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  1. Are you asking if anyone else would like to share the expense having new parts made?

    If so, are you speaking about the standard two parts from the differential, or the Sport300 diff or the Quaife diff?

    I am asking, as I am now clear what you mean.

    apart from that, i have alocal Esprit friend here, WHO participated in a modified V8 and it had a Quaife diff installed. One semi wet autoum drive, they spun out, hit a thick lightpole and smashed the Esprit to bits, while both ending in hospital for weeks.

    They said that having the Quaife diff made it stick better in turns, but not spinning both rear Wheels equally, but in the same time, while having a higher limit, once it went, it was more difficult to catch, hence the crash. At least that's what they told.



    1. Jacques


      Hi John,

      I am asking if they need to be stronger? I guess that the ones found in my Quaife is already stronger?

      Also, there's no provision for the o-rings. Are they to be installed anyway, or are they redundant?

      Can they be even stronger? Or shall we say a triple treatment of microshotpeening, then REM polishing and then cryo treatment?

      What's your view on this?

      Kind regards,


    2. Jacques



      I'll be careful once this Quaife is installed.

      Kind regards,


  2. Btw, I am interested!

    Kind regards,


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