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  1. Aaaw no, no more thread to read I've enjoyed keeping up with your exploits. Well done that man
  2. One of my gas cap keys snapped in the lock of the gas cap! I can get the gas cap to fit back on the car, but obviously cannot lock it. Is it possible to disassemble the lock myself and retrieve the broken half of the key? I'm figuring a locksmith 'should' be able to sort me out, just wondered if anyone on here had had a similar misfortune! Cheers Adam
  3. Just wanted to bump this thread again.... I got the new switch and it works great............for about a day, then back to no brake lights again. Adopt the Lotus position, re shuffle the switch and the magic lights work again for a day or two. What's afoot Watson? Is there a 'secret' way of getting the switch to not shift during use? I can't seem to find (feel) anything that should be anchoring the switch into the thread, like a locking nut, other than the 1/4-1/2 turn it takes to lock it in place. Any suggestions chaps? Cheers Adam
  4. Just having a bit of trouble with my wiper blade (bit different but thought I'd stick it in Veg's thread) I have an '86 and ordered the correct blade assembly from JAE PArts, will not lock into the wiper arm correctly. The metal pin is not quite long enough to push and lock into the clip on the arm. JAE said they'd had no problems with the blades in the past, anyone else have the same problem or better still, a solution? My problem is that I've left my old blade in Florida before traveling up to Atlanta and I'm not returning until next year The new looks like it'll fly off at the first sign of rain. HELP! LOL
  5. Yup, still intact but 'bronzed' slightly above the cat
  6. "So what makes you think that yours has gone bad?" I'm putting my money on the fact it's burning holes in my boot carpet and rattles like a Salvation Army tin LOL !
  7. As an update.....I tried the 'Color Magic' black auto polish on the rear louvres and they look like new. Took a little bit of buffing up, but well worth it. About $9 from Autozone (that's where I bought mine anyway) and is actually black in color unlike most polishes. Cheers
  8. Mine must definitely get very hot Ben! PS We're back in Atl as from this Friday....curry night ahoy!!
  9. My 86 HCI Turbo has had a recent problem with running rough and stalling. After fitting new plugs, it became obvious that one of the HT leads was not fitted to the plug perfectly. After resolving that issue, the car started running rough again yesterday and I found the same lead as I had issue with last week (to plug # 3 ) had worked itself loose. JAE sell the leads for $40 a set (quite good I thought) and I figure on replacing them next week, but my questions are thus...... Does it matter what 'type' of HT leads they are (are they all the same) are any better than others Do they wear out/ break down over time and if so, how often should they be replaced? My leads seem to be an extremely tight fit to the top of the engine, making them reach the plugs a bit of a strain on some of them. Should they run over the top of the engine (where I figure they'll get very hot and where they are located now) or around the rear of the engine and the trunk compartment? Thanks in advance for any info. Adam
  10. Maybe I'll try that with my wifes wisdom'll save me a bloody fortune!
  11. Mine looks exactly the same as the green and yellow one, just that it's gold and black. I just wondered at what point (and why) Lotus changed the badges. Cheers Adam PS here's a linky I found on the badges
  12. Some cars have the black and gold Lotus badge on the bonnet, some the green and yellow. I just wondered why there is a difference??? FYI mine is an 86 Turbo HCI and has the black and gold. Cheers Adam
  13. My Giugiaro badges just behind the front wheel arches (86 Turbo) are looking a little bit faded and worn. Should I leave them in place and enjoy their 'antique' look, or replace them with new ones? Is it just a case of peeling them off and replacing with new, or is there a chance of damaging the paintwork underneath them? If I do decide to remove them, what is the best method? Cheers Adam
  14. I'm wanting to buy a nice dust cover for my G car, any ideas where I can get my hands on a nice one with a Lotus badge on it? Cheers peeps.
  15. I've been using the Mothers Back To Black on the bumpers for a few months with fair success. It looks great for a week or two then begins to fade with a white haze. It doesn't look bad at all on the bumpers, but I have also used it on the rear louvres and they look pretty poor after only a couple of days. Now I have to continually use the damn stuff to bring them back to snuff! Is there anything else I can use on the louvres or any other way of keeping them looking black? Should they be a shiny black or more of a matt? Cheers.
  16. I'm looking forward to having mine removed at the end of this month. I'll let you know the results.
  17. I think my catalytic converter may be bad and am thinking of having it removed from the exhaust system entirely. Just wondered if anyone else had done the same and what results I may achieve? FYI, no emission tests required in my State.
  18. Update time... switched out the spark plugs and problem solved Seems like one of the plugs was failing. Car now runs better than ever. Cheers for the input folks.
  19. Bump for the location pics please.
  20. Mike, I'm fairly sure I turned it clockwise to increase revs. Just mentally mark the start position of the screw, if you do turn it the wrong way, simply turn it back to where it was a head in the other direction Adam
  21. Hi Mike, I've adjusted my idle speed in the past and if I remember rightly about 1/6th of a turn changed it by a couple of hundred rpms. I wouldn't go in cranking the screw around too quickly!! LOL Didn't mess with the TPS either , just the idle screw. Hope that helps some. Adam
  22. Would anyone be so kind as to upload a picture of the engine pointing out where the IAC and the TPS is? I AM crap at this and deffo need the help! LOL Cheers Adam
  23. Cheers for the replies, maybe I'll get my local garage to have a poke around next week. I'll let you know what the problem is.
  24. The car runs strong, doesn't seem to have the problem when the car is stationary and I blip the throttle and let it drop quickly. Seems as, Roger mentioned, it happens when coming to a stop quickly. So.........these floats of which you speak.................could you point me in the right direction please? LOL Cheers.
  25. I have an '86 HCI Turbo, runs like a champ.... but just recently though, it has stalled a couple of times as I stopped at the traffic lights. On pulling up to a set of lights, the revs usually dip to the last rev line (400rpm?) and climb back up to idle speed (1000rpm). More recently the battery warning light will flicker as if it's about to stall, then it picks itself slowly back up to idle speed. A couple of times it stalled. Any suggestions? I have not changed the spark plugs since owning the car (a year) and do not know which type I should be buying (more suggestions please) Also, what size plug wrench will I need to buy? Cheers folks Cookieguy
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