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  1. I probably won't as it would be very difficult to drive on public roads Jacques
  2. The newest attempt to minimise lift: Kind regards, Jacques
  3. Right. So I bought an MR2. Jacques
  4. So what you are really saying is that your Esprit is wayy more durable. Surely it have not had 17 new heads and 14 new handles? Cheers, jacques
  5. Good work! It'll be a brilliant looking and performing car. Cheers, Jacques
  6. Today I had the radius arms machined to adapt to the thicker M12 bolts that is needed when using the newer LOTAC polyurethane radius arm bushings. Before doing so, I made the following observations, which I find interesting: One or the rubber bushings I've removed from the car measures 11,8mm bore, plus a little wear in one direction - 11,9. The other end of the same bushing measures 11,8mm. The other rubber bushing I've removed from the car measures 12,2mm both ends, but a little ovalised both ends. The measurement are the smallest adn also from the middle of inside the tube.
  7. Must be a V8 thing to help keep all those ponies in check. I cannot see a 400 Volt connector, nor a usb socket, so definately not an electric device. Jacques
  8. I believe that would depend of the stature of the owner/driver/mechanic. Jacques
  9. Then add lightness. And if that's not enough, it appears to made of natural ressource materials with as little fabrication as possible. I think even they young Greta might approve this one despite her radical political views. It could possibly even serve other functions in and around the premisses. Only I don't know which? Jacques
  10. Ooh, a lot to go through. I'll be sure to do that. Thanks, Jacques
  11. HI all, Want to make a thread about Lotus Esprit (all models) appearing in movies. Being that as a "star" or as a secondary back ground decor. What ever. Feel free to add to the list. 1/ "Fast Track: No limits" (2008). street racer movie. Red Esprit appearing in the background at 1:30:49. 2/ "If looks could kill" (1991). Teen agent movie. Lotus Esprit Turbo SE appearing as the heros secret agent car. 3/ "Pretty woman" (1990). Romance. Main charcter's laywer's car that he borrows. 4/ "Taking care of business" (1990). Comedy. Esprit appear near end of movie. 5/ "Cro
  12. Doing some work on the front fender maybe Tom? I remember the day of fun when the rad pack went back on I am going to install polybushings on the steering rack. Just don't know how to reach them yet. Kind regards, Jacques
  13. No slop should be there on the arb middle bushings. It seems you need a pair of SJ's purble ones, possibly. Kind regards, jacques
  14. Looking good Barry. It's such a lovely sight the chassis, and more so when there's actually room for doing all these little jobs which are otherwise a pain in the ...t to do when car is fully assembled. Cheers, Jacques
  15. Success! So, I bought a small bottle of some ATF fluid and mixed it ½/½ with acetone and poured it into a small oil can for the purpose. It strongly colours anything, incl. nitril rubber gloves. Applied a few drops every ½ hour or so for two hours, each time trying carefully to see if I could work it loose. Second time it gave a small click (not like breaking a bolt), and third time it rotated, fourth time I could drive it a little bit into the radius arm tube, and fill the hole with the penetrating mixture and finally, it could be driven out without too much force. That was actuall
  16. Thanks. It means it could be done in situ, if properly covered and outside. I tried a powderblasting when I bought the car, and it did help, but the nozzle was not working properly with the baking soda, and the whole courtyard was covered in white Water seems to be the better solution Kind regards, jacques
  17. Looks super nice after the vapour blasting. Can it be done in situ, or is complete dismantling required? Kind regards, Jacques
  18. The nut came off with no drame when on the car. I have the radius arm at home now, and mixed atf and acetone in an oil can and lube it every hour. We'll see how that works maybe tonight. If that atf&acetone mix works, I'll be sure to mention it here. Thanks, Jacques
  19. Thanks, I'll try that. I have bought an assortment of the newer shims, for the same reason. I think as the offending bolt in the right side arm is already on the floor, me working on it, that it's corroded to the inside of the radius arm. I'll atttack it tomorrow. Have you tried mixing acetone and automatic transmission oil as a dissolver/penetrating lubrification Kind regards, jacques
  20. I forgot to mention, that BIG hammer didn't help either. If I apply more force, I will smash the radius arm. So I am kind of stuck too. Kind regards, Jacques
  21. It's been a hard days night, and I've been workin' like a dog. Everything loose, both arms off and on the floor, but one bolt STUCK in the right side arm. I've tried heat, cold shock, torque (not to break it), penetration fluid, but to no avail. Good ideas are very very wellcome. Kind regards, Jacques
  22. Hej Lars, Nej, en større afgang på en turbo motor kan give mere effekt. Det sker bl.a. ved at den forbrændte gas kan komme hurtigere væk fra topstykket. I modsætning til en sugemotor, som er mere afhængig af et vist modtryk. Der er lige lavet en video på flutube om en amerikaner v8 som er tunet, turbo o.s.v. Og den får større og større afgang - mere og mere effekt. Jeg har selv en alunox bananmanifod på min SE, og den giver tidligere og bedre (hurtigere) spool up, mere effekt og mere bundtræk. Når det så er sagt, passer den bedst sammen med nogle andre modifikationer, så som turbo, større
  23. Thanks a lot for the explanation. It has never been worked on , except for now. This seems also to underline the importance of how (at which position) the suspensionrelated bolts are tightened under load of two persons in the cabin and ½ full tanks, as the twist or preload in the bushings are different, and the values of effect they represent under various suspension travel, are different, thereby affecting height, and thereby also affecting bumpsteer as a consequence of wrong height to turn - wrong angles to certain input. I'll have to think a method to set this up. On another
  24. In that case, would you, with the mods I have made, suggest a slight toe in or a toe out? And what level of wear are we talking about? Kind regards, jacques
  25. Today I reset front toe to 0 and rear camber to 1,1°. We'll see how it fares. Actually, I am very interested in how Little Red Riding Hood will drive, as I have done quite many thing at one time, without testing each thing seperately. Usually I do only one thing and then drive to see how it performs. This way I can also better have a feel for what it actually does. But, all these things were necessary, so it had to be in one stage. even though measuring wheel arch height cannot be used to set suspension, I measureit and can later on see, if something I do to the car, combined with re
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