 3,5gbp per bottle, for 33 dkr per bottle to another local businessman, who distributes groceries to middle eastern owned and controlled grocery-shops in Copenhagen. Here, the new businessman raises the price from 33,- dkr to 90,- dkr per bottle, to another middle eastern tradesman, who then raises the price to 100,- dkr. per bottle. He then, sells them on to local shops, who offers them to customers in individual shops, for 110,- dkr. per bottle. We are now far into the corona spreading in Denmark. Meanwhile, the danish authorities locks down the normal official distrution channels of said product, to keep supplies directed to hospitals and private practioners (doctors). And at that chain, there are no alcogel to get. Hospitals are down to near zero alcogel, as similar stories have ended up with large quantities ordered from Germany, in some african countries, and world market prices on alcogel are now multidoubling. Danish authorities goes together with other european countries, incl. the UK, and try to buy big supplies to distribute amongst the countries. but to no avail. The local businessmen mentioned, prefers to sell to local shops and instead doctors and nurses are getting infected with potentially deadly corona virus. All 10.000 bottles were labeled especially with a specific Danish language sticker made only for that batch, as the original chinese receiver wanted that to prove to chinese customers, that this is a Danish made quality product, thereby overruling the chinese made inferrior product which was already available, because of chinese reorganisation. This was explained by the chinese receiver and the Danish producer. The special labeled batch mentioned here, are tracable, except that the middle eastern businessmen won't expose some of their local dealers and suppliers. I am not blaming anyone in this story. But I am demonstrating how things work, when people smell money, rather than helping the society in which they live, and which also offers them school, education, hospital treatment, firedepartment, streetlight, sanitation, and a lot more. Greed has no name, and no shame. This was brought by a big Danish tvstation and newspapers, with names, company names etc. this morning. As a consequence, Danish authorities are now looking into the matter, and possily forbidding anyone else but legal pharmacies, to sell alcogel. Kind regards.
  12. Hmm... yesterday, the battery started to play up, and since no programme to desulfate the battery worked, I went out and got a new battery. To avoid the shop, I paid online, and they wore plasticgloves while carrying the battery outside and placed it safely behing a gate, where I picked it up. Installed and now on full charge. A Varta blue top battery. The old one were a Global and it's heavier, so saved another 2,9 kilogram. Nice bonus. Meanwhile at the batcave, I have hung up some of the front suspension parts that I'd rid of old crud and rustprotected them, painted them black again and a clearcoat, all in heatresistant paint. Now ready to be reinstalled with other fresh new parts. Basically I want the underside to be the same cleanliness as the rest of the car, so I had the lower front track arms glassblasted and delivered them to dipped in acid and get a new fresh galvanizing. They had no rust at all after 30 years, but had turned a bit black'ish and did not look nice at all on closer insoections, hence the regalvanizing. More later as a pile of parts from a uk supplier are now hopefully being shipped to me, despite the lock down and what not. Hopefully dhl will still get through.Little Red Riding Hood likes the new battery, bus is a bot anxious to be reassembled soon, so she can go outside in the spring sunshine and make some dance moves around an ugly chaos car - 911. In the meantime, I will try to speak to a driving suit expert, adn ask if they can do some correctly done fire proof embrodery on my race suit. We'll see. CESA - Copenhagen Esprit Saturday Agenda. Kind regards, Jacques
  13. In these times of lockdown, people get a little creative, just to go outside for a bit and take a short walk. Here are two funny examples: In Romania, people are also in lockdown, and there are no busses, trains or tramvai's (railcar). and you need a certificate to be allowed to leave your home and take a short walk, with say the dog. If you don't have a propper paper, you'll be heavily fined. So, I just heard from friends there, that a man living with his family 50 km's from a larger town, went on his horse and rode 50 km's to the towns hospital, to visit his wife and new born. He didn't get fined by the police, as they thought he did not pose a risk to others. Another man thought he needed a little bit of fresh air, so he filled a small plastic bag with water, slipped one of his aquarie fish into the plastic bag and holding it in the hand, he went for a short walk. The police didn't give him a fine. Kind regards, jacques
  14. Ah! I'll send that to a friend (the one with the broken down 911 chaos car), who are looking for one of these, and because of the current situation, he cannot go see the ones for sale. Should keep him occupied for ½ hour. Thanks, Jacques
  15. Stupidity and desperation will sometimes make some people do very odd things. But what we see in the two videoclips are not telling the whole story. It could be a young man pro basque, protesting for independance against Spain, just to mention one strange explanation. Or it may not. But this is not a dictatorship, it's about coping with an evil descease. These two guys though, seems to ask for trouble. They'd better save their energy for something important. They'd better kneel and saya prayer or ask for permission to go and help someone in dire need at a hospital or elsewhere. The yound man on the bike, shouldn't make a slight punch. And the other guy seems to be drunk or similar. But as I said, we don't actually know. And let's also hope that hopefully once this virus is down, that states will not misuse the special right that they have now legisslated afterwards. I am not saying they will, but I am saying to be attentive. There will probably be some places where the state wil suggest to keep phone tracking of individuals permanently. And that is a straight down the drain for democracy. Just sayin'. Kind regards, Jacques
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