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  1. Hmmmmmmmmmm, I am guessing you bought ex Caral Automotive jag V8 and Audi box from their aborted Esprit project that was eBay a few weeks back, or have you just randomly bought the 2 items separately to start your project ? If it is the ex Caral Automotive bits then they were no where near as far with the project than I initially thought looking at the picture above. Hilly
  2. Blimey.......... I thought this project was long gone. Good to see it still progressing, keep the details coming. Hilly
  3. I have got a pair of S3 rear discs in reasonable shape sitting on a self in the shed. Need to get shot of some of the stuff I have lying about as I am in the process of moving house as well, PM me if interested. Hilly
  4. Oh phooey!!!! Sorry to hear about your troubles Wayne, hope you get whatever has gone pear shaped sorted real soon. Just when I thought you had got your head sorted with the direction of this project as well. Hilly
  5. Hi Ian How many times can I suggest you get a Workshop Manual as it has the wiring diagrams as well a heap load of other stuff that will make your life MUCH easier........ The fan fail lamp is effectively wired across the fuse(s) for the rad fans. When the fuse is OK then the light stays off, if the fuse blows then the lamp illuminates. There is only 1 fuse on the early cars (your 1981 S3 included), the later cars had a fuse for each fan and hence a set of dides are used to connect to the fan fail lamp. Having only one fuse for the entire set of rad fans is a bad idea as if one motor packs up then it takes out all the working ones at the same time. A very useful upgrade is to fit individual fuses for each motor. Hilly
  6. Here I am .................. If you are not keeping your OEM engine ECU then it is MUCH less hassle to ditch the electronic throttle and fit a manual one. The throttle currently fitted to your engine is operated by the OEM ECU, if you are not keeping it then you are a bit stuffed. Your eventual chosen ECU may be able to handle an electronic throttle, but it is probably a bunch of hassle you don't need. Swapping over is just a matter of finding one that will fit/similar size and adjusting the mounting hardware to make it all bolt together. You will however need to make provision for a throttle position sensor on what ever you fit as that is an input required by the engine ECU. Hilly
  7. Wayne The dowels are only there for alignment, the flywheel on my Audi V8 doesn't have any dowels, just 10 bolts. Remember once the flywheel bolts are done up tight it is the friction between the end of the crank and the flwheel (due to the compressive force of the bolts) that locks the 2 together. If the flywheel is transmitting force via the bolts then it means that the 2 are moving and the bolts aren't tight enough !!!! Hilly
  8. Unfortunately no he won't, as I just used a standard Audi 2.5 V6 Diesel clutch assembly and the flywheel as an off the self item. You will need to use an OEM Lotus/Citroen release bearing as it supports the input shaft on the SM gearbox. Hilly
  9. Hi Wayne I really think you need to stop and consider where you are going with this project. Chopping and changing your mind continually is just going to mean that your car is going to end up as a pile of bits. You need to ask yourself why you are doing an engine conversion in the first place. If it is to have more power then both of your chosen power plants so far don't really give you a lot extra without modifying the engine once fitted. You could have achieved the same results with the 912 engine without the extra hassle of the conversion and at the same time keep the car more original. If it is to update the drive train then you need to look into the task a bit more throughly before starting, as your current approach is costing you a lot of time, cost and effort so far. Swapping from the RV8 to the Duratec just because of crank pulley/water pump space issues is daft, you will have a bunch of other issues to deal with which may mean that the RV8 is a better bet. Just because a couple of people have done the Duratec before will not make the task much easier, it is not like the RV8 is new territory. I am not saying the RV8 is a good choice (it has it strengths, just not in an Esprit), but you need to consider the right one on more than just a couple of fitment issues. It is your car however, you can do exactly what you like with it. I don't want to appear like a miserable old git, it is just that this is the third direction change you have had with this already, it is forming up that your car ultimatly ending up as a worthless pile of scrap which would be a shame Hilly
  10. I get it with Firefox 3.5.3
  11. Hmmmmm, you are not the only one that gets that...............
  12. If you are still stuck after the Crimbo break, let me know as I can probably coax it into life as I have repaired a couple of these recently. Hilly
  13. Blimey!!!! My conversion thread has popped back up after over a year of non-activity. I will actually have some updates to this over the Crimbo break if the weather cheers up a bit as remember I don't have a garage so everything is done out side. Hilly
  14. When I had mine done I got them to leave the support bars off for that very reason. The alloy sheet bolts on and replaces both the supports and the cowl. Hilly
  15. That it just the thing you need Danny, as you say you won't notice the benefit till the summer. Mine is identical, triple core and the length increased to fit the full width. The only thing I would say is that you need to do something about the fan placement. From what I can tell from the photo is that the fan surrounds are not touching the rad core. This will mean that instead of sucking air through the core it just pull the air round the gap instead as that is the path of least resistance. What I did to overcome this was fit an alloy sheet which covered the whole core except for the fan positions. It basically replicates the ABS cowl that always falls to bits that Lotus fit. I would also individually fuse each fan motor when wiring them up. The pic below shows all Wayne I supplied an old rad and they just re-used the end caps and fitted the triple core and new mounting hardware for
  16. hilly


    Is the oil pressure low when the idle speed is reduced?? If so then you would expect the warm oil pressure to be low. Does the oil pressure read over 4 bar when cold ??? If so then the gauge is probably working OK Could be a fuel blockage affecting one carb. Need a few more detail to be able to pin it down further, such as are particular cylinders not firing etc. Hilly
  17. If you are handy with welder then the only big cost items are the power steering column, a steering wheel boss and an optional controller if you have a mechanical speedo. Hilly
  18. OK, speaking from experience just clean up the box, but don't use a brush with steel in it as little bits will break off an get embedded in the alloy and then promptly rust and make it look terrible. The other thing to bare in mind is that due to the inboard brakes, the gearbox will get filthy in next to no time with brake dust and road grime, so I wouldn't go too mad with cleaning it up. Hilly
  19. Seeing as you have got most of the dash out, it would be an ideal time to fit power steering ..... Hilly
  20. The usual suspect (PNM, SJS etc) will have them, as they are Lotus specific parts not sure if they will be any cheaper than a dealer. If not then Stratton may be chaeper due to member discount....... Why paint the gearbox? Unless you use an etch primer anything you put on won't stay on for long and look worse than just cleaning up the bare alloy. Hilly
  21. Flipin' eck I remember that snow...... So on a similar theme, happy Birthday Pete
  22. I converted my 2.2 912 engine to fuel injection a few years back , have a look here as I submitted a page on LEW covering the process. injection clicky Hilly
  23. This topic has come up a few times now, it usually ends up as an expression of personal taste when you have free reign to do what you like. I had the problem with the Mutant in that the old S3 Smiths speedo was mechanical and the replacement Audi gearbox didn't have a suitable drive so I replaced it for an electronic speedo and took the opportunity to move stuff about to clear the steering wheel This is what I ended up with The dials are from, you can specify the size, face colour, needle colour, bezel type etc The face is carbon fibre and hence will look like the piano black you are after. When moving stuff about I no longer had room for the battery gauge so instead fitted an alphanumeric display which had a bunch of info on it like battery votlage, engine afr and also beeps and gives warnings for low oil pressure, engine overheat, fan fail etc The alphanumeric display is not on the car as of yet (what you can see above is the protoype), but I have just got the control PCBs back from fabrication and I am currently doing final test on the system before fitting within the next month. I didn't do anything with the mileage on my speedo, I just left it at zero as that was when the engine conversion was done. If you are worried about re-sale then I would take a picture of the old speedo next to the new one as this would then show the total mileage. Hilly
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