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  1. Having done an engine conversion I can speak from experience that it is a whole heap harder and expensive to do a conversion than to rebuild an engine. There are so many other aspects to consider such as engine mounts, adapter plate if you reuse the SM gearbox, exhaust fabrication, cooling, plumbing, rear spring rates, plus a load of other stuff you won't have thought of. Then you need to consider the impact that the extra torque from the RV8 will have on old gearbox. It is always a much easier job (and actually a lot cheaper) to rebuild the Lotus engine or get another one. If you still feel the cnversion route is for you then there are a couple of people on here that have done this on an S2. Hilly
  2. I just put some reflective mirror film on the windows at work, so have had recent experience with the stuff. The backing should be there, is is very thin and difficult to separate from the film, I found the best way to separate it was to use stick tape on both sides in a corner and then pull apart . Be careful as the un wetted film is very sticky and if the wind catches it it with all stick together and you'll wreck it. I used window cleaner as the wetting agent as you need to clean the glass clean and it is already in a nice handy spray gun. Clean the glass thoroughly as any partials will show up, wet the window, lay the film on and then it will slide about till you get it in the correct position then squeegee the water out. Trim the edges with a VERY sharp knife or it will crease and job done. It will take a couple of weeks for the water under the film to fully evaporate at which point it should look like a pro did it Hilly
  3. Thanks guys My Bday dinner was a little better (fancy food and red wine at a nice restaurant) so feel your pain with the salad and pills Hilly
  4. Did you do the test with the throttle wide open, if not the throttle plates will limit the amount of air suck in so reducing your compression figures ?????? Hilly
  5. You will soon know if you have got a leak because at idle you will under heavy vacuum in the inlet manifold ports which is effectively -1 bar. If you test the mixtures on each cylinder when running you will see if there is a leak at the individual cylinder will run lean. 14.1.. sounds right for standard Bosch style injectors, if the 'o' rings are not new then they may have some compression "set" on them hence they they are a loose fit. Always fit new 'o' rings whenever possible. Any grease (or similar) on the 'o' rings or the bore will make fitting so much easier, in fact new injectors are normally supplied with silicon grease to aid assembly. Hilly
  6. Has you dizzy got vacuum advance/retard???? If so did you unhook the vac line while checking the idle timing???? At idle your engine will be running at pretty high vacuum which will be pulling in the vacuum advance, as soon as you try and drive it you will be running at ambient air pressure when accelerating and the advance will be taken out,hence if you adjust the timing with the vac line attached it will drive rubbish. Hilly
  7. Very nicely done Yeap, that is an SM gearbox hung on the back of what I guess is a 4.6 Northstar V8, be careful with your right foot as 300 ft/lb (or 295 depending on what version you have got) will give the gearbox something to think about. Hilly
  8. What you need is power steering Having fitted the electric column to my car I am keeping a close eye on the rack to see if the power assistance accelerates the wear as it was a pretty new rack when I fitted it. So far no problems.......... Hilly
  9. Yeap that coaxial cable is the input for the tacho. The reason a screened cable is used is because the rev counter input is taken from the primary of the ignition coil and hence generates a lot of electrical noise which this type of cable reduces. Just had a look at my spare rev counter from my S3 and it has the same connector as yours not sure why the connector in the car is different. Maybe a different rev counter has been fitted at some point. Hilly
  10. But Daz's car is already a Turbo, he is just thinking of up-speccing to an S4 engine. However, I totally agree with you, the throttle response from an NA car is always better than a turboed engine even if it lacks the ultimate power. This is why I went NA V8 route with my car. Hilly
  11. I have just had a look on the wiring diagram for the S3 and it doesn't give a value for the fan fuse. 15A does sound a bit low to be honest, I would say 20A maybe 25A would be more like it. If you have got a single fan fuse I would recommend you adjust the wiring to incorporate a separate fuse for each fan (which the later cars had) as it will safe guard your engine in case one fan fails, blowing the fuse and stopping the other one. This I have done on The Mutant as I have fitted 3 fans (to a full length triple core rad) as cooling is VERY important in the summer when stuck in traffic. You will need to a couple of 1N4007 diode to keep the fail fail dash board light working, look at alater wiring diagram on how to do it. If you haven't got a wiring diagram and want to do the mod, shout on here and I'll give some instructions on what to do. Hilly
  12. Yeap, been there. Have a looky here EFi Clicky The Mutant's V8 is the second time I have fitted EFi to it (look on the project thread for more info), both times using aftermarket ecus. There are a number of way to do it, all depends on how much you want to spend. Cheapest way is like I did in that you get aq DIY ecu such as MegaSquirt, VEMS etc, buy some throttle bodies and fit it all together and then tune it using a laptop. You will certainly will learn a lot doing it this way. Another option is is to go to someone like Emerald and they will supply you with an ecu and the tune it up for you on there dyno getting you up and running much faster. The later option is to find someone who will do the whole lot for you but expect to pay a lot for it. Anyhow, have a look at the LEW artical and if you have any more questions the let me know.
  13. This is really sad, I am lost for words I have seen your car at a couple of events and remember is well it was very similar to mine except the paint work was in way better condition. This is a very sad reminder that all owners with Esprits fitted with carbs to check the integrity of the fuel system at least every month as failure can result in total destruction. Once again I am sorry for your loss and the most important thing with all this is that you got out safely. Hilly
  14. That is what I would do if getting a new gasket will take too long....... Hilly
  15. Looks like that will keep you busy for a while. Top job though as these are usually left to disintegrate way to nothing. Not sure about the passenger footwell however, looks pretty smelly..... Hilly
  16. I had it made by these guys Simpsons They are not cheap (my system was over
  17. Oh poo !!! I am going to miss this yet again, on holiday in Crete that weekend Shame as I really would like a looky around the place, been 30 years since I was last there..... Hilly
  18. Does this help Ian ???? About time you put some info of your car on here......... Hilly
  19. Straight through system is whatI now have on the Mutant, very quiet at low flow rates ( ie. idle) but very loud at higher flow rates (ie. with the throttle mashed into the floor ) All depends really on how big the silencers you end up fitting, the bigger the better for noise reduction. What you need is a set of these Hilly
  20. OK finally got a chance over the weekend to dig the mirrors out of the shed. Here are a few pics of them If you think they are any use to you let me know Hilly
  21. Hi Mark Unfortunately the calipers I have will only fit S3/TE from 1981 -1984 as the front uprights were changed for the Toyota parts you have fitted to your car, sorry Hilly
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