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  1. Any Update on Group Buy ??? May 21st is a month past.
  2. See my Post #345 here, about my experience driving the 570S:
  3. What is the final list, as of May 21st ? What is the next step ?
  4. The BOE Stage 2 Tune looks feasible once the OBII re-flashing becomes available. It is more than just a mixture adjustment. Hopefully it will work with 2bular Headers, OR they can adjust it for them. From the BOE website: "The Stage 2 setup really wakes the Evora up with upwards of 295whp! The tune is significantly altered from both stock and the Stage 1 tune to compliment the BOE tuned headers. Stage 2 is a 3 part package consisting of the tune, headers, and intake. Please note that a straight though muffler is worth about 5-8 whp over the stock Evora muffler at this power level. You MUST be running a BOE CAI. No other intake will be supported. The mapping is specifically designed for the BOE tuned headers. The cam phasing, ignition advance and fueling is all very specific for these headers. The headers come with Stage 2. We have modified everything from temperature compensations, spark curves, fuel curves, throttle ramps, intake cam timing, exhaust cam timing, "Sport Mode" settings, and the list goes on! "
  5. I have looked at the BOE Stage 1, 2, and 3 Tunes. There are some questions whether the Tunes will pass California Smog Emissions testing. The stage 3 tune requires taking your car to BOE in Kansas, which is 1,600 MILES from San Diego, AND leaving it for 4 weeks, for them to install the cams, headers, and tune, which would not be readily reversible for smog inspection if necessary. At this time, Stage 2 requires sending your ECU to BOE for re-flashing, and still has the CA. smog question. Stage 2 is designed for the BOE Headers, with longer primaries, so I'm not sure how that would work with the 2bular headers. I'm reluctant to spend $2,500 to change my Headers again. BOE is supposed to be making the stage 1 and 2 Tunes available for OBII re-flashing by the consumer in the future, with the ability to go back to the OEM Lotus tune any time. I would likely try the Stage 2 Tune if it was OBII flash-able and reversible.
  6. As far as I can tell from your photos, your CAI install looks correct. Yes, the aluminum tube connects to the side scoop you have shown. "I secured a piece of 4" diameter aluminum tubing into the side fender air inlet with a hose clamp. The aluminum tubing piece is 2.5" long, and clamped onto the bottom lip of the fender inlet, extending into the inlet but NOT covering the lower drainage slot. The 4" flexible hose that goes from the fender inlet to the air cleaner is then positively held in place over the aluminum tubing, rather than just held in by a tie wrap crossing through holes punctured into the flex hose as indicated in the BOE instructions." You can see how BOE shows the connection to the side scoop with a tie wrap through punctured holes in the flex tubing on page 10 here. Evora CAI-Instructions0317.pdf?dl=0 Notice the gap on the upper half between the flex tubing and the side scoop.
  7. I have NO whistling noise from the BOE CAI, (nor anywhere else). You might be correct that it is the tie wrapped edge of the 4" flex hose that is vibrating in the air at a high frequency causing the whistle. The 4" aluminum tube installation is an easy modification, that I think is an all around better install.
  8. The addition of the BOE CAI added only a very slight induction sound at cruising speed. The more throttle, load, and RPM, the more induction noise you hear. It's a pleasant sound, that is not overbearing, even at full song. I was concerned about excessive induction noise before purchase, but it is NOT a problem. It's a nice addition to the exhaust sound with the Header system, and I recommend it. When you remove the OEM Lotus Air Box system, and look at the restricted and convoluted path of the intake air, you will wonder how the engine ever performed with it. Besides, the CAI makes cleaning the air filter a snap. It's hard to quantify, but I think that the addition of the CAI improved the throttle response, and the mid range torque. The sound plays tricks on you, but the larger direct air pathway has to benefit the performance. BTW, I made an improvement to the BOE CAI Installation; See Post #831
  9. I have the full 2bular Headers-Downpipe-Metalic Cat, connected to the Lotus Non-valved Janspeed Sport Muffler on my 2011 NA Evora, WITH a BOE CAI. I do NOT have an ECU Tune with this set up, and have NEVER had a CEL, and the Air-Fuel Lambda mixture numbers are fine on the Dyno. You DO NOT need an ECU Tune for the Header system and BOE CAI. There probably is additional HP to be gained with a tune and this set up, but it is not necessary.
  10. So, how do we proceed from here, to get this moving ?
  11. Any Update on the Aluminum Sculptures ??
  12. I'll buy that Silver Ginetta G 60, just behind AU09 AOG. Anyone know of a Left Hand Drive G60 For Sale ??
  13. I just found this thread. Is this Group Buy still progressing ? Several of the above orders have to be added to the list.
  14. Do you offer shorter wheel studs ? 75 mm studs seem very long for stock wheels with no wheel spacers, when 45 mm studs will come flush with the end of the lug nuts.
  15. I have the full 2bular Headers-Downtube-Metrallic Cat, with the Lotus Sport Muffler, AND the BOE CAI. VSA helped with the initial installation, and then I replaced them myself with different headers. See: , and the pages before and after. The Header system install is not that difficult. As you mentioned, re-fitting the heat shields, and extending the O2 sensor wires was the hardest part. I understand that longer O2 sensor wires are now available, so that should eliminate that issue, which took the longest time. As I recall, the only heat shield requiring significant modification was the small one on the front of the engine protecting the alternator. I have a 2 post lift, and think that utilizing a lift is pretty much necessary. With the full 2bular system and my RECENT ADDITION of the BOE CAI, I have NOT required a tune, and never had a CEL. I think there is more HP to be gained with a tune, but I'm waiting for a local source for that.
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