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  1. I've ordered a new rack from lotus bits as my rack will run to lock with a slight shove on the steering and it shouldn't do that
  2. The steering is very very light and takes no effort to move it, fail sheet reference 2.3.3a and brakes 3.3.B.1b,us used the same tester for 15 years,not been in another pas car to compare it with.
  3. I have run out of picture space ,The s2 has a different sill to the s1 , mine has a plate bolted to the body its about 125 x 320 mm . the early esprit's have the same problem
  4. Had a look at my front seat belt mounts on my 79 eclat today ,removed the sill covers to find out how bad they are and there's not much left . The drivers belt come away from it's mount when tugged on ,not easy to check your belts as the mounting plate can't be seen unless you remove the sill
  5. was it Rex Judd ,got my eclat from them about 3 year's ago it needed body work and exhaust ,I couldn't get the price down but i got it delivered free ,and i had no problems with them
  6. These bits have to go may be of use to someone if not their in a skip next week
  7. Had a go at welding today for the first time ,I've repaired my original diff as it was much better than the spare.Here is the plate after some grinding and rust primer I'll clean up and paint the rest now the repair has worked ,and get the seals done .any one done these their self ?might get lotus bits to do this
  8. nearly ready for paint but its got no differential at the moment
  9. I was going to clean up and paint my spare diff, checked it with a hammer and holes appeared rusted from inside out .Removed diff from the car today and hit it with a hammer its thin in places but not as bad, could it be repaired or should i replace it
  10. The fiber glassing is surprisingly easy ,my new rear bumper was used to help keep the shape right and some cardboard templates made from the good side
  11. I like the white too Guy, it seems to be quite a forgiving colour for damage and repair .Its had a respray at some point but it was white originally. Interior is black Alcantara and is unfaded so car was probably garaged alot . Repair's to the body fun but can be a bit itchy The flattened and reinforced internaly waistline seems to have helped to minimise the damage.
  12. This is my eclat I got it last year and stored it over winter .I'm in the process of making it roadworthy for an mot and vic .It appears to have come of the road in 07 after an accident that damaged the rear bumper rear passenger side quarter and exhaust .I've nearly finished the repairs and the car runs drives and stops ok with no bad noises.
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