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  1. i should be there with punky... hopefully, i need to cdo some compounding and polishing and a few other htings but i should be ok.. im hoping! woman said its ok to go, but i will see how im feeling.
  2. my car decided to dump its coolant on me the other day while it was on show, and i wasnt to pleased about it, but i thought i knew what it would be, the water pump pipe rubbed against the cam belt again after the belt hchange was just done and prehaps it wasnt tied back again. so with the car all jacked up and some nice soft stuff on the floor for me i was able to get unde rthe car and check, thing is the pipe was fine, not a mark, so where was it coming from?? well where the water pump pipe comes down ther eis a small aluminium joining section then another pipe that bends 90 degrees, this pipe had a split in in just by the edge of a jubille clip and was well hidden. its taken me all morning until now to get under, remove the pipe and clean up and fit a new pipe, god the things are so inaccessable under there. so after that i went over all teh jubille clips and tightened them all up , some were a little loose so it was a good thing i did!! so i suggest if you have a few hours spare and nothing to really do then get your car up on stands and check all your coolant hoses.!!!
  3. now then with those carbs off you could have bought yourself some carb enamel from frosts and covered them to prevent further corrosion!
  4. ade if your there i will have those programs for you.
  5. well i got my scan booked for the 1st sept thats confirmed today, should be told test results tomorrow
  6. just a thought matt as i only just saw it, prehaps chaning the red hose to braided to avoid the usual red hose problems on the clutch?
  7. im still waiting for the bloody results!!! still the smae and the docs still pressing them to put things through, but its the way it is there, i have to wait as other people take priority
  8. i do know that troy was upto his eyes getting jobs done for people left right and centre when ispoke to him the other week, he was working on two cars at the same time as he was speaking with me, and i only got to talk to him for a few mins. i asked him about doing my cam belt and he said no chance as he was so snowed under. i even offered to go down there for a week and help him out so as to help him get things done, but he wouldnt accept my offer of help, he just said " he would manage to get things done as best he could" try again or ask bibs to get in touch with him, im sure theres a good reason for it, troys not like that to mess people about
  9. mmm.... nice celan engine parts, chassi ... very nice, a man after my own heart!!! so much so i really want to get ou and gove mine a clean... even though its already clean, but its raining like mad here so i cant,..... oh for the love of a garage!!! now then, for xmas kelly i would really like
  10. hopefully i can pop down to punkys and give him a hand so he can get his car out too, so both of us can pop along
  11. check the fuel filter, and then the fuel pump then go from there also check the spark from the king lead from your coil, see if its good or not, when i first got my car i had the same issues and found out the coil was on its way out and that was the reason for it. prehaps get a spare or new coil and replace it then try it, also check the ballast resistor see if its corroded away.
  12. i have offered mine for the day, dont know if they will take me up on it, but the offer is there
  13. the wensum you say.... just dont eat the food and keep away from towels that are near lights is all i can say.
  14. here you are, add this to your christmas wish list now a Lotus 49 Simulator!!!!!!!!!!
  15. ah your seats arrived then punky they do look nice in there dont they, i had some really nice comments about the cars interior on sunday whie it was on show, all the hard work has paid off
  16. well the car was on show today here in abergavenny. one of my friends world rally champion co driver/navigator nicky grist held a special auto day here in town and had loads going on including an auto skills test and demonstration, various displays and a see whos the quickest timed pit change challenge where you got to jack up a rally car remove its wheels etc change them and drop to go and see who gets the fastest time. it was a good day out with a few different cars there. the lotus was taken down and put on show and it all went nuts there , which was really good, i took the engine cover off the car and had the dorrs open for people to take a look in. lots of pictures and lots of talking. one of the trafpol guys came and had a sit in the car as it was one of his all time favourites and he used to have a poster of one on his wall when he was younger, got some pictures taken too. as soon as the photographer sends me the pictures later i will post them up.
  17. with that air inlet pipe like that when you put your foot down the turbos suction collapses it to the point you dont get any speed up, mine collapsed on me and when i put my foot down the car lost power!! try mike taylor at lotus bits , i got a replacment one from him for mine and never had a problem since, new ones are expensive so if you can find a second hand one in good condition like i did then that will be a bonus"!
  18. not really with it today cant concentrate, lower back is killing me and my kidneys groin area, urine discoloured and quite red strong odour from it and i peeing like a flame thrower, but apartfrom that alls ok, and my reiters has kicked in like a mad man now, and im hurtin like a git.
  19. hi tim. well i was given some stuff to take but not before the test results are back, and then if he needs to change them i havent started something i dont need to, so i have to wait till monday now.
  20. gutted, first one of these i would get to finally goto and they cancel it !!
  21. andt, with the door seals i know exactly where they leak, and do so on every bloomin seal. i gotta do my passenger seal today and all it is , is punching a few small drainage holes in the seal edge and it cures it. will put pics up after for you. simon
  22. no secret where my heart lies, its the lambo every time. full strip down, body soda balsted back to bare metal and metal work done, full resto job on everything from engine to gearbox, brand new wiring loom amde with newer materials, all switch assemblies stripped down and rebuilt, all dials rebuilt, interior refurbed if needed, oh yes.. cash allowing it would be pristine.. and then i would drive the arse off it! im sure the ferrari would look nice too.. but not on my manor guvnor... roight!
  23. if his look like shorts then mine are a thong!
  24. try these for repairs.
  25. oh boy!! gimme a pair of gloves, some marine clean, brushes and some por15 sterling silver and i will make it shine for god i could have a cleaning field day with that lot!!!!
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