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  1. Thanks. Fortunately and thanks to my very active guardian Angel, I am Looking very good. But seriously, you can spare the engine mounts, no need to renew those, they look really fresh. How about the gearbox mounts? I would install a piece of heat insulation on to the frame tube closest. I did that on mine, to protect the galvanising. Kind regards, jacques
  2. It was minus 9 degrees cel. outside today, so I only got 15 deg cel. in the garage. Maybe I should turn the heat on. I got a bit tired of scrubbing the chassis from underneath the car, cleaning all the hoses etc. today being on the cold floor (I am not 16 any more), so went on to cleaning the original paint on my Futuras. Still miss to clean the bolt edges and the tires; took a couple of hours each to remove the tar, old glue from balancing weights, strange road debris, horse manouver, possibly a few bits from a tourist I didn't notice while being in a hurry and what not, but I believe they came up okay so far, having been made in 1996. This is a prep for something else to be installed. Just cannot take parts off the car and leave them dirty. Sorry. Little Red Riding Hood prefers not only clean lines, but also clean surfaces. Right now, she's up in the air, awaiting some mods to be installed. Kind regards, Jacques
  3. I will add that mine does not sound like in the above example on video. It's more aggressive and more raspy. Maybe it just doesn't come through on video, but I can guarantee you, that you would like the sound mine makes, if you are close to the car. Cheers, Jacques
  4. A bit louder, not much, and more raspy, more snarly. Just more mean and purposefull. Both in idle and on song. You can still sneak around but then you have to be fairly careful on the gas pedal. Other than that, and it shows it's true nature: a predator in sheeps skin or possibly more like it: a mean panther looking like a beautiful female ballet dancer - a danseuse who'll eat you raw. A superb sound by a 4 cylinder car. Better than many more intricate multicylinder sportscars, dare I say. Well, it is so on mine anyway Cheers, Jacques
  5. Good to hear taht it became possible to register and drive your beautifully restored car. I would enjoy it. Not on a daily basis, but get a Fiat of some sort for the daily driving. A 2-eleven does not sound like a daily driver, unless one wants a more extreme car for that task, even compared to the Esprit S1 Sounds more like a track car. Kind regards, Jacques ps: I would take it to the place in Sardinia, where thy shot the film originally! No matter if you sell it or keep it.
  6. Yes, that chemistry is a really dangerous very strong alkali. Just a few seconds of inhalation of the gasses it develops, and you're done: permanent lung damage. I know, because I have been exposed jsut a little bit very shortly despite protection, and I arrived in intensive emergency with strong chest pain, a very strong strange taste in the throat and lots of blood pouring out of my nose, and after some hours of blood analysis, blood cleaning and lung examination etc, I was told by the doctor, that I had no damages at all, being the only case he'd ever seen or heard of. so, I will repeat it: BE VERY CAREFULL! AND USE A FULL FACEMASK AND FULL BODYPROTECTION, WITH THE CORRECT FILTERS PLUS VERY VERY GOOD VENTILATION, AND WARN ANYONE ELSE AROUND TO KEEP CLEAR FOR A PROLONGED AMOUNT OF TIME!!! If exposed, it can eat through skin, bones, flesh, the lot. So better do it propperly or not at all. Other than that, nice work! Kind regards, Jacques
  7. Double and triple checked everything again, poured 10 Liter of 100 ocatne in it and fired it up. No leaks, also no leaks when warm. Those new fuel hoses and fuel cross tube works fine. Painted a line over screws to see if they moved and they didn't. Will look it over again a few times as it drives, but that won't be for a long time yet. So over to something more to keep thing in check. Kind regards, Jacques
  8. So you haven't had fuel in them yet? What type of fuel do you normally use? Kind regards, Jacques
  9. Yes, that seems to be the tool for working with fuel hoses Have you had them long enough time to say something about the quality? Kind regards, Jacques
  10. Being really cold outside with -11,9 deg. cel plus a chill factor, it's nice to spend a little time in the garage working on Little Red Riding Hood. I had taken the lower fuel cross pipe off, together with the old fuel hoses, and circular flaps for the tanks, the circular clamps drilled out, and cleaned up the ground wires from the tanks to the frame. Nothing wrong with the old parts, but after 30 years, I think it's time to renew them. The new fuel hoses I had ordered as originals (always), but received something else. Now I donøt know if they are a newer type or some aftermarket stuff. Time will tell if they hold up. They do seem to be well made, sturdy, woven on the outside, and not even my new super sharp knife would cut into them, so used a hacksaw, which made a nice clean cut to shorten them a bit towards the fuel cross tube. After inspecting the gromets for the new pipe and lubricating them, finding them good, and after installing the new lighter aluminium fuel cross over pipe, I held up the old fuel hoses to see if they would fit and they did, so used them as measurement for cutting the new ones. The fittings had been cleaned up over a couple of days, inspected and felt tight and fresh, so used them again. Fuelhoses went on with a dab of lubrification, and went on to the two aluminium fuel tanks' connecting studs/tube ends. Tightened up and all is good for the next 3 decades. Aluminium cross over tube is anodised inside out, and should hold up nicely over time. I am ever only running clean 100 octane with no cow pee in it, and lower engine cover is on, so everything is protected. Saving 200 gram on that fuel cross over pipe. Very sorry for the small rusty screws for the sound deadening and the handbrake cable bracket; I'll get to that as soon as I can actually buy some new ones. Everything's shut down now. Then I went on to refresh the center leather pocket with the famous "cd-holder" pocket. Now looking a bit more tidy, just needing 4 new fresh screws and a dab of glue. Polished up the side mirrors today with the 4 step from earlier plus UHD wax. Kind regards, jacques
  11. That is some serious work, Andrae! Well done. Really looking forward to follow your work. Kind regards, Jacques
  12. You certainly won't regret the hi-temp ones. And take a set for between the manifold and the turbo as well. The normal ones are darker and not so hi-temp. resistant. It's the light grey that are. But they are clearly described on pages from those who sell them. Linky: or: or: for the over seas guys. Anyway, surely worth using. Enough commercial advertising Kind regards, Jacques
  13. I used hi-temp. K-nuts. No need for anything else and they won't move unless worked on. As they are a bit smaller, it also leaves a bit more room for working on them, if the manifold have to be removed some day. Very good solution. Kind regards, Jacques
  14. Well, basically I agree, but it would take some very serious tests to diagnose the condition of the liver etc. to determine the level of waste toxins in the body and the effecienct of organs etc. Anyway, I very much agree with you that there seems to bea "club" of colleagues who all compete for having the most days off, all paid and now worries. In fact most of these people have been seriously unhealthy for many years, completely avoid any and all talks about their increasingly bad health. They all very well know this, and they suffer. Then there is a group of people, who seems to think that it's okay to stay home and tell a lie about them being ill when they are not, then the bridge is up, so couldn't cross the water, then the cat is new and need special care, and what not. I'm sure you know the drill. Every so often all these people are called in to little meating and "talk" by the local ceo, and gets told to tighten up their lifestyle etc. That usually helps two to three weeks, then it's all back to "normal". Aparently it's too expensive to sack them and get some colleagues who actually take an interest in doing their job. Then there is the matter of young people denying to work. Moeny just seems to rain from the skies. Some do this but certainly some don't and I do mine to support the later and reverse the former. I am well aware of different psychological aspects and mechanism's in a company amongst the workers. For example there are always a dog that shouts, one that doesn't, those who follow and those who make an example, those who kiss the behind of someone else to gain their objects and many more types. I agree and is quite well about having various types of colleagues, not all being a forward type. But I will always want people to actually do their job. That is an ongoing discussion many places. My point in the above was the selection made by the ceo. They choose the most healthy and who also don't have small children etc. etc. I am not angry about it, but after a year with two or actually three long lock downs (just prolonged further 3 weeks today), and when they are on job, they have all sorts of explanations of why they cannot do this or that, and in reality, they are there as a sort of social club for grown ups. Not exactly what a school is for. In the long run, it gets really tiresome. Being employed by the local authorities, we get the same salary with no posibility for differentiation. For example, if there was a difference of say 40 percent, it would make some sort of sense after all, but that is never going to happen. What I think will happen in the future is that insurance companies and medical expences paid by companies and authorities, even the retirement pension (the state paid part, not the private), will be semi user paid, depending on how the person will have chosen to live. If you live in an unhealthy way, you pay much more: hospitals, insurances etc. and if you chose to keep doing what's best, it's a different cheaper rate. Not relevant now, but i think it will be a political subject sooner or later. So, it's not about being thin of fat. Noone wants to look like a fireplace matchstick. It's about many small choices that makes sense for each of us. Being stress free, si a big part of it. Life quality cannot be measured in how thin one is. My working week is 37 hours plus homework, so a total of apprx. 50 hours weekly. Paid for 37 hours. That's just how it is in my line of work. Not complaining, just saying. Kind regards, Jacques
  15. After 10 years of working in Danske Bank's HQ being responsible for develoiping and implementing the first pilotproject of electronic trading with bonds, shares, futures etc. as well as teaching computer programmes, I resigned myself as I wanted to do something else being tired of making money (in no way rich at all), so after a computer education, a bank education, studying English, German and French for 3 years (all of it long gone ), I then took an education as A paedagog (I don't think you have something similar - it's a mix of teacher, socialworker and taking care of children etc). I have sinced worked with mentally ill and people with brain damages, and for 20 years I've been teaching in a public school in Danish, Math, Arts and something called Bylab (architecture/green living/woodworking) and also in an afterschool (much different from what you have). I also educate new students in my line of work (my own education) and teach in that respect as well as being a censor - so examine others when they finalize that education). Apart from that, I study all kinds of medicine as well as food, yoga (not the american disco version, but the old schoold indian deeply esoteric tradition), desceases, kiropractic, race bicycles, climb mountains, drive my motorcycle and sportscars, paint, draw, taking photos, swim, visiting orthodox monasteries in many far away countries, skateboarding, run, play badminton, build and enjoy HiFi, build computers for others, teaching certain software to study groups, enjoy rebuilding homes, take care of our garden (very small), wood working, studying ancient persian rugs, write a book, building rc planes and cars and much more. Now, I want to learn to take apart and service a wristwatch together with a friend who also share that interest. Could be fun to know and do. Then I can take care of my own watch. Cheers, Jacques
  16. Ha ha! Well, it's not even far from true So please excuse me if I cannot join the talk about current or past tv-series, new movies or the like, because I was at job at the time. Sorry. Cheers, Jacques
  17. I can add to what I wrote exactly one year ago, that I have observed the following phenomenon: that when the first lock down came in Denmark, I was chosen to be in the frontline, because I'm nearly never ever ill. But all my obese colleagues (many) was ordered to stay home and enjoy 6 weeks on their couch (eating). For free. Then, now at the end of 2020 right before Christmas, and well into 2021, we had the next serious lock down, and everyone, or nearly, staying home, I am still healthy and ordered to go to job every day to take care of other people's children and teaching. This has now taken place for 4 weeks, and seems to be planned to last until end of February 2021. Some 10 weeks on the sofa for all the obese persons who can hardly walk and loose their breath after taking the stairs for 1, read: one, floor. I, on the other hand, have to go to job. I don't mind going to job, because I am paid my usual salary and I believe we must all do some good where we can. Lesson one: if you want to get seriously many free weeks of vacation, or plentiful time to work on one's Lotus, eat until you are so pumped up, that you can hardly walk or talk. Government pays it all. And we all get the same salary. That is called solidarity. You know: I pay tax and government spend it on those who refuse to take care of themselves. Lesson two: if you take care of yourself, eating just enough and healthy vegtables or not, and excercise, taking your vitamins, bicycling every day for a few hours or so, using those running shoes that you bought on sale in a short momentary lapse of insanity, for ½ hour every day rain or sun, instead of taking the car, non-smoking, non-drinking, non-toxic, non-drug abusing etc, you will become the most envied person around, so you are ordered to work in a hostile shitty virus environment until you catch the descease, and then all your obese eating, drinking smoking colleagues will shout: Look what we told you: eat more meat, until you are like us, and you got ill because you have no "resistance". I am serious. It's what they said. Could someone brighter than me please explain the logic in this, please? Stupidity rules, it seems. Maybe that's the most influencing factor above them all. Take care. Kind regards, Jacques
  18. Well, I supported Brexit by buying a lot of books from you guys some time in November, as noone here seems to care write them in Danish anymore, now that everything seems to be forced into being English language. Even after Brexit. So that's one legacy... Only problem is, that they were stuck in the gigantic truck jam at Dover, so they arrived well after Christmas. Oh well, things suddenly seems to be as they always were. I guess we'll all survive after all, despite the black, dark, doomsday prophecies. Kind regards, Jacques
  19. Thanks for bringing that up. THe article gives a more thorough view on how it's counted. Certainly not very scientific, I'd say. Anyway, stay safe! Kind regards, Jacques
  20. I jsut read on (official news in Denmark), that 80.000 people have died related with covid-19 during the last 28days. I looked it up on BBC News, here: Is that true? Should that be believed? 80.000 people in 28 days in the UK alone? Could someone please confirm or shoot that info down, please? God help us all, if that is true. Kind regards, Jacques
  21. Thanks John! Maybe someone out there have a picture of said arangement? Kind regards, Jacques
  22. Yes it is. That means that the state can vote on raising taxes without the consent of the voters. And interest groups does not have to agree with their members. Kind regards, Jacques
  23. Hello all, Looking at interrior bits I stumbled over this part number, which is describe as a "lid" for compact disc pocket. I don't think I've ever seen such an item before. Could someone please describe what it its,as possibly a picture of it? On my SE 1990, there's a sewn on semi-elastic pocket that is attatched to the front of the compartment between the two seats. But a lid? No idea what it is. CAn itbe a lid that close off the compartment for intrusion, hiding, privacy? Kind regards, Jacques
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