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  1. Meanwhile at the batmancave: This package was dropped off. I Wonder what's in it? maybe some goodies? Well, it turned out to be new outer lips. Kind regards, jacques
  2. It should, and hopefully a Little less lift on the car at high speed Well done, lot's of good jobs and I particularely like the heated front screen. Meanwhile at the mancave here in Copenhagen, I am slowly gathering parts to begin taking the Whole suspension setup front and rear, apart. I spent the Summer driving and having a few bit's and bobs made, as I have to keep up with your multi-jobs Working on the Wheels now to get some more grip. You'll see when it's finished, but it's seriously hard to get propper matching tires. Not to say near impossible. Meanwhile, i found some nice stronger precision made steering parts, and I am currently working on my dead headlamps, which refuse to go Down, only up Keep up the good Work, and post it I just spent a few days cleaning up the garage, so a bit nearer how to tackle body off mods. Kind regards, Jacques
  3. Jacques

    is vegan now a race or gender

    On one hand it's almost as if it's true that there seem to be an increasing number of people who feel offended by nearly anything, and it sometimes seems as if they may at times even search for something to be offended over. And then proclaim it to "the World". On the other hand, it's also almost as if it's true, that there seem to be an increasing number of people out there, who actually go and kill someone, as we are seeing over and over again. There are people, even minors, who fabricate messages to children, to go kill themselves. And some kids get so frightened, that they do kill themselves or others. Just because you can, there's no reason to actually offend or threatten someone, no matter their views on a subject. Likewise there's absolutely no reason to go kill someone. I have more respect for those people who doesn't get offended over someones stupidity, and just keep calm as luckily, it's not forbidden to actually use the brain you have, and behave propperly, with a good Heart and common sense. It's called personal integrity. Surely, there must be more positive, interesting and rewarding things to attend to, than offending someone, make a threat to or actually hurt someone. Kind regards, jacques
  4. Had to take a Whole day off Work to drive Down to the Company who were supposed to repair and make better the very bad made carbon tailgate I bought long time ago. They couldn't manage the task despite having said so in the first place. So, hired a truck and drove all the way up to the other end of the Island and delivered tit to another Company, who say they want to take a good look at it. 120 gbp poorer, 4 hours later and parts were delivered to them. Well when they saw it, they stared at it, and honestly told me that they didn't know if they should laugh or cry... How it will fare? No idea, but hopefully well. And hopefully soon. I'll believe it, when I see it. Little Red Riding Hood is eager after loosing some weight and get a slimmer waist. We're talking pretty many kilos here. I'll report back as I find out. Kind regards, jacques
  5. Jacques

    USA Shootings

    Oh no, not again. There hardly passes even one week, between each incident. The following may seem a bit harsh, but I really don't mean it to be so. In fact the opposite. So please don't shoot me for it. There is a time when one must take a stand and therefore think about what is going on and how it came to be. I agree, they may just never learn. Or? Whenever someone suggest for example to make it harder to get guns and likewise, other people stick to some very old rules based upon the socalled colonisation of North America, shaping the constitution and the rights written therein. Well, they needed those guns to kill the native North Americans, and they needed those guns to fight a war between cattle owners and those who grew corn, town people etc. They needed those guns to fight for gold. They needed those guns to fight for oil. And so on and so forth. There's therefore a learnt tradition of using guns as a Means to defend your rights. The liberalisation of guns and how to handle them is not reflecting the modern USA and does not reflect modern American national politics. There's a big discrepancy. There is a political system that favours Companies pushing Money into the political system without transparancy. Montana is one state that have tried to Work against that, but even they are being hard pressed, as legislation have been reformed by representatives of Corporations. Once in a while it's being exposed and a few heads roll, but ONLY because it's been exposed and ONLY because it got too embarrasing. Meanwhile the press, even small town local media, is being upstructed by the same political influence, that have been bought by Corporations. It may appear, that some Americans think they defend their personal freedom rights, when in fact they are defending big Corporations possibilities to corrupt American politics and voters quality of life. To me, it doesn't matter if one is a democrat or a republican, as long as they Work for the common good of all of America. But then Again, I am not American. So you good Americans, take a stand. If not for yourself, then at least for your grandsons and granddaughters. But there are also other issues mixed into this subject, just to name a few, immigrants, social wellfare, production, international agreements, border control, race, colour and religion, how far the liberal economical system can go and many other issues. And the two present american political parties stand very hard on their points, which makes it very difficult to agree on something. Or rather, anything. I ask you this: Where is the unison you showed, when the terrible 9/11 happened? I think I get the idea of why the system is made with a president, a congress that is divided into the house of representatives and the senat, and how it's supposed to balance states, amount of people living in each state etc, their influence and so on, but sometimes this system also becomes it's own biggest hintrance. I once asked when is enough enough? Well, very hard to say so, but it may seem as if some americans at least just not had enough of killing amongst their own people. Very very sad for everyone, indeed. There are no winners here. Only losses for everyone. And it's spelled and shaped like a caliper 45 Shell on sale for pennies on every street Sad and tragic indeed. So, ask yourself: Do I really need that gun? There are so many nice friendly americans, so someone somewhere must be aware of this and try to turn this to the better. Kind regards and a hope that some day they will change it for the better. Rest in Peace all of those who have lost their life and my best hopes for all those who are left behind. Jacques
  6. To aid this improved gearbox, I've now accuired a 03 endcover and a 03 gearmasterunit. So need bracketry and cables to optimise the gearshift itself. I need to blast the cover and redo some brackets as well. More later on. Kind regards, jacques
  7. Looks like an ace job so far. Good luck with the remaining jobs and to finally have your car back soon. Kind regards, Jacques
  8. Meanwhile at the mancave: Finally got these small parts and a box of more of the same. Going to have a good look at them, an dbefore inserting them into a new gearbox (027), as mine is an SE box, having a bigger bearing, I will look into cryo-treating them, if possible. More on that later. In planning is also a slightly higher 5'th gear to lower the rpm's a bit when cruising on the motorway. Really looking forward to having a slightly higher 1'st and 2'nd gear, in connection with 3'rd. Should make driving quick on some twisty narrow backroads better. Keeping the steam up in a higher second gear coming out of a Sharp turn, will be easier, I think. We'll see. Little Red Riding Hood is really looking forward to getting her 1-2-3-4 dancesteps tightened up a bit. Kind regards, jacques
  9. I agree, I probably wouldn't do it myself as well, but it looks sooooo good. And that thick metal plate just speaks to me (my ego). That, in combination with an expected snick, vroooooo, snick, vrooooooo, snick, vroooooo when driving... mmmm.... Kindregards, Jacques
  10. Even more so, if one have had or still have a V8. I am sure he would have written something very similar, had it been a 4 cylinder model. To me, it is funny, because it's so unrealistic. Or as they say over there: surreal. Kind regards, jacques
  11. I agree, but some of these potential problems that may arise over time, could possibly be mended by two things: 1/ regular adjustment and looking after the complete mec. 2/ installing the late type gear box end cover, shift cables on each side, clips, bracket and the latest type gear master unit, which does not have the rubber bushings that become worn and make for a rubbery elongated shift movement. I think it's doable. Btw. I personally think Lamborghini is much more of a mans car than a girlie dancing donkey and it too, have gated shifter. Kind regards, jacques
  12. Jacques

    Oz futura radinox rims

    Thing is, that I was told by two Companies WHO make parts for these Wheels, how to measure it. I did, and they seemed like 2,25" front and 2,75" rear. But Pan objected to this saying that they are 2" front and 2,5" rear (European sized Futura's). So I called Felgenfuchs and they sent me a Picture of how to measure it looking like Pan is right, but with a bit of error margin. It depends how wide you measure the outer tyre support edge. So, let's call it 2" front and 2,5" rear. Fronts have 35 bolt holes of 7mm and rears have 40 bolt holes of 7mm. Valve holes are 8,3mm. They don't make the radinox in 2,5" * 18", but either 2,5" or 2,75" to be close to standard. Hope this answers your question. Kind regards, jacques
  13. Jacques

    Future of Lotus

    Get on with it, and just make a new Esprit, which should be as catching as the old one(-s). It will probably take so long time, that electric cars are already old, and partially superceeded by running on sea Water and what not. SUV? No thanks. Jacques
  14. I see this more as a fun expression of different viewpoints. but none the less, yes, there is a consequence if one dare to write ones oppinion on a specific matter making a review of a car, say the Esprit V8. This "review" of the Lotus Esprit V8 is mostly characterised by an unbelievably high amount of some statements that is either an outright lie or an expression of an exorbitant amount of incedents which is so far out rare to happen all at the same time, that someething is amiss here in the "review". One being of course, the way of taking a single experience and making it into an absolute truth. Another one being the almost abnormal tendency to focus solely in matters that are perceived as wrong, bad or otherwise negative. A third being the seemingly complete lack of objectivity by interpolating ones own percievements as a scale of measurements being the standard of which everythng is measured by others. Personally, I find it rather funny, because of the above stated reasons amongst others, and also because it's so far fetched, that I almost wept a tear in compassion for the poor guy who couldn't see an inch beyond his own nose, leading to such a catastrophically bad review. Not because of the Esprit V8 being a bad car og a good car, but because of the level of lack of integrity. I at least, had good fun. Bring it on! Kind regards, Jacques
  15. I think you would find the Esprit V8 a rather different car. And this is not about size, it's about the Whole Picture this socalled writer claims. As I mentioned, it's so bad, that it's actually funny. I had a good long laugh, and I was entertained. I don't see anything boring going on in his "review", actually quite the opposite. Good fun, but of course rather tragic from a review standpoint. The Esprit V8 was never such a bad car. Not by any standards. If one should say something about the Esprit, it might be that it's a very personally developed car, an idiosyncratic statement in it's own right. And very charming and a superb drive. The Esprit is much greater than the sum of it's parts, much bigger than the sum of it's shortcomings and extensive good sides. And one have to have it and drive it for quite some time to ingest it to it's full potential. Kind regards, jacques