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  1. Hi all,

    I am normally an Esprit guy, but this time around, I am asking on behalf of a friend who recently bought a Series 1 Elise (Rover K engine), as He is having a series of problematic issues, and trying to repair, overcome these.

    1/ So, first of all, he's got the impression, that the generator, or alternator, is not working correctly.

    Normally, on my cars, I would start off by having the engine off, ignition off, and then measure the Voltage between + and - on the battery.

    Next, I would repeat that, but with the engine running, to get a picture of the performance of the generator. There are of course, wires and earth wires in between, but still there should be a measurable difference between the two readings.

    He is right now using a normal closed type H2SO4 acid battery.

    So, what is the the expected normal voltage to see on these cars? and how many Volts are to be expected when running?


    2/ Secondly, are there any known issues of the generator/alternator on these cars melting down for example the voltage regulator, such as can happen on the Esprit cars? The black goo on the diodebridge melts and drips into the alternator, preventing the spinning copper parts to be read and send voltage to the regulator's diode bridge.


    3/ Does anyone know if there's a compressor kit that can be installed on to this Rover K engine? No turbo thanks. Only compressors, such as for example a twin scroll or others. He would like the car to have more omps at low revs, not needing the engine to be spun up to 5000 rpm to deliver. The car is currently running some emerald box, seperate injector houses etc. Apprx. 185 hp. He did not tune the car, but bought it in this state from a previous owner who had driven the car, but never done anything to the car.


    4/ The exhaust manifold is flapping pretty loud when cold, slowly becoming a bit more subdues when warm. Have to be corrected. Any know issues on this? 

    And any good advice before risking breaking the studs? (method of releasing them).


    All advice are much appreciated.

    Kind regards,




  2. They are original seats and runners.

    As far as I understood, the copies are pretty good, possibly apart from the runners, which is maybe not totally correct. But hat can be remedied.

    They are okay tight for the hips, so if one is a little bigger around the hips, they may not suit. Apart from that, they are actually quite comfortable, well, not in the ordinary sense, but it's no problem for me to drive far. I wouldn't mind driving across Europe in them, which I intend to do, once my parking brakes are in place and the bans because of the virussituation are lifted enough to be possible to actually do the trip. They really keep you seated and support well.

    Highly recommended. I always advocate for them, because I find them to be far better than many other sportscars seating.

    Kind regards,


  3. HI all,

    I am looking into possibly installing a later type non airbag Nardi steering wheel and it's adaptor on to my 1990  Esprit Turbo SE. So, apart from the horn function, would it fit my car? (thinking of steering column etc.). I think it's the same on S4, S4s and Sport300?

    The one I am looking at, is similar looking to a sport300 except for the covering which is not alcantara, but normal leather. The center pad is similar.

    Kind regards,


  4. Interesting read.

    I'm advocating for that - a bit faster spooling turbo that won't run out of breath on the top. Meanwhile, I did install a rebuilt Sp300 turbo and despite being bigger that the stock SE item from 1990 model, it spools faster and does not run out of breath (with an added pump and fpr plus the right Sp300 ecu.

    Then I read all sorts of things with the modern scroll ceramic ball bearing turbos. Now, I want to point out that I have no personal experience with them, so it's just readings, of which one should be a little cautious. Anyway, the modern turbos are so fast, allegedly, that the GM ecu item cannot work with that speed. Hence a new ecu setup.

    I know there are many contributing factors, but that was the sum of some of the readings I found.

    Was that some of the same findings you did Erik?

    Kind regards,


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  5. On 30/04/2021 at 00:40, ChrisJ said:

    I can't imagine a more unsuitable car for rallycross than an Esprit - but someone used one in the 80s


    Likewise. Those audi had up to 350hp against those other cars. And look what an impact 4wd had on all those other cars. They never stood a chance. And note how one of the other cars knocked over the Esprit. What a terrible idea. Anyway, someone else must have been on to the same idea, as I've got an Airfix model of another rallycross Esprit. Another bad idea ;)

    Kind regards,


  6. Oooohhh! First drive this year. And on a sunny day too. Not shabby. Actually very nice feeling and it surely feels enormously fast after 6 months in the stable. Already got some positive comments. And after that I went for another drive in my Corrado G60 today, which btw. also feels pretty fast and fun, and surprise, that got some positive comments too. Hmm. which one to sell? I haven't found a suitable garage yet and it's getting really tight in the small one I have.

    Anyway, it was nice to let Little Red Riding Hood loose a bit. Now, I've caught some heavy cold and got to take care of that. Oh well, next week - more driving ;)  Now, if only those spareparts would show up, so I can finish up some of the projects on Little Red Riding Hood. That would surely fit the bill. Extraordinary patience seems to be a keyword if one depends on spares from the UK. Sometimes I think they not only cut the link to the ec (good on them for doing so), but maybe even cut the ties to their customerbase on mainland Europe, by mistake of course... We'll see. Rabdare, rabdare...



    A nice place to be, when the going gets tough and the though gets going:



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  7. So, spent a couple of hours, ar fairly many, to tighten up a few points that I have collected parts for, and that I finally had a chance to do. First of all, when I bought the car some near 8 years ago, it had both rear side lifting point plates. Now, years later, one flew off while driving, and the other dangling in one pop rivet.

    So I drilled that remaining one out, cleaned up the mounting holes and placed the new ones on, and riveted them in. so far, so good: fresh lifting points if need be.

    Then on to changing one of the ½ mounting frames in black plastic on the inner passenger door handle frame, as it was broken. I thought for years that it was nla, but to my surprise, it's right there to be bought ;) so in it went.

    Next up was the head lamp finisher rings that have now been made. It kind of close up the gap between the headlamps themselves, and the surrounding fiber. Looks neater, but har to see when the light is on ;)

    And then it was time to look at the metal finisher rings at the tank fillers, which had become not as nice any more. So a new set in stainless was bought and new screws in stainless, and installed.

    All nice little easy jobs for once ;) Little Red Riding Hood is thrilled about the attention she got and looks and function improved and secured for years to come. So only 12 or 16 more jobs left before Little Red Riding Hood is ready to hunt down the bad wolves from Stuttgart, once more.

    Kind regards,


    installation point.JPG

    new lifting point in place.JPG

    other new lifting point.JPG

    broken inner doorhandleframe.JPG

    headlamp finishers.JPG

    new tank filler finisher ring.JPG

    old filler ring.JPG

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  8. I would do the radius arm bushings while at it, as they are probably old. Depending on weather, they get some splash and dash and just become old and squishy. And the nuts as many are locking type. Then you can do a full geo yourself and have some shims ready for the radius arm setup. While under there, you can also have a look and check for tightness on all hose connections ;)

    The advice from others about installing adjustable upper rear arms seems sound to me. I did the same.

    Off to do some handbrake cables myself ;)

    Kind regards,


  9. Same here. Never installed it, as it did not fit. Works perfectly without, and if it really came to that, one could argue that the installation is better without. Anyway, I have mine in the drawer as well, together with some of their experimentation of bracketry together with some other parts that did not fit and which also did not work.

    The manifold though, once corrected for it's imprecise welding, is superb.

    None of the high temperature K-nuts I installed ever left the building as Elvis would have it.

    Kind regards,


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  10. As usual these so-called journalists have many things wrong, such as weight, tire-dimensions and what not. On to the article in the same webpage, there's a comparison between a Testarossa, a 928S4, a Stevens Esprit Turbo SE, an Aston Vantage. Equally full of errors, making the usual dogmas.


    Kind regards,


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