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  2. Just off the phone, looks awfully like the car is sold subject to viewing.
  3. It's a tough call. Sale or return isn't free, there is a hefty fee attached if you park it at a dealer. This in turn pushes the price up to cover the cost to gain the same return. Granted, however, it does give you access to dealer finance and service etc but I figured it was worth advertising the car myself initially to gauge interest as not everybody needs access to finance. And there has been a lot of interest given it's only been up a few days.
  4. Still around, lurking in dark corners.
  5. That was a busy afternoon, especially the last hour. Hope everybody that had a run in the Cup enjoyed themselves,especially the marshals, Gordon and Callum at the end, I know I did. Wish I had put a go pro in the car for some of the reactions, priceless. Top day, great fun.
  6. Make: Lotus Model: Exige V6 Cup Owner: Me Year: 2014 Reg: V600 CUP Engine Config: V6 Engine cc: 3500 Weight: 1050 kg Approx Power: 345BHP Top Speed: 170mph 0-60 mph: >3.8 secs Details and History of the Car: Monoco White Owned from New ​ Cup R areo pack (rear wing, lightweight engine cover, large front splitter and front canards) Ohlins TTX 2 way adjustable suspension. T45 A Frame Baffled sump Removable steering wheel. Carbon HANS seats Electronic cut off and extinguisher
  7. UPDATED LIST Static display Lotus Esprit S1 (1976) - Gordon Masson Lotus Elise CR (2012) - Jim Selkirk Track runs Lotus Esprit GT3 (1997) - Gordon Masson Lotus Esprit V8 (2003) - Brian King Lotus Elise Mk 1 (year?) – Ken London Lotus Esprit GT3 (year?) – Ken London Lotus Esprit V8-GT (2001) - Mark Rigby Lotus Elise SC (year?) - Ian Lotus Elan SE M100 (Year?) - Wendy Walsh Lotus Excel 2.5 (Year?) - Kieran Lee Lotus Exige V6 Cup (2014) - Mike Stout
  8. Not at all, so long as we use the watermarked ones.
  9. Lotus Exige V6 Cup (2014) Date Added: 05 January 2015 - 03:29 PM Owner: Mikie711 Short Description: V6 Cup with Cup R Aero pack, race battery, Ohlins TTX View Vehicle
  10. Few more pics taken by Pete from GT Scotland.
  11. the engine cover is a bit of a faff but straight forward enough. It isn't hinged but secured at the top edge by 2 pins into the top rail so you have to remove it to gain access to the boot. The boot is now a bit narrower due to the uprights for the spoiler but there is still usable space in there if you so desire.
  12. So am I as Lotus wheels are a small fortune.
  13. reach round the wheel, will try it when I get the car back.
  14. That is true, it isn't water tight nor secure as it is only held with aero catches. Very, the adjusters are both together at the bottom of the dampener. With the Nitron you have one on the reservoir and one on the bottom of the dampener, if they are two way. This car wasn't bought solely as a road car. It will live primarily on the track and as such the focus is somewhat different from your average owner. Eventually it will end up being full cup R spec if I ever get enough cash together for the box conversion. I just wanted it to be road legal for the odd occasion that I wanted to take it out on a run and also easier when checking set ups etc. That all said if your buying a cup then, to me a least, it makes sense to shed as much weight as possible and the engine cover removes it from high up on the car. All the aero pack works, you can feel the car settle when road speed rises, less twitchy. The trofeo's are awesome as well, nothing seems to faze them. Weather over the weekend was terrible, lots of standing water etc but nothing upset the grip even when I thought it would. So far a stunning package.
  15. Currently the TTX are to stiff. Once the car is back from 1st service I'll have a play with the settings but already know that they will be lovely once backed off. Even though they are set to firm you can feel the quality of the ride if that makes sense. The air intake from the cup R isn't available as yet, that and it adds a fair amount of charger noise to the car which may be a problem at some trackdays that have tight noise restrictions. A standard Exige can fall fool of sound meters as we all saw at Zolder so will wait till the factory launch an official power upgrade kit hopefully in the not to distant future.
  16. So after a not to long a wait my V6 Cup arrived. it has a couple of additions not normally seen on a road car On the line at Lotus Nearly a complete car Off to motorsport for some extras Ohlins TTX fitted Cup R engine cover Uprights for rear wing Front splitter First fill up, all shinny and new 36 hours later after 750 mile
  17. Hi Kieran and thanks for posting the link to your build thread. Another hour of my life gone but brilliant project.
  18. I currently work in Angola and we have had some advance training regarding Ebola as it is creeping down Africa. That said to actually catch the disease you need to exchange bodily fluids, eat bats or play with infected monkeys, dead bodies and all sorts of other weird stuff so transmission is relatively difficult. We carry out checks now prior to flying out to the rig but still not overly concerned at this stage. If it actually gains traction and arrives in country then it may become a bigger concern but we will have to wait and see what transpires.
  19. Yep, have heard the same but have also heard that the box can be a bit problematic especially if the calibration/set up isn't spot on.
  20. Jack, can you keep us posted on how you get on with the xtrac gearbox. Interested in one for my cup and looking into the kit but as yet no-one seems to know the exact price of it other than it's a lot. Just interested to see how durable and reliable the box turns out to be, if you don't mind.
  21. BAT days are pretty well organised and you get a wider mix of cars though they do trend to be a bit quieter. One of my favorite tracks but been a while since I have been down as I keep missing the annual SE outing. It takes time to learn how much speed you can carry round Oulton especially through Druids which can be extremely slippy.
  22. Seriously Lotus now do Team Dynamics 1.2S with almost the correct offset. Rears are 4mm different from the wiki figures.
  23. I doubt Lotus has the cash to develop a dual clutch gearbox and AFAICS Xtrac don't do one. They do however do a 7 speed hybrid automated manual gearbox with torque fill and KERS. Don't know if they have on that isn't a transverse box though.
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