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  1. Do any of you have a preference as to what brand of gas you use? Does it really make any difference, I'd be interested to know.
  2. Was Richard Branson in the passenger seat?
  3. My '86 Esprit Turbo was parked up on the street in Atlanta one evening and a young lady turned her nose up at the car and uttered to her friends loudly, " looks like something from the Eighties!" She was wearing a ra-ra skirt.........oh the irony!! Getting rather tired already of the questions."Is it a Ferrari?" Reply " No it's a Lotus" "Oh, a Lotus...................who makes that?" BANG!
  4. Car is in Atlanta, just had a couple of Lotus club members drive the car (I was not there at the time) I've got a feeling a good ol' tune up will sort her out, although I'd been told elsewhere it could be the catalytic converter? Not back to the car until September, so I'll have her checked out then.
  5. Hi all, I've a question regarding my HC Turbo. I've not had it too long, but feel and have been told (by those that apparently know Esprits) that my engine is 'underpowered' It feels quite sluggish on take off in 1st, but once the turbo kicks in, seems to pick up well. The engine was rebuilt (as was most of the car) about 3-4 years ago and hasn't done a great deal of mileage since. I've put on about 1k in the last couple of months. How quick should it pick up from a standing start? What work should I look at having done to resolve my 'problem'? I haven't had it tuned/serviced, replaced plugs etc, would this make a great difference? Maybe I'm asking a dumb question! Is there anything else mechanically I should have checked/changed. I don't mind spending the cash, so long as it's going to have results Thanks in advance.
  6. Turns out it was the secondary fuel pump. Popped a new battery in for good measure as well
  7. This morning the car didn't want to play ball at all!LOL Idling very slow to the point of stall constantly. Managed to drive it to my repair shop, although the car didn't want to go any quicker than 15 mph! There was a constant high pitched sound (whirring?) from behind the passenger seat,any clues on that one? I don't think it's anything major,just annoying shake-down stuff (this car seems to have been a garage queen since its rebuild) Still loving it, although the good lady wife is not so happy. The car was bought for us both and she's too short to see over the binnacle!!!! Adam
  8. How supple should the rubber seal be? I just checked mine and they are pretty hard and not at all flexible. Adam
  9. Interesting thread, I usually end up with petrol down the side of the car. Often wondered if removing the other petrol cap really makes much of a difference as it doesn't seem very airtight to me! Which way does the filler pipe actually go down to the tanks once it goes into the car? I seem to find i gas up quicker when I point the nozzle towards the front of the car when filling. Adam
  10. Hi all, just got back from a 700 mile round trip to North Carolina and the '86 was a BLAST! It's my first long trip in her and she did admirably. I kept a close eye on the coolant levels and all seems to be well on that front *PHEW* Still no fuel/temp gauges, but JAE are sending another voltage stabilizer in case the first one was duff (let's hope so) One issue which did occur right at the end of the trip, pulling off the freeway and rolling up to a junction saw the revs drop below the last line on the rev counter and the engine stalled! It often drops below that mark when pulling up at lights etc, but has never actually stalled before, just splutters slightly before idling at about 900 rpm( approx). On the stop/start route home off the freeway, it stalled a couple more times. Not every time I came to a halt, but quite a few. When I pulled up at home it sounded like it was idling a little rough. I wondered if the heat (it's been 95 in these parts all day) could've had a part in it) the car/engine felt fine apart from this?? Any ideas, as I'm obviously a tad concerned?? Cheers all Adam As an update, I've just started the car up again now it has cooled down. It idles very slow (first line on the rev counter) and therefore sounds rough as if the engine wants to stall. What's broken now LOL! Also the coolant levels were fine. Adam
  11. I am unsure what the tire pressures for my car should be ('86 Turbo) What pressure do you guys and gals keep your tires at? Thanks Adam
  12. $50 bucks later and the pros did a great job!!!! Why would someone tint the engine bay windows anyway???????
  13. Still having problems with my temp and fuel gauges pegging out. I had a new voltage stabilizer fitted last week which didn't solve the problem. A few of you thought it could be that it is not grounding properly. How/where/what do I need to tell my mechanic to look for? i really don't want to be paying hours of labor for his learning experience! LOL I see there is a earthing strap in the drivers door, is that anything to do with the problem (can you tell I know nothing about electrics too?) Thanks again all
  14. Thanks for the advice John, I'd love to chat on the phone, but as an ex-pat living in the US I fear the phone bill will amount to more than a new rad! LOL I know the rad was fixed before I recieved it, but I just don't see a leak! My mechanic said he saw a very small pool of fluid, but I think it may just have been from the ac. I'll definitely keep my eye on it, but don't want to outlay the cash if it isn't really necessary. If Radweld won't do any harm to the coolant system. I might give it a try as a preventative measure.What do you think? Cheers for the help peeps Adam
  15. I sound so thick don't I !! LOl Cheers for the advice
  16. the leak is in the bottom corner of the radiator itself, it is very, very small/slow. What would radweld do apart from (hopefully) fix the leak? Will it have adverse affects on water pumps etc, will it raise the cooling temp of the coolant? thanks
  17. Errrm, this may sound dumb....but which side of the window should I use the hairdryer on?? The inside or outside (don't laugh) Adam
  18. Hi all, my '86 Turbo Esprit has a very small radiator leak. It was 'fixed' by the PO, days prior to transporting the car to me! My questions are: Is taking the radiator out a major deal, how many labor hours am I looking at (at a shop)? Can I buy the plastic fan shroud, as I believe mine has some cracks in it (that have been epoxyed) but I don't want it falling to pieces when the rad comes out!!LOL How expensive is it to have the radiator triple cored to increase cooling? If I decide not to have the radiator fixed right away, would I be liable to big trouble whilst driving (is the radiator likely to get worse under the stress of driving?) I've got a 500 mile round trip coming up and the last thing I want is to be stranded on the road. Adam
  19. Just had the new voltage stabilizer fitted and I'm still getting intermittent gauge readings *SIGH* So, a couple of folks thought it may be a bad earth, where do I look for that earth connection to check it? It's starting to bug me now! LOL Adam
  20. The small windows next to the engine bay, have at some point, been removed and tinted on my '86. Not only does it look poop, it affects 3/4 vision. Anyone any suggestions how to go about removing the tint? Does it mean removingthe glass entirely? Cheers Adam
  21. UPDATE: Today I drove the Esprit around town for a good hour or so and lo' and behold....the gauges behaved for a while! How pleased was I when the temp gauge settled just above the 75 line for the journey!!!PHEW The fuel gauge showing 3/4 full (about right) Then out of the blue, both needles pegged out!! So it would indeed seem to be the voltage stabilizer playing a cruel trick on me! Oh well, better safe than sorry! On a different tangent, the radio antenna decided to have a fit and rise up and down at random when I had the radio on! It hasn't done that before?? Any suggestions? LOL Adam
  22. Thanks for the warm welcome folks. I'm glad you like the car, it really is a gem. My job is also fantastic, I work with my wife (a butler also) and our job offers us incredible opportunities. It's an industry I would heartily recommend. The Esprit is currently in Atlanta with me (Buckhead) but being new to this city myself, driving around in the traffic in an Esprit is quite 'interesting'!! Lost count of 'Is that a Ferrari?" in the first week already and valet parking seems to bring about much head scratching from the valets! LOL The car will be left in Atlanta whilst we're in Santa Fe for a couple of months, but will travel down to Naples FL for the New Year as we're there for 4 months. Anybody close to either of those locations, I'd love a mini get together Cheers all, toodlepip for now. Adam
  23. Hello, I've just bought an '86 Turbo Esprit which had a total engine rebuild (including pretty much everything else) abot 3 years ago. My concern is this, the temp and fuel gauge work intermittently and I'm having the voltage stabilizer replaced next week. What concerns me is that when the temp gauge does work, it shows the temp to be just under the 140 mark, obviously very high. Could it be that the gauge is not quite telling the truth (I hope so) or am I running hot? What's the best way to find out before I have the gauges fixed? Is there a way to check if it is too hot or not? There doesn't seem to be anything untoward occurring in the engine bay, no boiling,bubbling or burning smells, but the last thing I want to do is fry the engine!! LOL I'm not the most mechanically minded person, but I like to know what's going on under the hood! I look forward to your input Adam
  24. Hi all, just thought I'd show my face and say a big "Hello" to you all. I've just rejoined the madness that is Lotus ownership! I had an '83 and a '90 Esprit and a VX220, which was Lotus based ,when I lived in the UK a few years ago,so this is my first foray into US Lotus ownership! I've just picked up an '86 Turbo Esprit and I'm incredibly pleased with it.I'm currently in Atlanta, but spend part of the year in Santa Fe and Naples FL (I'm a butler) It's got a little less than 28k on the clock, but I'll soon rectify that situation! I'm a big believer in driving my cars and not just polishing them (but each to his own) It had a couple of issues off the bat,no turn signals,no horn,temp and fuel gauges working intermittently,warm AC. but a quick trip to a specialist English car garage saw most of those problems sorted. I have a few more questions which I'll post in the correct area of the forum. Toodlepip for now Adam
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