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  1. Rear view cameras and monitors.....has anyone fitted one into their G car? I'd be interested to know Adam
  2. Oooh, I keep hearing mention of Ohm's meters......surely the trickery of the Devil? I really must learn how to use one!! Thanks Molemot
  3. My door lights (red) and courtesy light do not come on when the doors are open. The courtesy light does work if I flick the switch on the light itself. I can't imagine all 3 (?) door switches are broken, so where should I be looking to resolve the issue? All the fuses seem to be fine and intact. Merry Christmas all. Adam
  4. Only just spotted your reply, thanks Luc. That pic was just what I wanted Only question remaining is ...what color would the red be on my Calypso red car? Would it remain red (more than likely not a perfect match) or would it be a solid alternative color? Thanks again Luc. Just one other question Luc, are the measurements on your pic the distance of where the decal is located, or the size of the decal itself? If it is the former, is there any chance of giving me the measurements of the actual decal? Thanks again.
  5. I spoke to Dave Bean this morning regards an undertray panel for my '86 HCi. The ones he has in stock are listed as being for a carby Esprit. We didn't think there would be any differences with the parts. Anyone know if it'll work on my car or not? Dave's part # was 082B429 Cheers Adam
  6. Could you let me know how the leather 'cuff' around the gear stick is removed? Mine has some of the stitching coming undone and it looks like it would be easier to do with it out of the car? I'm sure it can't be too big of a job, but I don't want to go a tugging and a pulling where I shouldn't Thanks Adam
  7. Not with the car until next week. I'll have a fumble then.
  8. I have a HCI, don't know why my was showing just a HC? carbs...
  9. Jim, it's when I come off gas to a stop. sure there is anywhere to plug it into an '86? Where is the IAC valve? Thanks Adam
  10. My car is a little rough at idle. After coming off the gas the revs drop to 400-500 and it takes a few seconds for them to creep back up to 1000. I'd put it down to rust blocking the fuel filter (new tanks are in the mail!) However, it was mentioned to me that adjusting the TPS may help too. If someone would be kind enough to let me know what the TPS actually does and how to adjust it, I would be grateful. Just to make matters more interesting, all my manuals are in Georgia and my car is currently in Florida DOH! Thanks Adam
  11. Hello all, I'm wanting to have the side 'Turbo Esprit HCi' decals made for my '86. I've got a few pictures and images now, but would probably need the color code for the gold it is to be made up in (it's going on a Calypso red car) Would anyone know the color code? I could do with a rough estimate of the size of the decal. Also, if anyone has a pic of the decal on a red car, I would appreciate that too. Thanks in advance. Adam
  12. I still would like the 'Esprit Turbo HCi' decals for the side of mine. Anyone got a good picture of one, preferably on a Calypso red car, so I can see the color scheme etc. Or.............anyone know where I can buy new? Cheers
  13. I just switched my 11 year old tires out, they looked fine and had plenty of tread on them,but boy o boy, do the new ones make the ride/handling sooo much better!! I switched out with BFGoodrich Radial TA's, 205/60/15's front and 245/60/15's rear. They look good too Cost $680 all round fitted.
  14. My tanks are rusted and need replacing, but due to time constraints, I'm not sure I have time right now to switch both tanks out. My question was......seeing as the drivers side tank (left) is the tank which is the biatch to get out, is there any reason to not just remove the right hand side tank and replace it now, whilst blocking off the pipe from the left hand tank and remove the left hand tank at a later date? I figure the only difference would be halving the maximum amount of gas I could carry? Anyone else just running on one tank?
  15. Thanks for the replies so far, I did apply some Leatherique today too
  16. Not too pretty I'm afraid It'll leave a fair old mess, unless I get the doors redone, which would be a shame as they're in perfect condition otherwise. Most of the damage is from the indentation of the speaker and its components, rather than actual holes in the leather. Anyone know the best way to rid myself of the indentations from the leather?
  17. Just wondered if anyone could help me out. My ancient Yamaha door speakers (gotta be circa early eighties by the look!) need replacing. I hate them! They don't sound great and they're that large I cannot use the handbrake without opening the door. The problem is, they are mounted so far forward, there is roughly only about 1" clearance behind the door card to accommodate a different speaker, due to the hinge location. Anyone know if there is a speaker out there slim enough to fit? Any ideas appreciated.
  18. I ended up going for the BFGoodrich ones. Changed the width around a little front 205/60/15 Rear 245/60/15 They've been on for a couple of weeks so far and have performed really well.
  19. This is the piece in question which I need to change (no idea what to call it!) the metal attachment which screws into the turbo. The coolant intake pipe to the turbo fits onto it.(I'm assuming in is not a stock turbo) The problem is, the coolant pipe is 16mm, but the attachment screwed on to the turbo is 13mm at the coolant pipe side. I have to tighten the jubilee clips enough to make sure the 16mm hose does not come off the 13mm attachment, but it has on 3 occasions , split the pipe at the clip causing a loss of coolant. So............what the heck is this piece called and where can I get my hands on one which has a 16mm attachment? Or are there any other options to resolve this problem? I hope I've explained myself fully, it's rather difficult when you have to refer to items as a thingy and a whatyamacallit! LOL
  20. I need the 'Turbo Esprit HCI' decals for the sides of my '86 and nobody seems to stock them any more. Does someone know where I can get hold of a couple, or a cad file (or similar) that I can take to a print shop and have them made up? Cheers chaps Adam
  21. Would it make any detrimental difference to the handling/weight distribution if I removed my spare? I see Bibs says it makes slow speed handling easier, but what about at faster speeds, would it be too light? I've never had to use the tyre weld products, but would think that if I did have a blowout, I'd probably call AAA anyhow. Cheers
  22. Hmmm, that makes everything about as clear as mud! LOL Maybe I should be asking what everyone has on their cars?( I want to keep the 235 size on the rear) Thanks
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