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  1. Okay, will do. Well, at least there's a clear positive development long term, it would seem. Kind regards, Jacques
  2. All these jobs are amazing. So many Esprits ran around for years and years with little or no real attention and maintennance. And this very genuine intereest in maintaining and correcting all former errors and neglect, is most pleasing to see and read about. I am sure, that in this (perhaps) last decade of freely driving high octane sportscars, will see most if not all Lotus Esprits restored to their former glory and performance, some standard, some ever so oem+, but all to a high standard, including this particular car. Let's all then go drive and enjoy our sportscars while it's possible. Kind regards, Jacques
  3. And some special tools ordered... Happy New Year! Cheers, Jacques
  4. Agreed. Sure, in many many positions in society, it's mandatory to behave responsably and I wish the same could be said about many a government. Cheers, Jacques
  5. Thanks gentlemen. Well, something is in the forge. Cheers, Jacques
  6. Such a great picture, and it also makes it easy to spot the difference between an Esprit and a lorry (in the middle). Kind regards, Jacques
  7. It would seem that that freedom you describe in the UK is not present in all other countries. I, for example, do not have to take a jab by force or law, but I may loose my job if I don't. So where's the choice? I think we are soon to reaching a point in the whole debacle, where it is obvious that there will be a widespread common immunity at most people, and that the newest form in omicron and it's 64 versions, are multiplying 70 times faster in the upper respiratory area, compared to all earlier versions. As it is not as bad as attacking mostly in the alveoli, there's a much higher survival rate and lesser symptoms, easier overcome etc. Apart from those who are weak because of other general problems, such as heavy smoking, drinking, excessive eating of unhealthy food, lack of exercise and of course, old age. Unless something far more serious pops up by mysterious coincidence, I think this will slowly die out by itself, and it's about time we look carefully at what is being forced or not in all countries and societies. Best wishes of best of luck. Kind regards.
  8. Trying to find out, without taking things apart So, I'd like to ask if someone knows the specific weight of the standard flywheel on a Lotus Esprit Turbo SE? Kind regards, Jacques
  9. Ups, sorry, should have been "not wobbling around". I think a little elf doing what they like Okay, so off to the garage to do some work on my gearbox project... Kind regards, Jacques
  10. Well done jobs and also the fuel tube between the tanks. Kind regards, Jacques
  11. Well, in the end it turned out to be pretty self-explanatory and easy to do, just lifting the gearbox a bit after having taken off one of the heat shield maze parts and loosened the engine mounts a bit. And the last of those nice titanium washers that I had on the shelf made by a nice gentleman some time ago, finally being used. Now, months later, I can attest that it certainly feels as if the box is more in position, now wobbling around using the polyurethane gearbox mounts I had for the occasion. Maybe those rubber suspensions were dead? Who knows, at least it feels tight and good now. Kind regards, Jacques
  12. Just for the sake of completion, the later developed Lotus Lotac bushings, specifically the big one each side for the front end of the Radius arm(-s), are meant for the slightly thicker bolt, not the standard thinner one. Using the thinner bolt in that bushing, would create some unwanted slack. So, in order to use the thick er bolts, I enlarged the holes in the short welded in tube(-s) on the two radius arms. Lubed everything up and it worked well. Just sauing. Kind regards, Jacques
  13. While this may provide more air with all the effects that may bring, it may also loose in going freely under the blocades for say bridges, pay roads, parking lots etc. Merry Christmas. Kind regards, Jacques
  14. - to all those fancy pancy porsche owners. Kind regards, Jacques
  15. Well, it is a British car after all Kind regards, Jacques
  16. Btw, an update to this: Yes, it keeps the box in place compared to old rubber parts. So compared to new original rubber ones, I cannot say. But it does keep the box in place, and one can feel it while pushing heavily on the gas pedal. Recommended. And they are easy to install. And to the Morgan approach: Well somehow, as it will be closed front fenders, not open as on say a +8, and the wooded frame I already have inside the cabin, just behind me, covered in a red carpet Kind regards, Jacques
  17. Nope Good guess, but nope. Yeps! You got it, just not in cf, but a genuine sparepart in bag and sticker. It a very nice engine cover from an S4, that I will use as soon as a company somewhere around here, has reworked the terribly made carbonfiber tailgate I bought long ago from a UK spares dealer. It will come around, eventually. For now, we just had lots of snow and many roads, bus rutes and trains are closed down. Winter is here, and TLF is open, ho ho ho 🎅 Kind regards, Jacques
  18. Father Christmas passed by early this year and guess what he brought? Little Red Riding Hood is getting exited, as she haven't seen it yet but feels there's something on it's way. You know, a sportscars fifth sense... Kind regards, Jacques
  19. Same as S4s apart from alcantara. But at the time, some Sp300 were ordered with normal leather and also normal sports seats, not the Sp300 specific bucket seats. Also other trim options. Kind regards, Jacques
  20. Thanks Giniw, but since I am in Denmark, and Royal Steering Wheels are in the UK; there's a seriously heavy economical penalty if one would be taking them on their offer. Both for shipping forth and back, and for insurance of this steering wheel, as well as a heavy 20% fee on top for customs, and finally a further 25% tax on top of of all. I think it would end up being the same. I've been using the local trimmer a couple of times such as Sp300 seats and the rear shelves for Little Red Riding Hood, and they do make a good job, I just think I've been in a thinking bubble in the last two years, so I came to be fairly surprised of the price You know they are getting too much money when they begin to call you by your first name as soon as you enter the door, ha ha! Kind regards, Jacques
  21. Driving Little Red Riding Hood, I need to get a grip on things, as she is definitely a handful. Well, it's taken me 6 years to finally find a Sp300 steering wheel, and it was a pretty steep price. Then, it was recovered in thick leather in some strange colour on top of the old one. A too thick grip, I'd say. So, some measely 7 and a half month ago, I delivered it to a trimmer I trust, to be redone in alcantara as it should. No fancy middle stripe or other such things. Finally got a phone call, and picked it up yesterday and I like it. Oh dear, I think they are recouperating some of their potential lost income by now, as I can nearly get a second hand vw flop for the price this steering wheel reached, mglp... Never mid, it's paid, and one quickly forget such small matters. Anyway, I test fitted it to the car, and it works well. Propper installation maybe later this year or some time next season, as I've got a nice heated dry parking lot inside, but no place to work on the car any more. Grrr.... But Little Red Riding Hood told me, she likes it very much, and I can better grip her and twist her. Well, somehow. No more funny driving way too fast on a backroad, and hands sliding on the slick leather steering wheel, although I do use driving gloves most of the time. This new steering wheel will enhance that grip for sure. Kind regards, Jacques
  22. I already have one, and will build it into my new gearbox project along with all sorts of other "better parts". I chose a Quaife as they are easy to get. More roadburning today, although this time it was a bit colder at 11 deg. cel, so relaxed on the throttle or it would have been a recipe for disaster Oh, and went to the cinema the other day and watched the new Bond movie. I wanted to take the Esprit and part it right putside the cinema, but unfortunately there is a huge roadwork going on right now, so couldn't do that. It would have been nice, though... Cheers, Jacques
  23. It often is like this with these sellers, both in the UK, USA and elsewhere: they fabricate some nice bits, but does not always promote them. You got to ask. Last Saturday, it was nice and sunny, roads dry and temp was about 16 deg. cel. so took a drive along my fav. back road route. Despite the huge tires and soft compound, it just spun it's wheels often, coming out of turns, as if Little Red Riding Hood said "look what I can do, isn't it fun?". Yes, sure it is, but an lsd would make it more fun. I need to start my special gearbox project. That's a fast car. Also compared to many newer cars with many more horses under the bonnet. Kind regards, Jacques
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