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  1. Cor, I rest assured that you will like what the 54'th is going to be used for. It's not smashed. Cheers. Jacques
  2. Just out of curiosity, take up the new pump and see if some funny little pieces of green mesh have found their way into the pump, or passing the strainer, making it "lazy". I suspect that you left the old pump fuel limiter (the one that limits the pump "hits" - don't know what it is called). Kind regards.
  3. And there are plenty of upgrades from there onwards. Kind regards.
  4. It's easy to do yourself. Kind regards, Jacques
  5. I can add that there are 54 heated tailgate glasses left on the planet Earth, and they are for 1992 onwards Esprits. At a very cheap price. Cheers. Jacques
  6. Might work in the Belgium, UK or elsewhere, but not in Denmark. All glass have to carry a specific approval number etc. Anyway, I found out that SJ does have one in stock, and I ordered that. Very nice! Unfortunately the plastic surrounding is not available any more. Hmm... Now remains to have it shipped here, which is another matter entirely More to follow on my own thread (Little Red Riding Hood. Kind regards, Jacques
  7. It is illegal to install perspex or similar on a streetcar in my country, unless it is proven with tests etc, and that is hardly doable. I meant the later SE which has a tailgate that is similar to S4/S4s/V8. So that model. Definitely looking for such a glass. Kind regards, Jacques
  8. Hello everyone, I would probably need a rear tailgate glass (with heat threads) from a late SE/S4/S4s/V8 tailgate. I have looked all over. Does someone know where to find one these days? And are there special ways of cutting it out of the tailgate, without destroying it or the tailgate itself? Anything else that I should be aware of? All inputs are highly appreciated. Kind regards, Jacques
  9. Cheers Filip, I certainly did. It has been a dry but fantastic Summer here. Many trips in the car at a fair speed. Now, it's time to try to finish that tailgate story and hopefully get it painted and installed and lighten the burden for Little Red Riding Hood. I do have many other hobbies, and try to give some time for those as well. For example I am building my own highly sophisticated cd-player, or so it will be in the end. Cheers, Jacques
  10. coming very nice along the plan and well executed. Kind regards, Jacques
  11. Hmm Erik, I am not sure I understand what you are asking about: 1: a tailgate, or 2: an engine cover? If it's the later, I can ask around for one more, as I want one too (in carbon fiber - see below). So, mine is a tailgate in carbon fiber entirely. Seriously bad executed by it's British maker, and was 1 of a batch of 4 (or was it 3? I can't remember). I was told they would no longer make them, as it was too hard to make them well. It's split in places, twisted so it cannot be installed and close, and two halves are stuck together with some rubber glue of some sort and have a very bad finish. I spoke to a few companies, who all said the same: very very bad made and not fit for a street car, as it could either split in halves during driving, or fly off because of too little material in many important places, or wobble and make noise at high speed because of no structural integrity. Cannot recommend it at all, unless you are willing to make it finished yourself. But in all honesty, the two big multi ribbed vents are really nice made, apart from having holes drilled in them that shouldn't be there, argh... These will be mended too. But they look really good! So, the job is to take it apart and make it structurally sound, strong enough and very good finish. Oh, and that will double the original price. Since I am already working some 50 hours per week, I don't have time for another jab. It will just have to take the time it needs. Then, as it's a S4/S4s/SP300/GT3/V8 model, you also need the appropriate engine cover underneath this tailgate. I found an original one to renovate and make new finish on for now, but this will not be the final engine cover, but temporarily. All this is needed to adopt the Sport300 engine braces and bridge. And for this to work, I will have to lift off the whole body complete. Oh well, some day when I find a place to take the car completely apart and reassemble. It's super light, and will still be super light, once mended to work well and look well, which was the idea in the first place. I am not a sucker for carbon fiber as such, but would like it to lighten the car more. And more. And then add lightness. While not altering the car's look and function fundamentally. I have asked around for a few years for a SP300 engine cover in carbon fiber, to no avail. Some day... I am really looking forward to this maybe coming true this year or start of next year. Then off the the painter and voila, new lighter car. As they say in the movie: I feel the need, the need for speed I'll post pics as it progresses. No, it's definitely not just a mental impression or thought. It's very real. Drives really well. It's like the car knows and rewards you, the owner/driver, for having taken good care of it By the way, I just became the owner of a nice Tyrell P34 six wheeler today. Came with the mail. I waited exactly 43 years for that, so hey, what's another year, as they once sang... Kind regards, Jacques
  12. Hmm, long time no see, hear or anything. But I am still alive and kicking. So, after having been nearly eaten by a BIG brown bear in the Carpathians two weeks ago, I am back in the mancave (my now tiny cold garage), and this Summer brought a complete belt change and all the usual service jobs. Runs soooo smooth and also pretty fast if need be. Thanks to Sparky as usual! Even the brake pads are now beginning tow work better, so only some 3 years to bed them in. So, wanting to lighten the burden for Little Red Riding Hood, I have now been the the company with whom I left my V8 rear hatch and the carbon tailgate from the UK which was made some ... I think around 4 years ago. Since time flies and it's seriously hard to find someone who can undertake the job of finishing them, I have been in contact with these two guys over the last few years. Now it's about time in their long que, to do both tailgates. Yeah. Let's see how it turns out. Watch this space. Sshhh, don't tell Little Red Riding Hood - it's a secret. Meanwhile, I am still looking for a US made gear kit, instead of my slightly higher geared UK made kit. Cheers, Jacques
  13. Looking forward to that Steve As I wrote some 1,5 or so years ago, I need a red carpetset with magnolia details. Lets' talk when you have the time. Kind regards, Jacques
  14. Update per 00:53 am local time, from the police briefing: - 17:35: the police was called. - 17:48: the killer was apprehended with at least one rifle, and sharp ammo, plus potentially one more gun, not confirmed and not specified. - 3 people killed, one man in his 40'ies and two younger people; 3 critically wounded and more wounded. - Know by the police and not for serious crimes. - Seemed to have been working alone so far. - More info will be given by the Danish police at 8:00 am local time Monday morning. Kind regards, Jacques
  15. Update per 00:35 am local time: The criminal is now confirmed; he is a multiple gun owner or have access to some, and have uploaded videos on flutube posing with the weapons and talking about an anti-psychotic medicine now working. Not punished in court earlier on. Videos now removed, it is told. New police briefing soon. The used weapon seems to be a shooting track rifle. No motive so far. A thunder rainstorm just hit Copenhagen btw, and makes it a bit harder to retrieve tracks etc. outdoors. Kind regards, Jacques
  16. Update at 23:30pm local time. Police have now moved the blocade closer to the shopping center, so local residents can possibly get home, if they came from elsewhere, and has been held back by the police blocade earlier set up. Kind regards, Jacques
  17. Update 23:25 pm local time: Danish military has been inserted in guarding certain places and objects to relieve police, so they can work intensely on securing leads and anything else. Military personel are also assisting police in letting people get back to their cars parked inside the shopping center. Kind regards, Jacques
  18. To those in the UK or elsewhere who wonder what happened around 5:30 pm today, there's been a mass shooting in the big shopping center Fields on Amager (an island) in Copenhagen. A single 22 y.o. white ethnical Danish male went into the shopping center and began shooting here and there with what looks like a hunting rifle. He managed to kill at least 3, and wound at least 4 or more, before he ran away, out of the center and got caught by Danish police. A huge manhunt in taking place in both Copenhagen, Sjælland (the whole island) and potentially all of Denmark, right now. There's been special anti terror squad at more placed in or around Copenhagen, knocking down doors and into apartment(-s). Police helis are swarming over Copenhagen as well. Very little is open information right now, so expect corrections. No confirmation if he was alone or acting together with more shooters so far. But it looks to be a single individual. More than 20 ambulances, the huge surgery truck which can unfold to become a mobile surgery center for up to 40 people at a time, and lots of special personel to counteract further incidents etc. Area was locked down in a 2 km circle and now more than 10.000 people from Royal Arena which should have housed a Harry Styles concert are being moved by police with locked down metro trains to the other end of Copenhagen, to receive help and transport home. There is a further location on Amager, where people can give witness explanations and receive psychological help. This will go on for several days, Copenhagen Police says. Much police has been called to Copenhagen right after the first call about the shooting. No rumors about why, nor any explanations so far. Albeit the police arrived really quickly and caught whom they believe to be the murderer, many people ran out from the center, including minors bathed in blood, simply just standing stil at a nearby street, totally shocked not able to speak for a while. They are all cared for immediately. From what we know, there were really many people in the center today, because of Tour de France, newly educated high school students and the concert, but all shop owners shouted to customers to enter their shops, then rolled down security gates and kept everyone safe, until police could escort them to further safety. This has been trained. That is what we know so far. My condolences to those who lost their loved ones, the injured and all else affected. Kind regards, Jacques
  19. Ha ha! I think you have a lot of technic? Cheers.
  20. Cheers! Little Red Riding Hood runs perfectly and thanks for a jolly good day Mind the gap! Jacques
  21. Yes I did, and they replied, that it is essentially the same oil, renamed. There is no longer two kinds in that particular segment. Do I believe it? Hmm... Kind regards, Jacques
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