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  1. Yep. She was one of the last 3 made. Not sure the order… just need to find a replacement set of carbs for her. Stunning car as they all are. Thanks Dunc
  2. Thanks for the advice guys. I’m not the best mechanic I’m afraid so would be worried id make a hash of it and leave my car a non runner! Think I will buy a set from Lotusbits and swap them over, then get the originals re built! Hopefully a smooth transition! Thanks
  3. Hi there. My Elite 1980 is running lumpy so I’m looking for another set of carbs to be sent away for rebuild. It will mean I can still use the car. Hopefully someone has a set lying in the garage. Happy to pay plus the postage. Thanks so much. Liam
  4. Thanks Dunc. Really missed the car and the group! It’s nice to be back. Liam Been polishing! Lol 😂
  5. Arrived back to me today. Over the moon with her....
  6. Hi Tony. It’s original. It’s quite an interesting car as it’s one of the very last S1’s built. It’s had a galvanised chassis from new. Apparently the final 3 had galvanised chassis as the factory had no original ones left! It’s had a lot of work over the years and a manual conversion from Automatic. Mike Taylor from Lotusbits had carried out much work for me many moons ago to a very high standard. Mike was a true Godsend at the time and really helped me out with loads of things. It then went to a friend of mine who has continued over the years to improve her. She’s a great car. My love of these cars started in the 80’s. A picture of me my father and brothers at Loch Lomand in the 80’s and my eldest son with an Eclat I owned previously.
  7. She’s a nice one. Just to get the carbs off and sent away to Esprit engineering for a re build and we should be good to go until the next Lotus drama! Love these cars! 😍
  8. Yes for sure. It’s been in very good hands. Thanks
  9. Hi All. It’s been a while but I’m buying back my old Elite so returning to the Forums soon. It’s good to be back. Will keep you all posted on the journey! Thanks. Liam
  10. eliteman


  11. That 2 tone blue/ grey is very smart. Like previous comments, taking the waistline away is a bad idea from talking to people in the know. It will most likely be cracked now also from movement
  12. I did have an S1 with factory Galv chassis yes. Inside the nose cone "S2 prototype" was written in marker pen. The factory must of been testing a Galv chassis on this car but I haven't heard of another S1 to have one so agree with Dunc on this one.
  13. Hi Dan. The window corners are on e bay just now. Search under Lotus Elite. They have 24 hours left of bidding and are about £8/£9 just now. Take care. Liam
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