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  1. well the kidneys feel like someones kicked each one with a steel toe cap boot not a nagging pain just constant, my lymph nodes on the right side are swollen up and painful, theres nitrates, blood and protien in the urine, the doc knows somethings up as i have a slight reiters flare up at the moment. doc said other things pointing to it as well. any i dea how long treatment takes before it goes?
  2. very reminiscent of the old campbell bluebirds styling, i like it.
  3. been to docs to have an assesment and after a few tests it looks like my kidneys are playing up now, docs took loads of samples and did a few checks with the dip rods and after a few other things i have to have a few different scans of the kidneys, he did say what he thought it could be but i cant remember the name of it. basically the kidneys arent flushing all the crap away as they should, causing severe back pressure and inflammation and infection, so i have been given some antibiotics to take and i have to wait for the scans, this has been contributing to the lower back and hip problems. so im hoping that after they do what they do, things will improve for me and im going to be a little more flexible and mobile! test results tomorrow and then i have to wait for the scans date. will keep you informed. just out of curiosity has anyone else had a similar thing and how long did it last? ok woman says this is what its called. pyelonephritis
  4. cherry red weld is the right way buddsy, i did double check it with my old boss who used to be able to get cast weld that way. he said because of the thickness of the cast and the grade of metals it would need a cherry red weld for it to be done properly. getting a new sandcast would be great however its a new cast everytime which would be a severe costing, unless a wax based premould was done then the sand around that so the wax makes the centre tunnels and chambers then heated up so the wax drains out and then pour the cast. i love watching the old casting processes, be good if its possible to get that done, and also see if there were enough people to justify the costings.
  5. bigsi


    happy birthday little brother .. oh and you to hilly you crackpot scientist you!
  6. bigsi


    hey dave, happy birthday buddy, i hope you have good one. simon, kelly cameron and the bump
  7. they had one sat on the table at donny which they took back with them , and the wastegate adaptor section. as i was joking with james about wastegate section how i dropped it the year before when i realised how much it was. ring back and get them to check again. the main reason there isnt a stainless system coming from the engine is the fact it has to support the weight of the turbo, now you could get a stainless one made and have that go upto one of the later turbo units which would need some water cooling plumbed in, however you would then need to support the turbo in position which would require some fabrication. give troy halliday a call and see if he has a spare turbo manifold there at his workshops, if i remember rightly he may have one spare, do a search for him here and his new mobile number. also try mike taylor at lotus bits and paul mattys after this there is one other option which will involve going to a foundry, you need to find a foundry that does iorn castings and sand pours, they will heat up the whole manifold to cherry red and then red weld it back up, its the olny way you can re-weld a cast part and they will do it properly, if you get no joy with the other options let me know and i will ask my old engineering boss who he can reccomend for the job.
  8. oh yep, they really did smash up an lp640, it was one of 3 cars lambo gave them to use. read about it all here:
  9. you're all bad men!!! they have all left, demolished half the kitchen, crap everywhere and im finding cake icing where there shouldnt be any!!! if theres ever another war we need to send an army of 2 year olds in!
  10. i cant theres a porsche, r33, c5 and sonething else blocking me in the drive... so im scuppered!!
  12. thanks dave, i had a phone call from nick fulcher yesterday out of the blue after he had read the thread through and as it would take too long to explain by typing he called me. we have had a good chat and nick even offered to take a weekend off his busy schedule and come to wales for a weekend break and help me to reshape the padding in the seats at no cost and make things better for me. i havent taken him up on his offer as i am deciding what to do and where to go with the car. and to be honest i dont like having something for nothing.
  13. it may be that the centre piece is spinning in the hole of the arm, simply because the splines have worn down, mine had done that, all i did was fit a washerunder the locking nut with serrated teeth in and re tightened the nut up, works fine now as it had extra pressure forcing the arm to the shaft
  14. they are on turbo and n/a in my parts book ps;i still have yours here simon
  15. happy birthday sweetie, the wensum are getting these guys in to do a spot of luch for us!
  16. yes i know about the post 92 seats thats what brian and i talked about, however i may as well just have these seats foam shaved down as explained, it has the same effect and i still have a nice set of seats in the car
  17. straight in, no runners bolted down, still going to use them just have the inside foam shaved down
  18. i can remember the ins and outs , i believe its the leather grain and colour, also they leather hide, i think theres more to it than that, i will have to ask nick.
  19. i will give them a call tomorow and see if they can "fit me in" i can stay at my sisters place as shes not far from there.
  20. i would say the wider 7 seat would be better as it doesnt have the large seat mont section inder the bum scoop, and isnt angled as far forward. but it looks like having these seats foam scooped out , shaved and repalced with some thin probax will solve the issues. didnt think i would be having to open up a new set of seats though! thanks anyway simon.. by the way i did call but got an answer phone and did send you pm too.
  21. as posted above, im going to have the foam in the seats scooped and a thin layer of probax put in, this way i keep the quality and get the width and height rediction, im just waiting to see if it can be done and how much its going to cost and time scale.
  22. i think you should just go have a look, and buy it, treat yourself and enjoy it, think of it as a late birthday pressie... go on.. you know you want to
  23. happy birthday rog, have a good one with the family !
  24. looks like a solution may be on the horizon, i may be able to get the support foam inside the seats scooped and shaved down so that its not as thick and some layers of probax put in but still keeping it thin in the base and the lower part of the back scooped also. im waiting to get a quote for the work, if its a goer then i can send the seat to be done.
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