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  1. It's new tire time! My tires look great, but on checking the date codes it turns out my rears are 6 years old and my fronts are 11!!!!! I was considering purchasing the Pirellis (P600) summer tires, about $1k for the 4. But then I noticed that BFGoodrich have started making the tires in the correct sizes too, all season tire, $500 for the 4. I'd love to know if any of you guys have had experience with these brands, or if there is something better out there. I want to keep my tires to the original spec sizes. Thanks in advance Adam
  2. I've now booked into a spray shop at the end of the month to have this ding fixed. I'm looking for the pros and cons of each way of fixing the panel. The 1st way is to have the entire panel removed and repainted. The 2nd way is to have the panel taped and sprayed on the vehicle. I figure the 1st option would probably be the best method, but I am concerned that the panel can be replaced as perfectly as it fits now. Does anyone else have experiences of removing/refitting this piece? THIS also appeared after my last trip to the shop!!! Seems something had been left on the engine cover, just below the louvers and made this 'stain' It looks as though it is in the clear coat. Could've been oil,coolant, anything left on there! I wonder if it could be polished out rather than respraying. Again, if anyone else has had an issue similar, I'd love to hear it.
  3. Ooooooh, I need/want one even more now! Anyone know the price of these in the UK and more importantly anyone know if I can get my grubby little mitts on one in the US?
  4. Thanks Richard, I'll have a look to see what's available. Can you see into yours to see if has crap in it and how often do you empty yours? Adam
  5. Part of the underneath of my car (and the Veg's) is missing. I can only describe it as an 'undertray' It is the large flat plastic/fiberglass panel which covers the fuel pumps and the underside of the rear of the engine. I can only believe that this part was removed whilst being the car was being worked on at some point in its life and never replaced. Does anyone know if these can be purchased? Cheers Adam
  6. I've replaced a the fuel filter a couple of times recently just to see if there is any rust coming from the tanks. There was definitely a little rust caught up in the filters and I wondered if there is any sort of 'crap trap' that could be fitted in front of the filter which could be emptied without removing and replacing the filter each time? I seem to remember years ago having a car with a glass dome type object, which could be viewed to see if there was any debris in it and could be unscrewed and cleaned out. Is this a possibility? Cheers Adam
  7. My '86 has the rollup faux leather pouch too. Also included in mine is a spiders web and old leaves which seem to be original!
  8. Not yet Big Ben, I was wondering if you'd do the full respray for a packet of crisps and a rendition of the 'chin song' from Kel and Jen I'll give them a bell in the next week or so. No idea what the cost will be for my little ding Given that I'll need the spray job, new boots all round (fronts are 11 years old ) and a naffed up ac compressor, it looks like a WalMart Christmas for the wife this year
  9. Buy a dehumidifier, you'll be amazed how much water they can remove from damp areas.
  10. I'm in the Atlanta area so I'm thinking North Allerton maybe a tad too far to travel Thanks for the ball park figures though. If anyone in Georgia knows of somewhere good, I'd be glad to hear it. Adam PS Liking the orange colour Martin, it really pops!
  11. I'm thinking of having a full respray on my '86. I've got a 'ding' on the rear end (thank you Mr mechanic) and am rather concerned about getting the repair matching the rest of the paintwork! The current paintwork is original and I'd give it a 9/10, but is it really possible to match 25 year old paint (it's red!) Just wondered what a ballpark figure would be to do the entire car? Any advice peeps? Adam PS I also 'acquired' a lovely white patch on my engine cover after picking up my car from said mechanic.Possibly caused by a foreign agent being dripped/wiped onto the car. Any ideas if it could be buffed out? It seems to be under the top gel coat (or in the gel coat)
  12. Does anyone know the model number of the AC compressor for an '86 HCI? I have a leak around the compressor area and funnily enough my AC has stopped working altogether! I've delved on the forum and noted someone had mention that 'Chrysler used the same Sanden compressor on 80s Jeep Cherokees" I need the model # though for a replacement. Any help greatly appreciated. Cheers Adam
  13. Is it possible that it had to be removed when my radiator was taken out for repair?
  14. Took my 86 HCI to my mechanic for some valve and radiator work....picked the car up and my wonderfully ice cold AC does not blow? I'm not back with my car for 3 months (working away) but it's bugging me what has happened. My mechanic is at a loss (although in fairness, he hasn't had the car back since and has promised to sort it out on my return) It's just nagging at me what the problem could be. A turn of the AC dial in the cockpit and .....NOTHING, no click, no engine idle drop, nothing. I'm expecting it to be a simple fix...tell me it's a simple fix! LOL (The blowers on the air vents DO work still) Any ideas gang? Cheers
  15. Do you know the parts numer for both (I have the matt but want the gloss) Thanks
  16. I just paid $110 for 10 m here in the US....bit of a markup!!! It looks much more 'matte' than the stuff that's currently on mine, I'm wondering if it'll polish up ok? Anyone had the same issue? Adam
  17. My S3 has a rather nasty aftermarket gearknob and I wanted to replace it with an original Lotus one. I just can't seem to find one anywhere. I was given a Lotus one the other week, but the screw thread is too small for my gear stick (7mm rather than the 8mm required) Does anyone know of a supplier or know someone who has one to sell. Much appreciated. Adam
  18. Thanks for the replies. I'm so pleased that it is available at all. Nelly, I'm in the US, which side of the pond are you on? Thanks for the offer though. I'll have a ring round today to see if I can get it over here. The hot water tip is a good one, cheers. Adam
  19. I managed to reverse my car down the side of a concrete pillar in the garage tonight! BUGGER Luckily the 1mph tragedy only damaged the black plastic trim covering the center of the bodywork where the two halves are joined. It has chewed the trim up quite nicely, but thankfully not damaged the bodywork or paint at all. Now for the questions...... How easy is it to get the replacement trim? It is the passenger rear quarter that I need (passenger door to the rear bumper) I'm expecting the worst...' obsolete...out of stock....ooooh, not THAT bit!' If so, what's my best course of action for repair? I'd like to upload some pics but seem to have the same forum technical know-how as I do reversing skills! Thanks in advance. PS anyone have any passenger rear quarter trim going spare LOL PPS Think I may have actually got a pic to attach! HURRAH!
  20. It looks like a quality respray job to me, but I am extremely concerned as to the final location of the 'green boot' flowerpot in pictures 4 and 8! I didn't get one of those with my car, should I be on the look out for one on Ebay?
  21. Beware the 'Lotus Position'! I recently pulled a muscle in my back sorting out my brake switch. Bloody painful it was. The gym certainly didn't see the sight of me for 2 weeks!
  22. BTW, it wasn't me or the good lady wife who broke it. Just take an educated guess
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