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  1. Hmmmm ,thanks Ed. I was quoted £526 fitted. I argued that car was only 2 months out of warranty and was told they would discount where they could There were then some additional bits and pieces that I agreed (£150ish). Bill was £1740 when the car was ready!! I had it in writing for the lower amount so that was all I had to pay but it was badly handled and left a bad taste despite the fact I wasn’t financially hit.
  2. Can anyone that's had a new air con condenser fitted confirm what the price was? I was quoted a price then asked for 3x times the price when I phoned to settle the bill when it was ready to collect. I only paid what I was originally quoted but was told that there was a mistake in the quote by the mechanic and it should have been much more. Generally wasn't happy with how it was handled even if I did get a bargain, so interested to see what others have paid.
  3. Thanks- rain check for now. I am waiting for a response from the dealer on why it wasn’t picked up during the last service when it was still under warranty .
  4. Ok edit. It is the Condenser rather than the Compressor that has corroded on mine.
  5. I've just been told mine has failed too - put it in to get re-gassed and told it will cost £530 for a compressor as it is badly corroded. Not happy given that the car is only 2.5 months out of warranty and was serviced then too. Waiting for the service manager to call back on Monday to see what he says.
  6. I ran 3/4 plates on my previous Europa for about 5 years and then ran legally spaced cut down plates on the front of my last Evora and never had any issue or comment and was often parking in, or next to, Police Office car parks. I have legal plates on the front now (because I haven't got around to getting new plate made up) and a cut down legal plate on the back
  7. I'm a fan of the red steering wheel but alcantara dirties up too much on a steering wheel so red leather would be my choice.
  8. That's my point in a way, I would too but we're already Lotus owners, they need an SUV right now that people will buy instead of the new Alfa SUV or the capable and desirable RR, Discos, Jag, Porsche, Maserati, Jeep etc. A small specialist sports car manufacturer with no 4x4 background has to have a good USP ro sell their 4x4 against the established players.
  9. I agree with comments above. An SUV is what buyers currently want but Lotus are behind the game and in 4 years they may well have missed the trend or be fighting for a very small corner of a crammed market. Unless they come to market with hybrid / electric power or something innovative (like the Elise was in the 90's) I worry that it will be bought by ' grown up' current owners and won't increase the market they currently have or raise the brand. Lotus should have capitalised on the original Tesla tie-in and been producing cars using that tech for the last 10 years.
  10. Loved it. Was prepared to be regretting a last minute Amazon subscription. But not so. Worth it for that show alone. Looking forward to the rest of the series.
  11. Sturgeon wasn't smart enough to keep quiet and threw her weight behind Clinton yesterday when all the polls were suggesting she would win. Not to mention withdrawing his Business Ambassador status last year. I guess Wee Jimmy will have some 'sookin up' to do if he does appear at Prestwick airport anytime soon
  12. I use Yoko W drives on my S1 Evora too and would reccomend them too.
  13. My money would be on a general election early in 2017. ?
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