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  1. The program was a nice introduction, just need another two episodes to complete the story. Now we know why one of the launch cars was Blue Bird blue.
  2. dooie

    Lotus Emira

    Could it be made out of aluminium, Instead of plastic? 🤨
  3. dooie

    Lotus Emira

    Nice shot of the dash and wheel on Lotus's home page...
  4. From the Lotus Blog last Friday, there's an image of the Warwick campus, with the Evija and I assume the Type 131 parked outside under covers. If this is the T131, it looks tiny. I've never seen the Evija in person but it always looked compact and petite. Could the T131 be more an exige, elise replacement?
  5. IMachE have posted a seminar with Uday Senapati on YouTube about the Evija and shaping Lotus's future. Get a cuppa it's an hour long:
  6. From this and the earlier shots from Autocar, I think sadly that the new lotus will have a transverse engine. Let's hope that Lotus search far and wide to find a transaxle that can handle a load more torque, like the German DCT can. Although there is a load of talk saying the new lotus will have the current Toyota 2GR engine, I’m hoping that they will modified Geely’s own 3.5 V6 JLV-6G35 rather than an off the peg item. Whats the point of Geely buying and owning Lotus just to carry on using off the shelf items. Geely have their own transmission facility, they own Drivetrain System International. A 7 speed DCT or a 6 speed manual that can handle more torque than the current Toyota EA60 gearbox is a must. I was hoping for an inline mid engine'd car that could do the Esprit name justice, it would be fitting for the last ICE Lotus.
  7. Due to illness I have a single spare ticket available. I’m at Norwich airport tonight, pm me if you’re interested.
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