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  1. Jacques

    Sport 300 restoration

    This model is by far the most interesting Esprit, imho. I'll follow this thread for sure. Happy restoration! Kind regards, Jacques
  2. Jacques

    Oh oh, titanium again ;)

    Thanks Freek. I share the same opinion. I'll go forward with this and try to install them and see how they perform, once I have them ordered. Kind regards, jacques
  3. So, is there any chance that a 6Al4V titanium bolt in size M8 * 35mm will hold as engine mounting leg bolts, of which there are six? I know they are widely used for engine mounting on some other cars and motorcycles, but is there any experience on the Esprit like mine (Stevens Turbo SE)? I think the standard factory item on the Esprit for this particular application is 8,8 grade steel alloy bolts (like in normal ones). I may be corrected, though A bit of info below: Grade 5 6AL-4V Titanium (Tikore's preferred material): Yield Strength: 128,000psi Ultimate Tensile Strength: 138,000psi Shear Strength: 79,800psi Density: .160 lb/in^3 Additional note: Titanium has an extremely high resistance to corrosion. As presented above, titanium bolts/nuts have a strength that is very comparable to grade 8 steel bolts/nuts that are used in high strength applications. Furthermore, based on the density figure above grade 5 titanium is 45% lighter than steel components. Grade 5 Alloy Steel (commonly used on automobiles for lug nut and lug bolt applications) Yield Strength: 92,000psi Ultimate Tensile Strength: 120,000psi Shear Strength: 72,000psi Density: .284 lb/in^3 Grade 8 Alloy Steel (used for lug nuts and lug bolts in high strength applications): Yield Strength: 130,000 psi Ultimate Tensile Strength: 150,000psi Shear Strength: 90,000psi Density: .284 lb/in^3 Kind regards, jacques
  4. Jacques

    Change of suspension

    Bernard, just take a look at the thread above yours. Should give a bit of info that fits your questions. Kind regards, Jacques
  5. Question: Let's say all things being well, with no errors, how often do you have to (by Lotus standards) change the ignition leads? Are the original red ones lotus branded and with numbers still available? Kind regards, jacques
  6. Carbon tailgate is now off to a carbon guy with some experience, locally to me (well, sort of), as what I received was a piece of junk Hope to have it propperly fixed of some sort, as it wasn't exactly cheap. 10500 dkr - 950 gnp to repair. Then paint etc. Let's see as he's real busy, so it will take a while, reading a few months. So that will end up as a Winter job. Today I did a small service on Little Red Riding Hood. Already just changed the coolant and gear oil earlier, so today I did the: engine oil (Castrol Edge Ti Supercar 10W60) engine oil filter (original of course) spark plugs (NGK BPR6EKN) fuel filter air filter (original) redid a lot of bolts, nuts and generally looking after it being in good shape. Then cleaned it up insideout, wet cleaned carpets, did the leather, cleaned underneath the car and cleaned the engine compartment. I may need to redo the gear box oil soon, as I have ever so slight leaking through one drive axle seal. But as i drive it regularely, it doesn't really drip. But if I leave the car for soem weeks, then some drops is leaking. Only thing I found was a broken exhaust hanger, which I will have rewelded tomorrow, as I already drove to the welder and arranged for a time tomorrow 9 am, plus I found a bolt has been lost for the right side engine support, namely the upper one. Will replace that tomorrow as well. Here's the spark plugs after 10.000 kms, now replaced. Looked exactlr the same. Pic is a bit strage, but specs on electrodes are just dust from transport home. No oil or any other anormalies. Looked into the duel filter and it's completely clean. I only ever ran Shell Vpower 99 octane (which is 100 in reality, but is just not allowed to be called that here because of green environmentalists). Looked into oil filter, and that's clean as well. Car started and ran perfectly before, and after service. Little Red Riding Hood well chuffed. Cheers, Jacques
  7. Jacques

    Battery light on

    * Sorry for asking, but is there any chance that your alternator charges fine (let's say), and that the battery error tell tale have it's own fault? You can verify that by measuring directly with wires on the alternator along the car into the drivers position to monitor a fluke or similar while driving. * another thing is brokes wires under the insulation (or badly corroded). I've seen that on other cars (not Lotus). Make up some new charging and earth wires in nice fat correctly made type and connectors. * Is you battery okay? Is it defect in a terminal? (like in broken or disconnected internally). Just saying. Kind regards, Jacques
  8. Don't you Guys have a life? Well done you two. Jacques
  9. Jacques

    Battery light on

    Let's hear how it went. Jacques
  10. Jacques

    SE High Wing C Service

  11. Jacques

    SE High Wing C Service

    Honestly, those pictures with bits and bobs with heavy corrosion; that is the prize to pay for using the car all year round. What a bad idea. I am sure sparky will mend it all as usual. He just can't help it Kind regards, Jacques
  12. Jacques

    SE High Wing C Service

    That is an excessively dirty garage. You need to clean it up Wish I had a garage that big (or even bigger)... Saw a few clips on flutube and don't really see how bad a Delorean should drive. Is it really that bad? I like the enormous exhaust pipes and the fresh assymetric sports tires on the Delorean, though! Kind regards, Jacques
  13. Jacques

    Reverse inhibitor

    What he said But you could also look at the bushes underneath and make sure they are fresh and not worn. Kind regards, jacques
  14. Jacques

    Battery light on

    Will do, but I just put the car away, not going there till' Tuesday. As I see it, using a larger pulley on the alternator, makes a lower gearing on that mening, that the alternator will turn slower on a given engine rpm, which in turn will make the alternator make less output. I think this is the cause. Kind regards, Jacques