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  1. HI John, Thanks for the great answer. I'll do everything you've described. And will look for rotten coolant pipes as well. Thanks a lot. Kind regards, Jacques.
  2. Thanks, that is fine. I'll just need to know more on the coolant spillage then. Best wishes, Jacques.
  3. Hello everyone, I am totally new to Lotus, but have been looking for a Stevens Turbo 88/89 or an early SE for a while. I have found one which have been imported many years ago, and not really been used for the last 4 year or so. It have been started and could drve to a workshop (they don't do Lotus). I have seen it but not having it started, as I mentioned a fair amount of coolant underneath the car, both front and rear. Front seems around between the front wheels (lhd. btw.) and rear just somewhere under the engine/boot area. Could not see anything yet. I may be given a take it or leave i
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