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  1. the cost is the leather, its a non standard leather that is not a lotus standard leather, there were 3 leathers in my colour two standard and one to special order, mines the latter, its so expensive because i would have to pay for the hides if i want it done right, if i want leather coloured i still have to pay for hides and then i have to have them coloured , whats the point of doing that when you can have the hides done right. whats the point of me spending money on the interior if the seats make it look like a bag of shit? i have spent hand over foot the past two months and in reality its money i can all but afford, i pulled the car off sale due to vultures asking how much they could get for individual bits all the time if they stripped it down. now i have one more option to try out and possibly something else but im not sure on it yet i have to wait to hear back from the states. i did think about fabbing up a seat myself but it still comes back to getting them trimmed up and then theres the issue of being comfortable, making sure my lower back is ok, legs are relaxed etc. im not going to put myself at risk and have arepeat of the other months incident whilst driving it. i have worked real hard on the interior. real hard and im not going to let a pair of crap seats spoil all my hard work, i have rung companies here and abroad, i have spoken to lotus and other people, i have spoken to the msar people and other race seat suppliers. theres only so many people i can talk too and so much money i am prepared to spend. unfortunately being a father luxuries for myself went out of the window a long time ago and other things take priority, many times i spent my interior cash on other things before i could get it done. i scrimp and save, never go out, dont drink or smoke and do the best i can. i have worked hard on that car the interior is beautiful which punky will vouch for, and it looks right now, stick some crap grp seats in that and its been a waste of time. so getting the retrim done in the right leather isnt an option i would overlook. and if its to be done right then i get nick to do it as hes the one whos got the colour info for the one off leather. if its going to be done its got to be done properly or not at all
  2. i have been looking on the msar website and seeing whats there but once again over my range
  3. hey kimbers, yep my diet changed after my internal examination by the bbc too found i had acute ibs and some other crappy thing, so lots of meds and a diet change, hence why the wensum food effected me so badly. i know its a real bummer having to miss out on what you like but you have to do it. whats the docs did for me was ban a whole range of things together , however they did say that not everything they banned would effect me and that after a while try things one at a time to see if it did or not effect me but in small quantities, after a while a few of the things i thought i could never have again i found i could manage. i wont eat pork now or turkey but i do eat beef and chicken and some fish, small amounts of past, a little rice, but no wholemeal breads or fibre etc the same as you, any form of ruffage is out of the question as its like passing barbed wire.
  4. i spoke with brian angus today regarding the seats issue and the exige option is not going to be possible as its not going to offer me anythng and is narrow also. brian has suggested the seats from a 1992 car on as it has the removable cushion from underneath the seat, however this will still not be enough as the rear will still have me too far forward. i spoke with another seat maker today that does the seat shells for race and track cars, now i could buy two untrimmed shells and just have padded sections bonded onto the shell in certain areas, howver the after getting the quote for the seat shells, subframes and padding for nick to trim for me it was silly money. i have another route to go down this week so im notgiving up just yet.
  5. i have done my research the price for a pair, and it would have to be a pair of exige seats comes in at Price Inc. VAT:
  6. thats the route im looking into tomorrow but at
  7. yea , i had a visit from punky this afternoon so i showed him how hard it is for me getting in and out, had to get out fast as i slouched down and my back twitched upa gain, and it wasnt pleasent at all, punky had to help me out of the car. the interior looks really nice now and clean just need to give some of the old leather a clean and thats it done. i have one other option open to me to try tomorrow after that theres really nothing i can do that i havent tried or spent money on.
  8. dave the guy in germany i got these from has closed his shop by the looks of it, so i was lucky to get the last of them from him. as for getting these style of seats i havent seen anyone else selling them unfortunatley.
  9. thing is simon, you have as et of elise seats in your s3 and your a lot smaller than me and your going to be ok with them. i would need to get some exige seats, and fit them the way i did my old elise seats and then have the foam changed and some extra probax added, but then i would be at the same issues i had before with long distance drives and my lower back. i have been offered cash for the new seats already, however i still have to find other replacements and thats the crux, theres none to be had, thats why i had these from germany.
  10. the seats fit fine dave they are not the problem its me that doesnt fit, when i went down the elise seat route it was for a reason and now i know why, the crux of the matter is im just too big for the car, i always have been but made do. now i could go back to some elise seats, but that means looking for some in the same shade of colour and im not likely to find any soon. and tehn i wiould need to have them worked on and some probax padding fitted etc.. more expense again, and then im back to where i was not being comfortable and causing issues with my back again. im having a break fro mthe car for a few days and then i will see whats what.
  11. the elsie seats have gone to a new home. they actually went on ebay and a disabled guy had them as they would give him much more room than the seats he currently had.
  12. well i havent posted much about the car for a little while now as i have been busy with other things. however im sure you will all be a little more than surprised by what your about to see! when i originally got the car the interior was dirty and tatty, and with the original seats i could fit but not great, so i sold the seats to a forum member so i could get some elise skinny seats and with that seat change i was able to fit. what i didnt know at the time and only after speaking with steve and nick fulcher recently did i find out that the leather in my car is one off to order leather that lotus did, and to have some leather made would cost an extortionate amount, however nick decided that by mixing up some dye he could colour match some new leather for me. so the plan was to have some of the most dirty and most worn leather parts replaced, finish the sills and fit new seats. i still had some original carpet left from the roll i bought off nick fulcher so i templated the sills and trimmed up some carpet, checked for it, chalked and cut the seatbelt slots and handbrake slot and then sent it to nick along with some other items. i decided that the sills should be carpeted as that is how they were originally and would suit the car much better if they were doen that way, i have to say after fitting them i was more than pleased with the results and once again nick did a fantastic job. the side panels of the transmission tunnel were down to me as i wanted something to do myself, the only problem was that that glue i had of nick a while ago was reaching the end of its life and was starting to firm up, so i warmed it up alittle and it went back to its goopy runny ways again. altogether i sent the gearstick gaitor the arm rest and the sill carpets to be done, the drivers sill to have a new gaitor fitted for the handbrake and the seat belt guards in both sides also with a nice neat maroon edge binding. while this was being done the car went to have a new cam belt fitted and i could get on with the side panels, now i usually take pictures of everything i do but on this occasion i didnt take any pics of the trimming process im sorry, i just didnt have the time to do it. forward to today and this morning. woke up with every intention of getting the job done, so first things first, i fitted the tow side panels and then fitted the top centre console, then the switch and chocke section and finally the arm rest, then i stood back and was amazed at the difference. it now looks so perfect against the red of the carpet. next was the sills, once again i had to warm up the glue a little and then i coated the sills, laid the carpet up and pressed then pelled it back so both sides could tack up before contact bonding took hold. once in on both sides and the seat belts were fitted i stood back again and that was it, everything looked right finally!. so out with the hoover and a good clean up of the floors etc and all was ready for the seats, wile my sterring wheel is being done i fitted one i had borrowed from punky, thats why there is a different one in there at the moment. i was unable to find some original seats for the car anywhere and in the end i found some close in colour on ebay however i had to order them from germany, so i took a chance and went for them. 7 days later they arrived in a real big box and were also minus the runners ( i have yet to hear back from him about where they are) but i took one look and was astounded i got them so cheaply! so i took them to the car and removed the plastic wrapping and fitted the first one in, follwed by the second one, adjusted the position and slope of the back and it was then i realised a big grin had come across my face!!!. it was perfect, clean fresh and looked new. i think i will get the seats recoloured by nick fulcher at some point. so i thought i would jump in and try it out..... and then the smile went... i cannot get in comfortably and i cannot get my legs undet the cowling to reach the pedals as they are bent up too much, by fitting these im raised up too much and forward too much, i cant straighten my head and basically there is no way im going to drive the car! so now i have to figure out what im going to do.
  13. i can rip the fence panels... erm i mean i can pick up the ones that have fallen down and hand them to bibs for safe keeping. i can also give you some real cool baby tips! best one is how to tell the signs of projectile vomiting, learned the hard way on that one, by the end of it i had it down to a tee, cammy would make a certian move and sound i held him out, he plastered the walls and floor! only thing is the mop got a right hammering and cleaning puke up from a baby really isnt nice at all!
  14. well i did tell the manager at the wensum about the problems thier food caused me, to which he said" do you want me to tell teh chef what you said?" i replied, tell him what you want the food was still bad
  15. try this first. boot off your xp cd, goto repair and enter the following fixboot after that enter chkdsk /r after thats done it will take a while try rebooting and see if it goes into safe mode first.
  16. because its a one sided issue at the moment and very biased, i dont agree with threads like this in any capacity. what people dont realise is the damage they can do to a business as a whole and peoples livelyhoods. if he had a problem then goto trading standards and deal with it.
  17. you know this forum is not the place to vent your anger or begin a flaming thread about any business or supplier. i do beleive you posted the very same thread on pistonheads also. the main issue with this is that the thread becomes one sided and can turn nasty in very few posts and the business that it involves may not be able to defend itself here because it does not post here. i suggest the thread is removed as it serves no purpose.
  18. i have the full and latest version of the premier pro suite i can use my shuttle pro as a scrubber wheel and for marking points and loops etc. im lucky as i can upgrade my pc all the time , i just went upto a new phenom dual core cpu and a much higher spec gfx nvidia card. as i have a sata raid arry they are used for scratch disks anyway. i find premiere limited in comparison to vegas, and the best thing im doing realtime title velocity mapping with vegas something you cant do in premiere, all i do is loop the region, open pro titler and set up my initil velocity point and then run the sequence and drop my other movement and velocity points in and adjust them about in real time and watch the effects in real time on the main sequence. its bloody amazing! premiere wont let me do that. i got the titles and effects running well now, im on a roll!!
  19. alan, many thanks for the help, theres a guy on dv thats been a real help and we have both solved the issue. im using the latest adobe premiere with a full suite of add ons, its not as nice to use as vegas and nowhere near as stable. i was able to do realtime editing and syching in vegas whereas in preiere it paused everytime i did something. vegas is so much easier and responsive, i can see premiere cs3 getting mothballed!!
  20. easiest thing to do is take it to a hydralics place and ask them to make one up for you, it also has to be made inthe same steel pipe reason is the pressure it holds. the pipe itself is not cheap to buy as an original part, i know i checked. if you cant get one made buy a new one and replace it, just two threads wont cut it im afraid. also the brass fitting on the end of the steel pipe should rotate around the pipe freely, if its not doing this then it has siezed, a little heat on mine loosened it and i was able to slide it back and clean the pipe area and put a small thin layer of copper grease there it never siezed since. the brass angle section that it screws into can be cleaned up also if need be. put a couple of piccies up for me to look at and i can give you more info. simon
  21. anyone here use either of these pro video editors at all? im doding some stuff at the meoment and i need a little help. i have a film sequence which has titles running over it and i have composite masked video inside the titles themselves, it looks bloody great, now then as the titles are the parent and the internal movie is now the subchild i want to scroll the titles right to left, however when i goto movement it doesnt give me the option to move the titles, i create keyframes for the first position and then move the titles and time frames and then create a new key frame and when sync'd i run the test loop. however the titles do not move. any ideas? thanks
  22. bigsi

    Motorshow S1

    when you say amusing story does it involve bottom cracks?
  23. i dont have my car here otherwise i would take the wastegate off and do a full photo info card once and for all. i will have it back wednesday and i am ordering a new mika gasket tomorrow for it, so i will do the stripdown and assembly wednesday for you, hold on till then, i will also put pics up of that water pump pipe and will give you the details and have yours on where to send the pipe to. from a previous post here you go i hope this helps. open it up and make sure your diaphram isnt on the way out, one common mistake when people rebuild them/take them off is to forget to put on the thermal gasket on the top of the wastegate before bolting it back on the aux manifold, and they also forget the seperator gaskets that go either side of the diaphram to protect it from heat and sticking to the metal. the spigot recesses into the wastegate manifold/aux manifold and is attatched by two nuts with a mika gasket inbetween, this stops thermal transfer between the manifold and the wastegate, and prevents the diaphram edges from melting. there is a valve face inside the aux manifold that the valve presses against. when you undo your 4 bolts that keep the diaphram together you will find a spring pushing the valve up, it is possible this spring is broken and it is also possible your diaphram is stuck closed and wont open. if its seald then it may be that its stuck shut and the valve isnt opening, you can undo the 4 bolts with it on the car, its easier to get to the two rear ones if you undo the turbo to sump pipe thats next to it, dont worry no oil will come pouring out. undo the bolts and make sure you have hold of the bottom of the wastegate cup as it will spring right off otherwise. when off try pulling the vlave gently down if it doesnt move then thats the problem, if it moves but its stiff etc, then undo the locknuts, take the washers anddiaphram off carefully and pull the vlave down gently, then with some fine wet and dry say 2800 grit, rub the sides of the valve stem and then wipe off, then give it a little copper grease and push it up and down a few times, it should free it up in the hole then, re-assemble and re-try it. here is a close up of the top of the wastegate here you can see the small stepped spigot that recesses into the aux manifold. this is the valve face in the aux manifold on my old one.
  24. that does look nice i have to say, if you feel its worth the price for what you want to spend then buy it, be nice to see it being used a little. just make sure you budjet for a complete health check at a lotus specialist and a good service and for any parts that need replacing prior to mot etc. budget a couple of grand for immediate work i would say. other than that its about what you want, if it feels right it usually is. regrets a bugger to live with i know, theres a certain car i wish i never walked away from!
  25. i may just come along garry, i have my new seats on the way from belgium and a new snap off boss coming too, hopefully thats going to help me in the car so i can come along.
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