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  1. Wellcome and congrats on a very nice car with a unique story. Kind regards, Jacques
  2. Hi all, Being new to Lotus and all, I was told by the previous owner, that he'd changed the fuel tank pressure hose (the top one), but that was a few years ago, and now started smelling of fuel Again. Heavily when driving with window open. Very heavy smell actually. Using high octane and all, I still regard it as being not good for ones Health, so today I attacked my Esprit SE for the first time to actually do something on it, other than change a few small parts, new radio, new speakers etc. Armed wit new hoses, both the thin and the thick, I took off the carpeted panels - what a pain in
  3. Looked at the oil level today, after having stood for some days: at the topmark exactly as when I topped it up as earlier described. Anyway, I started the car, warmed it up thoroughly, and drove a Little around. Let is stay turned off on level ground, and after 4-5 minutes, I looked at the oil level Again, exactly the same indication at the top mark. So, I asume it lacked oil in the first place, or have a serioud spill somewhere. At this time, there's no pool of oil underneath. Just a small one... I am going to change oil soon, so what to chose: Mobil1 10W/50 or Castrol Edge (with some n
  4. I also renovated my interrior on my Corrado with good success. It's all Black, and I added some extra components to the xl kit fron durniture Clinic. Amongst them a x-binder, that strenghens the layers, a softener to massage into the cleaned up leather before spraying, and a few other Things. I'll do the same to my Esprit's magnolia interrior. Btw. if anyone have a colourcode for the magnolia from the Esprit, please post it, so the colour can be mixed to the right shade. Kind regards, Jacques.
  5. Dave, I would be interested in hearing how it performs now, after a few months of running? So, it is a alunox model, and are you still running the ebpv or did you remove it? Kind regards, Jacques.
  6. Possibly, but it have been driving after that, so would have filled up hoses, coolers and filter, I suppose. Kind regards, Jacques.
  7. Hmm, here's my bike. Sorry for the ultra low resoloution, but bigger than that is not allowed. Anyway, it's an ultra fun bike to ride, and pretty light at just around 200 kilo (remember it's from 1986, designed in 1973), with my few mods. Kind regards, Jacques.
  8. I for sure, would like to see that! Regards, Jacques.
  9. Hmm, only playing a bit on my Yamaha classical guitar, every now and then, but enjoying it. Seems there's not enough hours in a day... Cheers, Jacques.
  10. Thanks all, Actually I am waiting quite a bit of time, say an hour after engine's turned off, and normally I look at the oil level before starting in the first place. Same time I also look at coolant levels, tire pressure and lights. It's kind of a routine to do so on both cars and the motorcycle. Thing is, I came home from buying it, and looked at the oil level next day, and it was under min mark. Mglp, I'd better pour some in, and it took a bit over a liter. Too much for my taste. Right now I cannot get to the car looking at it again, as I garaged it a bit away from home, but will do so
  11. I'd say if you don't want to spend too much money at it, if you're not sure it's something for you, I'd buy a second hand good quality bike, and change chain, sprocket, cables etc. Gives you a lot for the money, and a far better bike. Many people want the latest and greatest, so they advertise their last year model for quite Little Money around this time of year. Many people do this around my Waters, since we're a bicycling nation Once you get out on that bike, Bibs is right; you find good excuses to take a longer aay around things, really enjoying yourself. Soon you'll hit the forests, leav
  12. Hi Anthony, Well, yes for most of us, it have to be a negociation with our better half. Sometimes it takes a while and some prep to reach there, but I am sure eventually you'll get there. I have a friend who raced his T595 for years, also riding Laverda, and he really like the modern Triumphs. Now he is looking at a BMW r1000rrrrr something Lotus-wise it took me a long time to talk over my wife to get an Esprit, so just bought it a few weeks ago But my Laverda is going to stay for sure. Anyway, good luck with your bike! A speedtriple is surely a very nice bike to ride. I am sure it's a 12
  13. Don't know if you got the bikes, but I've been racing rad racing bikes since shildhood, and a few years ago got a mountain bike. Just made myself a new one. I'd say a hardtail is good enough to have fun and spare your back a bit. Fully's are heavy and slow, unless it's extreme terrain. I build a new one on a Scott carbon frame and xx1 parts plus some carbon xentis Wheels and got it Down to 7,134 Kg. Light enough for me. The weight is fantastic to drive with and it is one fast bike. It saves you quite a lot of energy on uphills and over trees, rocks etc. I run tubeless, and you should try it
  14. Had a various assortment of japscrap, and some 19 years ago I finally gave up driving those and converted to Laverda. Had a RGS1000 for many years, then changed over to my dreambike the Laverda SFC1000 - old style Italian sportsbike, and hard and involving to drive, but very rewarding. Wouldn't want any other. Still trying a modern bike every now and then, just for a short drive. Each to his own of course, but only Laverda for me Now, if only I could find out how to insert an image...? Cheers, Jacques.
  15. Jacques


    Hello James, Just wanted to mention that I've sucessfully used kits from a British company called fruniture clinic. They have a matt finish if you want that, and I can say it Works a charm and is real easy to apply. Feel free to pm me, if you want some ppictures of the process from when I did it. Cheers, Jacques.
  16. Hello Scott, Just read your post, and as I've just fullfilled one of my boyhood dreams by buying an Esprit, I'd say this: do it while you can. There is only so much time and effort. One day you may find that life prevents you from doing this, and you'll be wondering forever what would have happened, if you had bought that car, when opportunity came along. I'm certain that since you already have an impression of what Lotus ownership may include, there's hardly any surprises (negative ones), you'll get. Only the slow and very satisfying process of giving rebirth to one of history's greatest
  17. Just a note of my own experience. I am also having a Corrado G60, and on that car I could one day sense a slight smell of fuel. I stopped the engine, let it cool Down, covered the engine compartment in rags, and took 3 pieces of fuel hose off (original). Nothing was visible at all from the outside - no cracks, no tears, no nothing. But on further inspection of the inside of the lines, they were xompletely cracked, Totally shot.There's been a few reported Corrados that went up in flames because of this problem. I naturally went to vw and got the very last set of pre-shaped original fuel lines.
  18. That leads me to another question then: Would there for some reason, be another oil level indicated on the dipstick if say, the car had been left standing (off) for a week? Kind regards, Jacques.
  19. Hi all, Being totally new to Lotus and therefore also to my SE, I have been reading of over and underfilling of engine oil. So, becoming pretty scared of doing either, I have been looking throug the website for a 100% correct method of checking engine oil level, and did not find any. I've read in the drivers manual, that engine oil shoul be checked after a mimimum of 1 minute after turning the engine off, whiping the dipstick, the reinserting it, and then takeing it up Again and looking f the oil level reaches the upper mark. Se manual page 60. If that actually correct? And followin
  20. Hi all, I have the AWI Monobloc 18 *10 rear wheels, but the dealer did not fullfill his promise of a set of the corresponding 17*8,5 front Wheels, so sadly I am missing these. If you so happen to have a set for sale, or see a set of two front Wheels or eventually a complete set, please give me a hint. Price is not an object. Kind regards, Jacques.
  21. Hi all, Having no main lights, only dipped work, I would like to remove all four headlights and renew all bulbs. Unfortunately they are completely stucked and rusted, as I cannot turn the little white plastic clamps. I looked at fuses, all okay. Relay: don't know how to check it? Any ideas on this and removing of lights is most wellcome! Cheers, Jacques
  22. Although an old thread, and probably not of any interest., but I've redyed the whole interrior on my Corrado, incl. cleaning all old colour off first, rejuvinating the fibres, and the prepping, dying, and clearcoating. Used Furniture Clinic, and it worked well using a heatgun, and a propper compressor for airsupply to spraygun. Very resistant to wear and tear, actually like new still. I am thinking of re-dyeing the SE's leather as the seats have wear. Anyone knows the colour (like maybe someone else use the same) ? Cheers, Jacques.
  23. Can we have a look at the embossment? And maybe the finished article? Would surely like to see how it looks. Cheers, Jacques.
  24. Hello all, Thanks a lot for the nice welcome. I am cleaning the car inside out, plus some small jobs to do here and there. But not really yet, as I am busy with something else, and I need to move the car to a bigger space for storage and service. Yes, It's Håkans car, and yes he is a genuinely nice person and I trust he did a lot on the car during his long ownership. Sure, I'll drop you a line Vanya, when I pass through Sweden next time. Yes, it was a nice drive home, in very nice sun and 21 degrees. Rock steady oil at 60 degrees cel. and water at 80 degrees cel. Hope that is fine? Hi Sti
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