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  1. jonathan. i had no one offer to buy the car the first time i out it up for sale, not one person from the forum offered to buy the car, and the same this time, had someone offered then i would have gladly let it go to someone here. as it was i only had one other option and that was an exchange. i did what i thought was my oly option as the car would otherwise sit in the driveway for the forseeable future and that would have not done any good to it. regarding my driving of the car, i broke it in as per troys instructions, after that i enjoyed that car as i was supposed to, but im not pr
  2. no as i stated earlier, the car deal was done with the dealers brother piers, now the older brother who runs the dealership, took the lotus away inspected it so as to decide if it was worth his brother having, he than complained about the 24 year old paint, and a mising heater dial knob. i spoke with dominic only last week about the issues i had with the jag, his response was take it up with piers as its his car and he had nothing to do with the deal. i had no warranty from him as it was a private deal, and this is what he took great pains to point out to me, so if i were to call him tomorrow
  3. with regards to the detailing word post they dont ask or know about the ins and outs of my health in that forum in the same way you guys do, that palce is all about making a car look nice, i showed the owrk i did in the interior, thats it, i worked hard on the interior and was pround of it. and thats all it is a post about the interior work i did, ther eis no issue about that, i did the work, the issues regarding me and the car only realted to people here, it was the people here i needed to explain it too which i did in full. im just going to go around and around, any proof aside you hav
  4. i spoke with troy only 2 weeks ago, hes living at his parents house now, hes also on medication due to sever depression, he split up with caroline and had been living in his barn to get by and trying to do his jobs. the work suddenly dried up he got no parts when ordered because of the move even though he kept on and opn trying to get them. hes shut the workshop down and is in the process of selling it all up and strting afresh and getting on with his life. and while talking with him he raised a few comments and discussed things that even i didnt know about. so as your mates with him you
  5. so what your saying is you all had this basically hateful opinion of me and not once in all the times we met up did you have the guts to say anything to me, to my face about it, yet on the forum your suddenly able to vent it out and have it in the open?? only now ??? suddenly?? i think im going to leave it there and see what tomorrow brings.
  6. once gain. i can only add. the only way i could give back was to take the car to eery event i could, show it everywhere i do what i could, which was accepted by you guys . posting about my health, wierd? for gods sake i was always asked how i was doing etc, so i thought ok keep you guys informed as thats what you wanted. as for the car not being offered to the forum, the first time it was on sale not one person from the forum offered on it, or asked about it or even looked at keeping it in the forum, not one person, and now because it finally has gone and no one offered the first time a
  7. maintainance??? your taking the piss a bit arent you?? getting the head redone because its torqued down wrong and needs reskimming. incorrectly fitted lower crank seals, 2 valves needing replacing due to damage, coolant coming from the head gaps and into the cylinders. i still have the video showing all the smoke pissing out of the exhaust of the car that i showed troy. the gear change linkage that had bits of metal pipe shoved into it to make do, that i had to get pressed out and rebuilt, the fuel pipes that pissed fuel everywhere all over my engine because bits of silicon pipe had been s
  8. daniel with reference to you comment using the work as a defense attack, i have been left no option, how else am i supposed to defend myself? i rang the guys to get permission to sell the car and was given it I RANG THEM yet theres no mention of that anywhere. with all due respect regarding the emails, i was upset kelly was upset and we let it go, got on with things here and just ignored it, it was my choice to let it go my choice, i wasnt duty bound to do anything with them i posted i had them and i didnt know who from and left it at that, never once saying from here or a member. ye
  9. this is the thing thats sticking in my throat also, i have not recieved any monies for my car, i recieved none what so ever, it was a straight swap of vehicles, this car was posted at
  10. no bibs this is a witch hunt plain and simple and i half expected it, i even posted about it , and to add to it, the first time i decided to sell the car i rang, kimbers, punky, troy a few others and even tried to speak with you to no avail, and all of them said it was ok with them for me to do it at the time, however after messages from members i removed it from sale and got on with the interior and the seats etc spending money we couldnt afford to spend at the time but i did anyway. as for being done with my excuses, they are not excuses once again i am stating my case against your accusa
  11. the reciepts for all the work and parts i have had to do since i got the car back inthe first few months and xmas that year
  12. ok, welli guess its my turn for a reply then. its a shame that after trying to speak with bibs over the past few days that he hasnt decided to speak with me. i am beyoind angry withthe suggestions raised by bibs to the point that if he wanted to accuse me of this then he should have had the decency to speak with me on the phone or even to my face. i have not continued with the email thing basically because there was no point, no point in duscussing or going on with something , i left it be and got on with things. now the crux, at no time did i accuse anyone here of sending the emai
  13. the guys i used reccomended a specialist to clen my block etc they have different machines for different engine alloys
  14. well had another look at the shop again and had another security quote done, and measure up for displays etc. things are looking good, i see my business manager tomorrow and the bank manager wants to have a little chat to see if theres anything he can do for me. still waiting to have the meeting with the landlords and discuss the finer details prior to taking the lease on. but its all moving forward slowly enough to make some progress. but as it will be the only computer and peripherals shop in the town thats dedicated to home retail side of things and custom builds repairs etc i should
  15. ambrose. the guys who did my head do all the wrc rally cars also, the owner is a real oldfashioned guy and engineer, when he did mine he replaced and upgraded the valve guides with the broze guides with the small oil catch pits in them, mike sek has the same in his gt car also, they are very good guides, he checked every valve face and stem, checked springs for load and tolerance, re did all the shims himself on one of his machines. did all the lapping etc checked the mating surfaces etc and skimmed the main head by a very small amount, bearing in mind that when skimmed there are two pins
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