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  1. Update: wrong section on forum and wrong model of car, its a stevens im looking for. looking at a few s3 esprits over next week or so. just a quick question in case im wasting my time. i currently own a 2 seater short wheel base 24valve 3litre v6 twin turbo fairlady(nissan) jap imort that was race tuned in japan by kakimoto. i fit in this quite comfy, now being almost 6ft 5" i didnt think i would but im fine in there and it doesnt have bucket seats. will i fit into an s3 esprit or should i not bother looking for one? i turned down a mirage countach last week as icouldnt get in the damn thing. will this be the case with the s3? advice welcomed. thanks si
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    hi, just joined to glean more info before i go and buy an esprit. and then join a uk lotus club. any help will be welcome. si
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