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  1. Just a note of my own experience. I am also having a Corrado G60, and on that car I could one day sense a slight smell of fuel. I stopped the engine, let it cool Down, covered the engine compartment in rags, and took 3 pieces of fuel hose off (original). Nothing was visible at all from the outside - no cracks, no tears, no nothing. But on further inspection of the inside of the lines, they were xompletely cracked, Totally shot.There's been a few reported Corrados that went up in flames because of this problem. I naturally went to vw and got the very last set of pre-shaped original fuel lines. Problem solved.

    The cracking looks like a star shape, looking fron the end of the hose. So I cannot see any defects from the ouside, and therefore there would be no difference (to me at least) to a braided hose, apart from looking nice, and protecting the surface a bit more. Maybe a slight temp difference as well. The smell will be easily detected on a braided hose as well.

    The point of it all is change them before something nasty happens and change then regularely. Prevention is the thing to do I think.

    So from this perspective, I am now replacing the fuel lines of my "new" Esprit se. No doubt at all. Just do it. I have also ordered braided lines. I think they are made with an fittings, and incorporate a fuel filter.




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