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  1. Helle all, I would like to know if the red original oaint on a 89 stevens Esprit (and se) can be polished back to red, if it's fainted or gone pinkish? In other words: Are there any clear coat over the red paint, or is in included in the red volour? Kind regards, Jacques.
  2. What about the length of coolant pipes under the car, over the undertray, inside the chassis? And secondly, what can a slight loss in turbo pressure come from (anything else than the turbo)? Kind regards, Jacques.
  3. HI John, Thanks for the great answer. I'll do everything you've described. And will look for rotten coolant pipes as well. Thanks a lot. Kind regards, Jacques.
  4. Thanks, that is fine. I'll just need to know more on the coolant spillage then. Best wishes, Jacques.
  5. Hello everyone, I am totally new to Lotus, but have been looking for a Stevens Turbo 88/89 or an early SE for a while. I have found one which have been imported many years ago, and not really been used for the last 4 year or so. It have been started and could drve to a workshop (they don't do Lotus). I have seen it but not having it started, as I mentioned a fair amount of coolant underneath the car, both front and rear. Front seems around between the front wheels (lhd. btw.) and rear just somewhere under the engine/boot area. Could not see anything yet. I may be given a take it or leave it offer, and I insisted that it should be started and driven (after checking coolant and oil), before saying anything. So, back to my question: what to check when going looking again, and running the engine? ( I've read all old threads but just made me a bit more confused). I hope some of you will jump in on this and give me a few hints. Kind regards, Redfox. ps: yeah, I know, a LOT of work will have to be done on this one, but looking at polished ones for sale, they are more expensive, and seems to be needing the same amount of work, apart from paint polishing Funnyli enough, all dealers say: take as is, we know it's made of gold, but will not service it. So I will have to do that myself Looking forward to that. Another question: can a carburettor Stevens Turbo produced very late 1988 sold very early 1989 run on normal 99 octane unleaded? Or should it have some Castrol valvemaster as well?
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