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  1. I believe it's my gearstick and as I took it off years ago, the inhibitor was worn in a strange angle, making reverse a bit strange. So I asked a frind to make me two new ones. 10mm sounds about right. I loctited it on plus the bolt of course. I also had two far more precise steel pins made, and pressed in, slightly longer in the reach, so I could delete one more source of sloppiness. The new pins are pressed in at this picture. Maybe I can go find the other nylon part tomorrow. Doing this and installing fresh translator bearings etc. was one of the very first things I did to Little
  2. It was also more ordinary tv-series that brought a spark to nice cars, such as when "Pamela" had a black Corvette. Nice car! I then went and bought a COrvette poster. And motorcycles as well. The Kawasaki GPZ900R Ninja, that Tom Cruise drove. All my friends talked about that bike. Some went to buy it. When I had jsut bought a 750 Suzuki Gsx750es, it was something to go to the cinema and watch Days of Thunder. Actually a girlfriend and I went to see it twice in a row, because it was Winter and we couldn't drive the bikes. It gave the sense of speed. Remember "I feel the need, the need
  3. Thanks. Looking forward to seeing it completed! Kind regards, jacques
  4. Looking good Mike, What discrete size are those tires? Kind regards, Jacques
  5. I wrote a lenghty letter to Castrol and asked for explanation. Will get back with reply. Kind regards, Jacques
  6. Simple. I'll just call them again and refer to this paper. And report back. Kind regards, jacques
  7. Well done. It's going to be a GOOD car, once done completely, with many years to enjoy. Kind regards, jacques
  8. Hi all, There seems to be some confusion on what Castrol is doing with the Lotus recommended gearbox oil, Castrol Syntrans Transaxle. Some reports have surfaced revealing, that it is no longer available in North America. Well, I took the liberty and called Castrol Nordic this morning and spoke to Erik Örnflo about the matter. He confirmed that it is out, and there will be a new product, called Castrol Transmax Manual Transaxle. No more than that, and he didn't know if it would be the same, or a different oil and additives. So, I also called Castrol Headquaters (in UK) this
  9. Yes, I was speaking about the dowels. I am trying to find the eventual differences between the SE bellhousing and the GT3 bellhousing. Kind regards, jacques
  10. I believe they are the same, apart from two locating dowels, which had to fit the V8 engine, I was told. Kind regards, jacques
  11. Meanwhile here in Denmark, many of the same talks were similar. But when schools reopened, there was no rise in affected people. Then most of the working people returned to their jobs, there have been no rise in affected people. It is also found that children are pretty good in handwashing, in fact better and more often than grown ups who now are getting sloppy because "they know better". I have been on work during the whole time, and I have found children to be very worried about getting ill and I've had to have talks with them to ease their worries, and to be honest, they are
  12. Is that a scale 1:64? Kind regards, jacques
  13. Ha ha! Thanks. I will write them to ask more specifically for their charger and the Voltage on the battery. Kind regards, jacques
  14. Hi Andy, I spoke to Shorai and it's (now defunct) Danish importers as well, and it is very clearly stated, that ANY modern trickle charger is strictly forbidden to use on a LiFe battery, as it will destroy the cells. Some modern chargers can be manually set to avoid this, but most are automatic with a series od various "programmes" to get a lead acid, old school, or a little newer AGM battery going. I think that in this day and age, a special charger is needed for every single application. Unfortunately. Anyway, my 9 year old Shorai LiFe in carbon casing, is super duper going st
  15. Have you looked into the fuel pump? It may cause you trouble. Mind you, the cheap low octane fuel is full of p.e, which is quite harmfull to our cars. Hence I use only v-power 100 octane. Kind regards, jacques
  16. Hi all, I'd like to know if there's any differences between the GT3 bellhousing and the 1990 Turbo SE one? Or are they the same or just somewhat nterchangable? Kind regards, jacques
  17. All right, I take it as it's fine. I have had a Shorai on my Laverda motorcycle (with computer controlled ignition module and electronic charging regulator) for over 9 years now, and it functions flawlessly and super powerfull. No maintenance and no charging during Winter, and best kept in a semi-cool environment - aka my garage or basement. I think I'll jump that bandwagon. If it toasts something, I may pick up a new Sport300 ecu... I can read on their website, that the designated charger charges with up to 14,,6 Volt. A bit heavy. Maybe one shoul always disconnect tthe battery befo
  18. Sounds good so far, but does someone know what is the Voltage limit that the ecu can handle without any problems? Kind regards, jacques
  19. Thanks. Did you have to undo the spring inside and the collets and pull the cross shaft axle out to be able to renew the seals? Kind regards, jacques
  20. HI all, I've jsut replaced the battery after 10 years of good service, with a new VArta Blue line. Fits right in and works as advertised. No problemo. So, anything can be improved, and since I've now run Shorai LiFe for near 10 years on my Laverda, why not on the Esprit? Take a look at for example this site: Before I buy one, I'd like to hear if anyone have any experience on the matter. Is the voltage too high for the cars electronics, bulbs, ecu and other parts? Or is it doable? Any real world experie
  21. So I finally got the bracket off, by means of acetone/atf mic plus a very big puller plus a induction heater. It came loose little by little with a knacking sound and moving a tiny bit. Rust alone did that. Moving on to the next phase. Cheers, jacques
  22. Hello everyone, I acquired an old latest type gearcase endhousing. Through that is the cross shaft which have one cable connector welded on to it's left side, and the other cable connector pressed on to the right side and secured with two roll pins. I have removed the two toll pins and am now struggling with getting the right side bracket off, Lever arm cross shaft, part no, A082F4179F in 1996-2004 parts list. I have tried a puller with long extensions to no avail. Is there anything extra that I have to remove, or is it just really stuck on, possibly rusted or maybe conical?
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