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  1. Thanks for your thoughts. Its the worst of faults. Went out to carry on looking and it started!!!!!!!!!! How safe do I feel in going on a long run at this moment? Not very. Wish I had found a real fault!
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  3. Cheers. No spark from the king lead. Changed Ab14. So I'll look more round the distributor.
  4. My excel has stopped trying to start. Lack of spark seems to be the issue. Earth seems good, plugs, leads and coil changed. I even borrowed another Lucas amplifier but with no success! I'm at a loss now. Any ideas?
  5. Hi Gary, Sorry but I can't make it but I hope its well supported. As you say there is a Lotus connection and perhaps that should be reinstated for the Battle of Britain Trophy day. Clive Chapman racing his monohull in the junior racing.
  6. Just heard from Paddy about Nick. My thoughts and prayers are with the family. Nick had so many stoires about Lotus, the cars and the people involved. He could talk for England. A wonderful man and a great loss.
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