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  1. Satin black makes most sense to me as it will match the plastic trim behind the B pillar better - still, my current door window frame is glossy both inside and out, which may be due to polishing, but the interior side is glossy too which I can't imagine has received all that much polishing.. I would just like to paint it as it would be from factory...
  2. I'm having my door window frames repainted and they currently look glossy black but I'm not sure if this is due to years of polishing?
  3. My experience has been that Lotus won’t tell you any key codes, but a main dealer will, since they can physically check your documents.
  4. I have just come off the phone to Steve at SJS and he said that for a more recent car he agreed with the find-number-get-key-made approach, but for a 1985 car felt the chance of the key fitting was too slim, so he has sold me two new key mechanisms which means I’ll have to attack the current ones with a screwdriver before replacing. The mechanisms and chrome cap were about £30+vat each. He said Lotus charge around 30 for releasing information so that played a part in the decision too. Hopefully these locks aren’t very theft proof..?
  5. Thanks Stuart - is speaking to Lotus a case of phoning a switchboard in Hethel..?
  6. I noticed today the small key won’t open the fuel cap - is it the small key (see picture) the wrong key..? I seem to remember the fuel key had a small rubber handle ..or am I going mad? if -in my genius- I have indeed lost the fuel cap key, what’s the way forward?
  7. Many thanks gents - naturally I elected to take on this minor tweak whilst abroad in Holland, where I have no jack or much in the way of tools, but luckily my nearby brother in law has a good mechanic who is sympathetic to old cars, so hopefully he can have a go at this tomorrow or Tuesday. I found a Lotus specialist about an hour away also I've had a look and unfortunately there is indeed the enclosure in the way. The same brother in law has provided me with 'slightly slower' alternative transport.. I never liked these when
  8. So there I was merrily thinking I could shift my driver's door striker a little to make the door look better seated - little did I know that the nutplate into which the bolts are screwed would just drop away on removal of the bolts. Let me find a wall to bang my head in penance, especially now that I read from others what a well known no-no this is.. From what I can read on the forum I am either in a world of pain and have to remove the entire driver's side fuel tank assembly or I may be able to retrieve the shimmy from once I remove a sill inspection cover ..are thes
  9. I went for it and I have the skinned knuckles to prove it; I put the car on axle stands and eventually managed to pull the vacuum line out of the chassis from the engine side. From here of course there was much anxiety as to whether I'd ever be able to get a new line in, though I was happy to see that my faffing around with the vacuum gauge (and despite miss diagnosis from a professional) had led me to the right place ...clearly the decline will have started many moons ago and I have obviously rather got used to less than optimal brakes..! The replacement pipe from Lotus is
  10. I have been under the car and found no issues between the rubber hoses and their connection to the metal pipe that runs through the chassis. But, I could move the metal pipe where it goes into the chassis at the front in & out by an inch or two, whereas on the engine side it is held firmly in place by a grommet. Is this steel pipe is just a single piece (ie. I should not be able to move it at the front when it is static at the back)? If it is broken (how could it break..?) then I wouldn't be getting ANY vacuum reading at the servo end (currently it's around 30% of what it should
  11. Thanks - I checked the vacuum at the end of the hose where it connects to the servo, and that's where I got the low reading - so there must be an issue between manifold and servo...
  12. Took a few more days for some tubing to arrive but finally I have a better sense of what I'm dealing with - NOT helped by the classic Porsche/Ferrari specialist in Edinburgh who seem to have given me a total bum steer on this. There IS decent vacuum at the manifold; 0.45 /15 inches on overrun - It's nicely half way up the dial, so I take it that's within the correct range? When I blank off the brake servo line -and with a new non return valve fitted- the heater flap works now - and there is no vacuum loss. There IS a leak between servo and manifold (again contrary to what the g
  13. After one house move too many I am ashamed to say I appear to have lost one set of keys to my '85 Turbo.. Can they (ignition and fuel filler cap) be copied? I have always had another key that looks just like the ignition key (though without the red dot) has a different blade and so doesn't turn the ignition - any idea what that one could be for..?
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