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  1. Good day folks. I'm looking at dipping my toe back into the Esprit market again. I've had 3 previously.I have been searching for 'that' Esprit and cannot seem to find the right one anywhere.Here's my specs.......99 or newer (would prefer '02-'04)Would prefer round taillights and center exhaust (not a deal breaker though)Preferred colors are Azure Blue or Yellow.Interior preferred color is tan.I'm in Texas and will happily purchase from anywhere this side of the Atlantic for the right vehicle.I do not want a highly modded vehicle, one with accident history or with past seized/blown up engine problems (last couple I checked out had 'interesting' histories!!! LOLEmail to [email protected] will send you my cell number after you make contact.Thanks in advance. Adam
  2. Thanks for that info Ramjet Yes, I've got original sealed beams. So the H4's and H1's are a simple switch out? I take it the H1's are the way forward rather than the squarer H4's?
  3. I'd like to replace the headlights on my '86 HCi. They work a point. It's just that they are about as bright as a small candle compared to todays super bright headlights! What's the best way of replacing the originals for something that will actually show me the road at night? Thanks.
  4. You're a brave man! Some little toady would be off with your cap as quick as you like!
  5. oooh bugger, hope it's not too bad John!
  6. Mesprit, my switch doesn't want to budge much, which way does it come out? I performed the 'Lotus position' under the dash and couldn't see anything untoward. Where is this mystical vacuum pump located? I'm trying my best (and probably trying your patience) but any help is greatly received.
  7. After driving the car this morning, there is definitely a whistling sound occuring as I come off the gas (and the tell tale comes on) Anything I should be looking for?
  8. Hmmmmm, now you've mentioned vacuum, I have noticed a noise (barely audible) in the last week whilst driving. Would a split pipe or disconnected pipe do this? Thanks for all the help, I'm pretty much a dimwit mechanically (as The Veg will confirm!) Adam
  9. Errrmmmm...where is the booster? What am I looking at/for? Sorry!
  10. Luc, being a total moron with all things electrical, what do I need to do to 'jump the connector'? Sorry if this is basic stuff...but I'm a basic kind of guy!
  11. Thanks for the replies Ramjet. I removed all the brake light bulbs (which were working fine) and made sure they were a good tight fit. Still the problem occurs! The tell tale 'BRAKE' light comes on when the car's momentum slows down. eg, it'll come on when I brake, but goes out at the end of the braking sequence (when the car is not slowing down rapidly) it will come on whenever the momentum of the car slows such as gear changes down or coming off the gas rapidly. So....the light coming on is not actually connected to the brakes being used/pushed. Is it likely to be a loose connection in the binnacle at the actual tell tale bulb itself? Would it be possible to simply unscrew the black plastic which covers the gauges to get to the bulb? Easiest fix.....a square piece of black electrical tape over the offending gauge!! LOL
  12. Hmm, the actual lights...worth a look, I'll let you know tomorrow. But the tell tale will also come on when not pressing the brake pedal, but it is always when the cars forward movement alters, after letting off the gas quickly etc( does that make sense??) Should've posted this above......the tell tale will not come on if I press the brakes whilst the vehicle is not moving. Surely this would rule out any bulbs? I'll check tomorrow anyhow.
  13. I've an '86 HCi, the brake tell tale light has started to come on intermittently (not the PARK light) It comes on when braking but also when the car slows down quickly without pressing the brakes (changing down a gear or coming off the gas abruptly). Accelerating makes the light go out and stay off whilst accelerating. Fluid level in the servo hasn't dropped. I removed the electrical connectors from the servo and still the light comes on. Does this aged car have the capability of letting me know when my pads are worn?? What pads can I put on this car (I'm in the USA)? Any help or advice would be much appreciated. Cheers chaps. Adam
  14. Not noisy at all. Great ride and handling. Money well spent IMHO.
  15. Yes, they have the white lettering on the inside. Never lost grip with them and I drive mine daily
  16. Not great pics, but hope they help. They've been great tyres so far.
  17. Cheers Mesprit, I already have the red pipe replaced. Just wondered if there was a direct alternative part rather than speed dial JAE (I DO have them on speed dial) !! LOL Adam
  18. So it seems both my master clutch cylinder and slave need replacing. What alternatives to buying Lotus are there in the US? How long can I rely on driving what I currently have? Is it something that will just 'pop' on the road at any time, or will I be ok driving around on the bad ones for a few days? Cheers Adam
  19. Oooops, my bad. It's the master cylinder DOH! Just toppped it up with fluid and I've got some resistance back in the clutch pedal and am getting the gears as normal. But there's obviously been something leaking around it as some of the paintwork underneath has been stripped. Adam
  20. Overnight my clutch pedal has gone all soft (ooooeeeerrr!) and getting into gear is now notchy. The pedal needs to be pressed to the floor to engage the gears. Seems like my master cylinder is the culprit as the reservoir is empty (was full a couple of weeks ago) How much are the Lotus replacements, or is it possible to get a cheaper option from another manufacturer? Is this an easy job to undertake or a garage jobby? BTW, I'm in the US. Cheers chaps. Adam
  21. I've just had an undertray delivered and am wondering why these openings are cut into the panel, any ideas? What does a 'normal' undertray look like? Should I fiberglass over the holes to make the panel complete? Cheers folks. Adam
  22. Thanks for all the help with the decals (especially Luc) Here's what I've had made up
  23. I switched my tyres out this summer, so had the same dilemma you're now going through. I was going to opt for the Pirelli's, but the reviews weren't great. I ended up going with the BFGoodrich Radials, which I believe were a fairly recent addition in the sizes I needed (I have an '86 HCi) I went a size up and replaced mine with 205/60/15's on the front and 245/60/15's on the back. I'm really pleased with them. I don't track my car, just spirited highway miles and they've been really solid tyres. I've probably put 3.5k miles on the since the summer. The cost was about $680 for all four corners (fitted) which was $320 less than the Pirelli's They look big, fat and wide. Lovely! Great grip, good in the wet. No issues for me. I'd buy them again. My old tyres looked to be in good shape, lots of tread etc, but were 11 years old on the front and 6 years old on the back. The new tyres make the old ones feel l like they were made of solid stone! Well worth a purchase IMHO
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