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  2. Thanks, shame we never got to meet up and compare Lotus' I'll still be keeping track of yours, all the best.
  3. Car for sale. Reluctantly I must admit defeat, I do not have the time required for this project. Please let me know if you are interested in this car. I will not sell to a breaker.
  4. I think that sounds like a good idea. It does kind of spoil the sprit of the competition if tactical nominations are employed, especially near the end of the season.
  5. Well done on a very well run competition last year, I'm in again this year. Only just thought about it, seeing as the season is just about to start. I haven't been visiting the site that frequently lately due to next to no progress being made on my esprit project. Still intend to stick with my man Hamilton again!
  6. Thanks for the advice, I know exactly what you mean. I see you are only down the road, please let me know if you need to look at something or require a picture, my car is still pretty much intact, i am being very cautious about what I take apart. At the moment I have a complete car, I don't want to have a pile of bits next year!
  7. I have been looking at various parts washers in order to progress my Esprit restoration. Can anybody recommend one, or is there anything in particular I should be looking for, or are they all simply a bowl, reservoir, pump and nozzle?
  8. I saw this ad as well,I am glad I am not the only one that thinks that is a disgusting price. Hopefully mine will be ok after a bit of TLC. Good luck with your knob slewthy! Be good to see your finished article.
  9. Buddsy, those calipers look pretty much in the same state as mine. Think I'l see what you do with yours and just copy! Slewthy, Looks good, what paint did you use. I am currently in negotiation with a local powder coating company, not sure whether it would be suitable for calipers though?
  10. Thank you, missed the SJ kit, and I looked on that website today. I'll take the calipers apart and have a look at them before I decide what to do.
  11. Hello, I am currently disassembling the front suspension with the intention of getting it all cleaned up, while I save my pennies for work on the engine. (Yes i have realised that to replace the bushes etc. will be expensive also) Anyway loking at the front calipers it seems that it is probably cheaper to get reconditioned ones than to do the job myself. I have found a company called brake parts superstore, This link refers to the front caliper to a Lotus Excel, looks very similiar to the calipers on my car. The service manual doesn't seem to give a model number or anything. Does anybody know if these are indeed the correct calipers? If they are, and there isn't anywhere else that does refurb kits cheaper than it makes sense to get reconditioned calipers rather than do them myself,which is a bit of a shame.
  12. At last my faith in Hamilton has come good! He's just got to get through the race without hitting anybody! :-)
  13. thanks for your replies, all the car side electrics seem to be working fine, so I am going to waste no more time on my Lucas starter and get a geared hi-torque variant as suggested in a number of posts I have read. I have found a unit sold by Auto electrical supplies that works out significantly cheaper than some of the ones people have bought on this site from SJ Sportscars and PNM, it comes to £163.80 including delivery and VAT I think. Nothing against SJ and PNM I am sure they will see plenty of my business in the future, and have been helpful with any enquiries I have had so far. I realise cheaper is not always better, but unless anyone has had a bad experience I think I will buy this one and hear my engine at last. i can't believe I have had it over a year now!
  14. Thanks, thats what I have been told. I have already had a valuation of £800.
  15. Hello, Some of you may know I am attempting a restoration of an S3, when i purchased the car it came witha personalised plate; ROG 413R. I wouldlike to sell this for two reasons, firstly I am not keen on personalised plates, and secondly my name is not Roger, and my Esprit isn't a turbo. Anyway has anybody gone through the process of selling one of these? I would also like to know whether there is a requirement to have the car MOT'ed and taxed prior to selling? I am under the impression this is so that the original plate can be re-issued? Thanks in advance for any advice, experience. Obviously all proceeds will go towards the project with no guilt attached.
  16. A little update: Played around with the starter motor this evening, after a lot of time and effort we just could not get the starter to engage and run properly. off the car it works as soon as it is fitted it either engages runs and won't disengage or will not engage at all, whilst the solenoid was getting very hot. After various combinations utilising some components from my old solenoid we have come to the conclusion that the new solenoid is either duff or just not made very well. With regards to the immobiliser we were getting the correct voltages so we were happy the immobiliser was functioning correctly. (I will still be removing it at some point) I intend buying one of the lightweight models to avoid wasting any more time just to get the engines started. good news was that at one point we did have to motor turning the engine over with no obvious problems. Unfortunately after we had fitted the spark plugs and leads and put some petrol in (tanks don't seem to be leaking! :-)) we then couldn't get the starter to engage, so no engine noise :-(. We then turned our attention to the headlight motors, at first we figured they were siezed up and no good, but after a bit of exercise, fiddling with the relays and sticking probes in certain places which I didn't really understand we almost had them working as they should, the motors run freely, however they don't go up when you switch the lights on every time, or go down when you turn them off. The good news is the more we played with them the better they got, so I am fairly confident they will work after a bit more tinkering. Right, thats about it for now, it was good to spend a good few hours on it with someone who knew about electrical stuff! I'm now going to order a new starter motor.
  17. A little update, and it is a little one! Battery in, starter motor connected; ignition lights all light up, no starter solenoid, just gets hot! A mate is hopefully coming round to get me started in the right direction, he has told me its something to do with the exitation loop or something! This has stopped me doing much, since I don't want to strip down much further until have heard the engine. Damn wigglies! By the way, thank you for the words of encouragement. They are most definitely required! Thanks Bigsi, I have bought the landrover slave cylinder and I am in the process of aquiring some aeroquip hose to replace the red one I have read so much about on this forum.
  18. Hello, i am subscribed at the moment, however when I first joined i wasn't sure whether the whole forum thing was for me, so I cancelled the recurring payment. I am now totally into the whole forum thing, and want to ensure I keep up the subscription. since joining I think it has been outstanding value, and a few encouraging comments go a long way when you are looking at not being able to drive your car for years! Anyway, my question is how to I reinstate my recurring payment?
  19. Well I haven't had much time to spend on working on the car, (and my garage is freezing!). I have finally got round to buying a new starter solenoid from Woods autos. This has been fitted, starter motor serviced and the assembly has been bench tested, it now works. Unfortunately it was a while ago since i took the starter motor off. Out of the four wires that I labelled up I cannot remember where the forth one goes. I have one large red - goes to upper solenoid copper post. White/Red - ignition - goes to solenoid post marked IGN White/Yellow - coil - goes to spade connection on solenoid Brown - according to wiring diagram in service notes goes onto the same post as the battery lead, could someone confirm this for me? I'm a mechanical engineer not an electrician! I have ordered some new spark plugs, oil and fuel filter from SJ sportscars and plan on attempting to start the engine in the next week or so. I have also ordered a clutch slave cylinder kit, however I took the old one out today and it looks pretty seized up. I am intending to draw fuel directly from a seperate fuel container rather than test the integrity of my fuel tanks at this stage. Fingers crossed, when I tried it before all the lights lit up on the dashboard but there was no sounds at the back end,so hopefully the electrics are not too bad. Hopefully someone can confirm the wiring for my starter and I should have an update sooner rather than later.
  20. Hello, before I read this I thought my garage was pretty good. I am slowly restoring an Esprit and up to now I have spent most of my free time preparing the garage. I have painted the walls, sealed the floor and painted it and installed extra power and lighting. It is a standard block construction rendered on the outside with a tiled roof. It has a wooden door and two up and over metal doors. The car is inside but the condensation is terrible. I am considering moving the car back outside! I cannot afford to heat the garage constantly so I think my best option is to insulate the rafters with the foil backed insulation boards that are available, not sure if this will be enough though and it won't be cheap. Has anybody had any experience of this and come up with any solutions or ideas? Thanks.
  21. Hello Paul, sorry I haven't replied sooner, have only now viewed your profile page! Please feel free to drop by if you are in the area, although I haven't done much to the car yet, still trying to get hold of a new starter solenoid. Regards Richard.

  22. Thank you Andy, well happy with that, got it for £27 incl. postage. Looks hardly used and on nice shiny paper. No excuses not to start taking things apart now.
  23. I have just recieved a binder titled 'Service Notes Turbo Esprit and Esprit S3' purchased off EBay. It has a part number A082T0327Z. Can anybody tell me if this is the same as a workshop manual? It still looks pretty useful even if it isn't.
  24. Well, I haven't had much time to spend on the car over the summer. I have had the starter motor apart, some work colleagues had a look at it, stripped it down, rebuilt it and came to the conclusion the solenoid is knackered. Since then I have been spending what free time I get to prepare my garage before I wheel the car in for the winter. I will post a few pictures when it is finished, hopefully some of you guys will appreciate my efforts, (my better half believes it a complete waste of time and money!). I would still like to get it started before stripping it down, but as for getting it MOT'ed, that just isn't going to happen, the whole idea of getting the car was a project. Especially after reading buddy's thread (more than once). BTW what on earth is that aerial thing you have stuck on your beautiful car in the engine installation pictures?! Anyway just wanted to reassure those who are interested that I haven't given up on the first hurdle!
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