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  1. Get your screwdrivers and spanners at the ready Veg Man! LOL
  2. Hi all, my 86 HCI is currently set at 15 BTDC, I'm having the engine setup this weekend and the mechanic who is to work on it (a Lotus specialist with lots of experience) told me that it should be set to nearer 30 BTDC. How are your engines setup, I'd be really interested to know? Also, what difference would an intercooler make to the engine? Cheers. FYI, my car , compared to a friends 87 Esprit Turbo, feels very slow from takeoff. There feels to be a lot of turbo lag, whereas my friends cars power is much more progressive compared to my slow takeoff and when the turbo kicks in 'boom'.
  3. I noticed this weekend that my brake lights do not come on when I press the brake pedal lightly (86 Esprit Turbo) They only come on under hard braking. Not desirable when braking lightly in traffic with a muppet riding my tail! Is there a brake sensor I can adjust to make the lights come on under lighter pedal pressure? Cheers
  4. I realized after looking under another Lotus (mine is an 86 Esprit Turbo) that I am missing the cover that goes over the fuel pumps and filter! It looks like a 1 ft by 1 ft piece of fiber glass that screws to the underside of the vehicle to protect the pumps from the elements. Does anyone have a spare that I could buy, or know where I can get one? Cheers Adam
  5. My electric radio aerial enjoys a life of its own! When using the radio, the aerial seems to go up and down as often as a hookers knickers! Sometimes it's when I go over a bump, sometimes it's just totally random. Mostly it stays down. Any ideas where the switches/relays are for this? I'm sure it must be a loose connection, but don't really know where to start. Cheers
  6. So it would seem I need to remove the binnacle to get to the back of the gauges. What's the best way of removing it? (Read 'best as 'easiest'!) Cheers
  7. This thread is similar to Peteyg's, my temp gauge and fuel gauges are 'off' a little. They read about 25% (on the dials) higher than they actually are. eg the temp gauge reads on the next line from the 90 mark, yet it is running at 90. The fuel gauge is the same. I've had a new voltage stabiliser installed (twice, just in case the first was bad) , but no joy. VERY occasionally they drop down to where they should be, bang on 90, then they jump back to 25% higher again. So I'm figuring the voltage stabiliser is now good and can write that out of the equation. Where do I look next to correct this? It's more of an annoyance than anything else, as I just read the dials as being +25%, but I would like to sort the issue out. Where is the earth for these dials, or has been written in other threads, where do I look for cleaning fuses/relays etc? Other electrical issue is the interior light, it doesn't come on when the doors are opened, but will work when switched on manually, any solutions on this one? Any help appreciated. PS I noticed an electrical 'switch' right next to the engine cover release point. What does this do? I certainly don't have a warning light come on when the engine cover is open. Cheers in advance. Cookieguy
  8. FYI, I sourced the primary pump to a Porsche 911 Turbo at $260, Lotus part was $380. Lotus USA had a few units in stock and sold them off as obsolete to JAE. New Lotus primary fuel pump now $205, BARGAIN! Arnie J is a GOD! - FACT! LOL
  9. I had the secondary fuel pump replaced on my '86 HCI less than 300 miles ago, bought from JAE at a cost of $350. This weekend a loud squealing came from the pumps, leading me to believe that the other pump has now bitten the dust. I wondered if there is a replacement fuel pump I can pick up at a local parts store, which will do the job just as well as the Lotus branded one/ If so, could someone give me a parts number for me to utilize. Also, where is the fuel filter (had that replaced too) and would like to know where it is? Cheers Adam PS On turning the ignition key, my fuel pumps do not start pumping away before turning the key one more 'click' and firing up the engine. (as I have read on other folks threads) They never have done so. Are they supposed to or not?
  10. How do I go about adjusting the idle speed on my '86 ? It is currently idling at 1200rpm and I want to get it down to between 900-1000. Is there an idle screw and if so, where will I find it? Cheers
  11. Just bought a brand new unit (not a recon) It took a little searching for, but couldn't turn it down! Now at least I'll have a spare in the old one. Adam
  12. Indeed it was $350! I still cannot sit down comfortably yet, as it was rather a severe shafting!! Fitted to the car a couple of days ago and realized it was worth every last bean! Car now runs 'as new' 100% improvement on acceleration,power etc . Now sounds fabulous. Now...don't get me started on the brand new headlight motor I've just bought....................................... cheers to Big Ben for helping me fit the aforementioned item.
  13. HMMMMMMMMMM, the motor came out ok, but I think the problem is different to what I first thought. The motor itself seems to work fine, obviously the part where the rod is screwed onto the motor has had its' thread damaged. Is it possible to repair these motors and where would be the best place to start (someone who rebuilds alternators etc?) I rang Dave Beans Engineering late today and the motors have been out of stock/obsolete since 2000, so I'm figuring someone must know a work around for this problem. (I hope LOL) Cheers all Adam PS , does anyone have a spare motor for sale ? Adam
  14. After a far bit of ringing the stores I managed to locate a pipe HURRAH! 350 smakeroos (not including shipping) I figure it should last another 24 years! It arrives tomorrow and we'll do our best to get it fitted on Friday. Any tips on getting the old one out and the new one in? PS good spot by The Veg, as I had not seen the duff pipe with my untrained eye. I'm hoping it'll make a difference to the engine feeling 'under powered'.
  15. Cheers Sparky, I'm going to replace the pipe, but for the life of me, could not see any bolts/screws to undo the airbox! Are they underneath the box? Where exactly do I need to look? Cheers again Adam
  16. How do you remove the air filter on an '86 Turbo HCI? Couldn't see how it could be removed. All help appreciated. Adam
  17. Here's the problem. The large red pipe (air intake) from the air filter to the turbo, looks old and worn (Esprit Turbo HCI, 1986) The pipe (call it what you will) has a seems to made of a material with a metal type 'spring' running through it to give it its' shape and rigidity. In places (just after the K and N air filter and in front of the turbo itself) the metal spring inside the pipe, has broken down and the pipe itself looks like it is collapsing in on itself. Under load when the engine is revved, the problem is made worse by the turbo drawing air through the pipe and making the pipe collapse in on itself further (imagine sucking on a paper bag) Sorry my explanation is rather basic, but so is my mechanical brain!! LOL Out of interest, what effect would this have on the engine/performance of the car? Next does that K and N filter come out of the car to get to the air pipe? I couldn't see a way of getting it out. Any help greatly appreciated. Adam
  18. My drivers side headlight has decided it prefers not to pop up all the way! LOL The passenger side is fine, but the drivers side stops half way. On adjusting the black knob behind the motor, the light moves slightly up and down and has to be pushed manually flush with the bonnet. the motor seems to be working ok, just that the light doesn't move as it should. Do I need to adjust the linkage coming from the motor to the headlight, or do I need to remove the motor and clean it out? Not being massively mechanically minded, please post your answers as if replying to a five year old!! LOL Cheers Adam
  19. Oooh, my head hurts after reading all that!! Think I'll just stick to plan B and throw the wife out of the car!
  20. It was Mr Chapmans lifelong theory of 'lightness=speed' (or something thereabouts!) So, it would seem that the easiest way to gain speed would be to keep weight in the vehicle reduced to a minimum.....bear with me here. If any eggheads on here can work out an algebraic much weight ( in pounds) would it take for the driver to gain/lose, to increase/decrease the power of the actual car? Working on the principal the average driver is 200 pounds. Just wondered if I need to go 'anorexic' to speed up a little, or just throw the wife out of the car!
  21. Why the sad face Luka? Do you live on the second floor? Vega!
  22. Just wondered what you guys use to 're black' the bumpers and the rear louvres? Mine look ok, but I haven't tried anything on them yet?
  23. Just saw this thread and read it 'post to post', I was mesmerized!! I trust Tony is now a fully fledged member of Alcoholics anonymous!!! I had similar issues years ago when I purchased a brand new VX220 from Vauxhall (Lotus built) and after a 4mph shunt, they took 8 months to cobble together a similar nightmare scenario. Attorneys had a field day, but the best 50 pounds spent was on a voice recording device (dictaphone) which during meetings, always put the 'suits' nerves on edge! LOL I feel for you, you are indeed a man of more patience than I. Adam
  24. Hi Mike, I'm glad you got the car you wanted. It looks great. All the best with your new Esprit, hopefully we'll get to meet up at some point. Adam, Atlanta
  25. Anyone know what spec the G car engine should be tuned to for the best performance? Any info/numbers would be appreciated. Thanks Adam
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