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  1. Looks and sounds like a totally normal Danish Summers day.
  2. Well, for Denmark, there will be a 40% tax on anything coming from the UK, starting from 1'st of January 2021, untill a trade solution is found. That's pretty steep, so one may be better off buying now, if one needs a good manifold. Kind regards, Jacques
  3. I got that kit when they made it, and initially used a set of now Oscam Nightbreakers. Then I met a Philips car part dealer at the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix two years ago, and he sold me a set of Philips X-tremevision, which I tried. Dang! Even more light. Standard wattage of course. Pretty good light, I'd say! My own experience with led headlight is none. But a friend bought an LED headlight for his Laverda 1200TTS, and passed by a late dark evening. Oh my goodness! It's extreme. Where he used to have a yellowish narrow short beam of not very good light, he now runs a lightbath in f
  4. Hi all, Just got the news yesterday. A new proposal have come into frutition and it means that all expensive cars imported into Denmark, will now suffer a 100% raise in taxation when putting the car on Danish registration. On road or not. As an example, a Testarossa will go from 360.000,00 dkr in tax alone, to 740.000,00 dkr. And Aston Martin suffers even more. Some cars though, will get cheaper: smaller older cars. Some stays about the same. But not the Esprit. One example, an SE, paid some 240.000,00 in tax last year, and will now suffer a raise of 100%, to be 280.000,00 dkr.
  5. HI all, I am looking for a steering wheel from a Lotus Esprit S4 non airbag model. It doesn't matter if the leather is scruffy, as long as the centerpad and the center spokes etc. are in good condition. Please give me a hint if you have one for sale or know of such a steering wheel. Eventually a steering wheel from an SE. Kind regards, Jacques Keller
  6. In my humble view he was a good actor and I generally likes the movies in which he played a role. Actually many movies. I do like that the 007 movies are not all the same, but to me, Sean Connery was the best one. Never like the present one, as he lost the elegance and became a hard hitting bully with a licence. And the later movies lost the aspect of super villans and exchanged them for more local criminals or whatever. Thank you for all of your acting abilities Sean. Rest in Peace and I think there may be more peacefull where you are now, than down here, where many seems to be take
  7. auch! That was bad. Really bad. I hope that the owner/driver is okay with no personal injury. I fully agree to the layman doing something in blindness, and not looking thoroughly on what to do and how to do it. One may think that as time passes by, there will be other versions of what was done and what caused it all over the web (as usual) and that lead to yet another story of lots of trouble, usually seri...., blah blah blah. Just yesterday I was speaking to a guy who recently bought a fully original 87 hci and said it drives like crap- Upon asking, I was told that dampers, bel
  8. On mine it's above and was like that when I took it apart. So I placed them there when installing new oil coolers. It stabilizes the hose/oilcooler, so it does not wiggle about and make the hole in the body bigger. It's been 3 years since I did that, and it is absolutely well working, tight and no leaks. Once the foam opieces and the air guide fiber pieces are in place, thay also help support the oil coolers in place and lessen vibes and bumps. So, on mine, there was a piece of foam on top of each oil cooler (between that and the underside of the body), and on the sides and the botto
  9. Meanwhile I have acquired an original Sport300 front spoiler and the Speedo and rev counter also from Sport300. Plus a binnacle You may have to wait a bit more, as more original Sport300 parts are on the way. And then some. And then some more. They are waiting in boxes, for the day I have time enough for the next step. May I remind you, that the first Sport300 had SE door handles So that would be original. Not the S4 parts. Also, the S4s turbo is not the same as the Sport300, and also the induction hose is larger on the Sport300 (which I have also installed)
  10. That, or it should be placed on the "experienced" shelf. Your car is no longer a plastic car, as some other car brands would have it. Kind regards, jacques
  11. Good too hear. I've never used that classic oil myself, but some friends have, and they are okay with it in their 40 year old Laverda ball bearing engines. But that is another matter. I would expect the same as you have found, by shifting from Classic to Supercar. Two very different types of oil. But I will add to the old thread's content, that Supercar is designated so, because Castrol wanted to celebrate their approval by Köenigsegg in Sweden. That is the only difference. I called Castrol UK Headquaters recently and asked the tech department. And speaking of sludge, created by too
  12. Made a quick stop at this working mill. Old used up stones behind the Esprit. This type of landscape with curvy narrow hilly backroads are my favourites for taking a good fun drive in the Esprit. It's easy to feel how the car responds to the road and the drivers input. A nice dance. Have a nice Summer! Kind regards, jacques
  13. Robin: In Lotus Service Notes, section EMH.1, page 13, section I, the following is written: "... When first starting the engine after reconnecting the battery or ECM power suply, it may be necessary to partially depres the accelerator pedal, and to release the accelerator very slowly when first returning to idle, in order for the ECM to re-learn the idle air control (IAC) valve position. The time taken to complete the integrator and block learn re-learning process will vary from vehicle to vehicle, and will also depend on driving conditions. Gentle driving at steady throttle op
  14. Nice Lotus, but the noise must be a new version of the old military noise that was developed to kill people, that Kate Bush sang about. Cheers, Jacques
  15. Somethimes this is preinstalled. Otherwise it's a good idea. Mine had none. Kind regards, jacques
  16. If you do so, do wrap in the braided line with something else to protect it where it passes holes in the chassis. First you add new gromets from the slave end on to the new line. position them to make it easier to reach to pressfit. attatch the old and new line. Pull through. Old gromets may be needed to undo and remove or just pressed back in the end. Instead of suing an extra adapter fitting, redril and cut the fitting thread in the slave cylinder. No need for extra fitting and extra sealing rings. I filed down the new fitting a little bit to make it pass, rather tha
  17. The nice people who lay new asphalt seems to drive 4wd jap scrap, and they probably even sit down on a memory foam pillow, while their 90 aspect tires with low pressure, run unnoticed over their uncredibly bad roadwork. Yesterday it happened with a positive speed over 109 km/h. Not typing which, as Danish police likes to read forums. Anyway, annoying as it is. Maybe it's just worn and became more sensitive as there is less friction and it moves easier? Kind regards, Jacques Derek: is there somthing I can do myself to overcome this? Kind regards, Jacques
  18. agreed, but if possible, I'd prefer to have it where it sits now. Original placing. Maybe there are someone out there who can attest to this being too old and becoming a little sensitive or if there's somethig that be done to this specific original unit. Kind regards, jacques
  19. Thanks. I am a little bit in doubt if I should install the clitch project now, or wait until I have collected the remaining parts for the gearbox itself. I am a little bit tempted to do the clutch now, as it would leave me better for knowledge if something needs to be corrected. The optimised gearshift project is also under way, but I need my parts returned tome from England, where they have been in "quarantine" for some time, to be copied. Meanwhile, I am now thinking of trying to make a super gearmaster, based on the late style Mk. 3 Lotus shifter, and something entirely different.
  20. I like the noble too. Very sporty car. And fast. Go on, loose the boring evora and get the noble. Kind regards, jacques
  21. Next project is now including a few other bit and bobs:
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