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  1. Thanks gents - The garage checked for vacuum at the header rail above the manifold and found ‘practically no’ vacuum there. I don’t think he used a tee to test each of the two circuits; just found close to zero vacuum to begin with. Is the non return valve in the heater circuit the dome shaped thingy behind the side cover above the engine?
  2. Thanks Andy - yes I looked at that already with interest. Thing is, not even the heater controls are working now, when I have had these working in the past; so there must be some kind of fault..?
  3. Further investigations have revealed that there is no leak in the pipe to the brake servo. But rather, that there is simply not enough vacuum created ‘at source’ ie the rail above the manifold, to operate the heater controls, let alone the servo. The engine recently had a complete rebuild by PNM and seems in very good shape otherwise. Before we take the manifold off, does anyone have any suggestions? Is there some kind of valve in the manifold that could be faulty? thanks team!
  4. I have done some investigations; I noticed the vacuum controlled flap by the heater fan isn't working. I removed the engine side panel above the RH petrol tank, disconnected the small heater control vacuum tube and found almost zero vacuum there; enough to hold a cigarette paper but I couldn't feel anything on my finger. I have the common header rail above the manifold from which the vacuum pipes for heater controls and brake servo go off; suspecting a leak somewhere between the rail and the brake servo, I removed the vacuum line for the servo and found that I could blow through it with relatively little resistance. Am I on the right track? If so, how is the vacuum pipe for the servo routed and is there a most likely spot where it has sprung a leak?
  5. Thanks all - The mechanic didn't have numbers but said that at idle there was 'as good as no' vacuum at the servo and that when he drove it he was convinced the car didn't have a servo fitted... This may be a stupid question but if there is a leak around the heater controls, this would cause the loss at the brake servo end?
  6. Many thanks - I am seeing the mechanic later today and will report back. The engine was rebuilt by PNM 1200 miles ago so should be in good shape. I don’t think the brakes are worse than usual (and they are bad, they have some response under light braking but are solidly wooden with much force needed thereafter) and on previous investigation another machnic gave me the ‘they are all like that Sir’ so frankly I’m delighted that the current mechanic (a well regarded if mainly classic Porsche specialist) thinks there is an issue after all.
  7. I’m the go-between between my garage who are working on my car and this forum, but the mechanic notes that there isn’t enough vacuum at the brake servo for it to operate properly; before he starts taking off parts and panels he is hoping I can help him with some research as to the likely source of the problem, ie where the vacuum is created and its routing. Can anyone here advise? 1985 Turbo Esprit
  8. Hi Everyone, One of the screws of the rearview mirror is not grabbing so I'd like to get the digital clock out so I can have a look to see what the screw is(n't) screwing into - but I can't seem to get the clock out without risking the surrounding leather. Should I just wiggle and persevere?
  9. That's not how I would describe being out by 100%...
  10. My battery is dead as a dodo, despite being on a Ctek trickle charger. Can someone point me to the correct replacement? Thanks much!
  11. I quite liked the phonetics of 'S3' vs. 'Esprit' but feel suitably admonished :-)
  12. There don't seem to have been many in the classifieds for some time - are people holding on to them? Has there been any significant shift in value in the last couple of years?
  13. That's what I noticed, too - though they look the same. Just wondered if anyone knows for sure. Thanks
  14. I'm just wondering whether a Stevens wind deflector will fit my '84 Giugiaro - many thanks
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