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  1. Hmm... yesterday, the battery started to play up, and since no programme to desulfate the battery worked, I went out and got a new battery. To avoid the shop, I paid online, and they wore plasticgloves while carrying the battery outside and placed it safely behing a gate, where I picked it up. Installed and now on full charge. A Varta blue top battery. The old one were a Global and it's heavier, so saved another 2,9 kilogram. Nice bonus. Meanwhile at the batcave, I have hung up some of the front suspension parts that I'd rid of old crud and rustprotected them, painted them black again and
  2. In these times of lockdown, people get a little creative, just to go outside for a bit and take a short walk. Here are two funny examples: In Romania, people are also in lockdown, and there are no busses, trains or tramvai's (railcar). and you need a certificate to be allowed to leave your home and take a short walk, with say the dog. If you don't have a propper paper, you'll be heavily fined. So, I just heard from friends there, that a man living with his family 50 km's from a larger town, went on his horse and rode 50 km's to the towns hospital, to visit his wife and new born. He didn't
  3. Ah! I'll send that to a friend (the one with the broken down 911 chaos car), who are looking for one of these, and because of the current situation, he cannot go see the ones for sale. Should keep him occupied for ½ hour. Thanks, Jacques
  4. Stupidity and desperation will sometimes make some people do very odd things. But what we see in the two videoclips are not telling the whole story. It could be a young man pro basque, protesting for independance against Spain, just to mention one strange explanation. Or it may not. But this is not a dictatorship, it's about coping with an evil descease. These two guys though, seems to ask for trouble. They'd better save their energy for something important. They'd better kneel and saya prayer or ask for permission to go and help someone in dire need at a hospital or elsewhere. The yound man o
  5. Likewise here in Denmark, all universities, private labs, and many many food making companies, alcohol making companies, plastic making companies etc. are now making all sorts of hospital aides to up the testing capacity as well as helping hospitals and others having enough equipment for treatment and protection. Kind regards, jacques
  6. A chinese study publiced in Medical Journal, shows that 11% of children infected with covid19 are hit severely. 25% of coved19 hospitalised patients in Italy, are young people who suffer the same very very serious respiratory problems. Kind regards, jacques
  7. Sorry to read this sad news. Please try to steer clear and keep being well for you and yours. Kind regards, Jacques
  8. I agree. And this is happening in many places. so Danish police told that from tomorrow morning, Saturday, they are giving fines, and they already arrested three young punks who made their day by stealing from a hospital. MAde the news immediately. Kind regards, jacques
  9. I went to a foam company, and got a piece of fireretardent blosed cell foam and stuck that on with a bit of spray glue and black heat paint. It cost next to nothing. Kind regards, Jacques
  10. Today, 497 special doctors in private practice have joined the national hospitals standing by, ready to work aound the clock, to aid treatment of covid19 patients, here in Denmark. I am impressed of all the people who volountarily join to help. I am sure we see the same everywhere. I just read Danish news. Kind regards, Jacques
  11. 627 died in Italy of covid19 in the last 24 hours. Yes, 1 single day. I hope noone out there are still moaning and complaining like a little spoiled child of having to stay home indoor for some weeks. I think this very sad number should convince even the worst sceptic, that we are way beyond a normal flu. Very sad news. Without knowing anyone, they all have my empathy. I sincerely hope that the world will not forget and look deeply into itself and maybe start prioritizing differently in the future. I also begin to see traces of many people beginning to argue whose to blame on many diff
  12. If you can get the materials, that is. I've been waiting for Lotus parts from the UK for close to 12 moths now. I guess that they got cought up in the brexit turmoil, or some other realistic situation. Pretty boring. Kind regards, jacques
  13. referring to the unfortunate truck/house get together above. yeah and the driver of that truck had his or her usual pint or two, before "getting on" with the job... Let's hope the home office wasn't at first floor, on the corner. Or if, so, at least one could call the boss and say "Sorry sir, I am a bit late today, I got carried away". Cheers, Jacques
  14. Meanwhile at the batcave: When you do some of this, you get some of this. And then apply some of this, to get some of this. And finally get this. Then onto this. So, two evenings of work, and they are finally all out. New parts ready to go in, but hey, can't do that, despite no rust at all, so arms are now off for a fresh cup of tea. Little Red Riding Hood is looking ofrward to get back to a normal state of being. More later. Cheers, Jacques
  15. Ha ha! Nice. I had a few albums from the IoM TT, which I used to play rather loud on the stereo. That Guzzi V8 sounds really nice, when on full throttle and volume turned up to 8'o'clock. Kind regards, jacques
  16. As of today noone in Denmark are allowed to gether more than 10 people - indoor or outdoor. Near all shops and other facilities are now shut down by law. Politicians now making prep to help single person companies, whose income in nil. Police patrolling but instead of fines, so far, they ask you kindly to go home and stay home. Really empty streets. Let's hope it will have widespread effect, so we can get back to orfinary life sooner. Kind regards, jacques
  17. I second that. Kind regards, jacques
  18. Yeah, we had the same in Denmark for a week, and then two days ago, they told that now all hospitals are no longer receiving anyone except a parent if their child is seriously ill, or the very nearest if someone are about to pass away. It also happened because a few people went into the hospitals and stole their medical supplies. How low can you go? The same is most likely going to happen with the very few last restaurants, bars etc, which refuse to close. The minister of health and the prime minister publically told everyone on tv yesterday, to stop acting like a little egoistic child an
  19. I believe chargecooled engines had forged pistons. I also believe that once you find out how fast and well the Esprit drives, you'll want bigger better brakes. I spoke to lotusbits some time ago regarding tuning carb'ed engiens, and they have plenty of suggestions. They do 300Hp or more on their own cars/engines 2,2; 2,5Liter. But all of the suppliers well known, can supply you with what you want. You may want to look into refining the cylinderhead a little, with better internals such as springs and followers, porting, valvejob and adjustable cam timing. Personally, if I we
  20. We have now made a logistics center to sort out any eventual incoming problems with lack of medical supplies between any hospital in the country. The ec now talking about "green lanes" aka trucks only, to to avoid ques and help supplies of anything needed. Hmm... I think there are plenty of free lanes these days. Anyway, only 3 weeks late with the suggestion from the ec, so that works Regarding the mil that some of us experience as super stubborn. Very annoying, but I think that somethimes the world may look different in their view. One thing they may not want, is to sit home and wa
  21. in Denmark, just in the western part of Jylland (Jutland) 1700 medicine sudents and pensioned doctors and retired nurses stand up and are ready to take their turn. All being specially educated to tackle respirator patients. That's a exceptionally high number of professional people who are outside the normal system, ready to work seriously, in such a small country as Denmark is. No food fight here as well and all you need to buy is there. And they don't shop every day, only as rare as possible. That is good news. Kind regards, Jacques
  22. Yes, and in my mind, it may also help preventing tragic outcomes for some families, who may otherwise fall into dispair because of an uncertain economical situation, and with the usual scenatio happening: divorce, suicide, misbehaving children etc. A good mental health and a positive attitude also helps people recovering. So all in all, a good initiative, which should also help long term. Kind regards, jacques
  23. Some good news: Danish politicians and private company representatives have landed a deal that prevents near 71.000 people from being fired and have salary compensation: over a 3 months period, workers must pay 5 days themselves, by vacation, or self pay; then the state will cover 75% of a salary up to 27.000dkr per month and the companies will cover the remaining 25%. all taxes etc. are postponed for companies for a while. That is good news to me Jacques
  24. Just saw another video and article regarding Italy, where 175-200 people are dying every day. That is a very high count of loss of lives. So many families grieving for their tragic loss. Desperate doctors and nurses work 12-14 hours every day, return home, and sleep for a few hours and then back to their job. Nearly no more masks, no more suits, no more oxygen, no more respirators to give to the newly infected every day, unless someone are passing. Dortors are now forced to give up patients and let them die and move over to new incoming patients. People in thousands are placed on cheap flod be
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