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  1. eliteman


  2. That 2 tone blue/ grey is very smart. Like previous comments, taking the waistline away is a bad idea from talking to people in the know. It will most likely be cracked now also from movement
  3. I did have an S1 with factory Galv chassis yes. Inside the nose cone "S2 prototype" was written in marker pen. The factory must of been testing a Galv chassis on this car but I haven't heard of another S1 to have one so agree with Dunc on this one.
  4. Hi Dan. The window corners are on e bay just now. Search under Lotus Elite. They have 24 hours left of bidding and are about £8/£9 just now. Take care. Liam
  5. Lovely picture Dunc. Its great to have a little helper. Take care. Liam
  6. Good luck Guy. I've heard good things about Lakeside. I'm sure the old girl will do you proud. Liam
  7. Broke down many times in my old Elite's. AA were always very, very good. They had no issues in towing the car from London to Scotland for me. Hope that helps.
  8. Came on e bay today for £8500. Add was deleted within 2 hours.
  9. I would agree with Mat with regards to the chassis. There is a good chance it will need patching or replacing. Have you thought about a newer Lotus with a galvanised chassis. About 82 onwards. If the chassis is galvanised you can at least get on with the nicer jobs!
  10. Looks like a good car David. Its good to see you are dedicating some time to the saviour of old cars. Good luck with the sale....
  11. Well done David. For discovering her and bringing her to life again for others to enjoy. Good work.
  12. To be honest I got a bit upset before when someone started to pick holes in one of my old cars for having colour coded bumpers! It was a pretty much mint S2 Elite too! I think we are all here, or should be to congratulate each other on our cars not to try and upset each other by putting the few good cars we still have down by picking out tiny detailing faults. I think you post / share pictures of your cars and story's on this forum to encourage enthusiasm for these rare machines not to end up being slated for a bit of silver paint/ colour coded door mirror! Come on - get real here. Most of the
  13. All parts from Lotusbits. As far as I am aware mostly all black on the S1 Elite. Welcome. 2 very nice cars there.
  14. Try the fuel pump. Worked on my Elite which was cutting out only when hot. That was after spending ££££ on everything else!
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